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The Masters of the Revels and Elizabeth I's Court Theatre

by W. R. Streitberger

The Masters of the Revels and Elizabeth I's Court Theatre places the Revels Office and Elizabeth I's court theatre in a pre-modern, patronage and gift-exchange driven-world of centralized power in which hospitality,...

The Energies of Men and The Hidden Self

by William James

"We are making use of only a small part of our possible mental and physical resources. In some persons this sense of being cut off from their rightful resources is extreme, and we then get the formidable neurasthenic...

The Development of Glass Industry in America since Columbus

by Charles H. Henderson

This book deals with the history of Glass Industry Development in America since Columbus. "The progress of the glass industry in America has been far from constant. It has suffered severe and violent fluctuations,...

The Deluge in Human History

by History and Civilization Collection, William R. Harper & William J. Sollas

This book deals with the stories of the deluge found in history and literatures. Deluge is the name given to a submersion of the world, related by various nations as having taken place in a primitive age, and...

On the Evolution of the Family

by History of Scientific Knowledge & Herbert Spencer

This book based on the work of Herbert Spencer and published by the collection “History of Scientific Knowledge”, deals with the evolution of the family and analyses the contrast between the principle of...

Moliere : Story of the Greatest French Writer

by Great Authors Collection, Margaret Oliphant & Andrew Lang

This book presents the Story of the Greatest French Writer: Moliere. "Among the many great names which make French literature illustrious, there is scarcely one which is so universally acknowledged and of such...

History of the Principles of Taxation

by David A. Wells & History and Civilization Collection

This book deals with the History of Taxation and the struggle against arbitrary system of taxation. What is the place of taxation in ancient civilizations and how has it evolved in our present countries (United...

Judges and Ruth

by Mary Evans

The book of Judges presents Israel’s frailty, the nation’s need for deliverance, and God’s use of flawed leaders to guide his chosen people through a dark period of their history. The book of Ruth tells...

Invisible Worlds

by Peter Marshall

How did traditional beliefs about the supernatural change as a result of the Reformation, and what were the intellectual and cultural consequences?

Following a masterly interpretative introduction, Peter Marshall...

Unearthly Beauty

by Magdalen Smith

‘Saints are people of unearthly beauty who show us a deep understanding of the fluid nature of divine grace.’

This warm-hearted book is for those of us who enter Advent longing for spiritual sustenance to...

Reformation Myths

by Rodney Stark

What has the Reformation ever done for us?

A lot less than you might think, as Rodney Stark shows in this enlightening and entertaining antidote to recent books about the rise of Protestantism and its legacy....

I Thought There Would Be Cake

by Katharine Welby-Roberts


Growing up, Katharine Welby-Roberts imagined that being an adult was one big party. But depression, anxiety and crippling self-doubt led her to alienate...

Unbelievable Errors

by Bart Streumer

Unbelievable Errors defends an error theory about all normative judgements: not just moral judgements, but also judgements about reasons for action, judgements about reasons for belief, and instrumental normative...

Challenging the Modern Synthesis

by Philippe Huneman & Denis M. Walsh

Since its origin in the early 20th century, the Modern Synthesis theory of evolution has grown to become the orthodox view on the process of organic evolution. Its central defining feature is the prominence...

Weighing Lives in War

by Jens David Ohlin, Larry May & Claire Finkelstein

The chief means to limit and calculate the costs of war are the philosophical and legal concepts of proportionality and necessity. Both categories are meant to restrain the most horrific potential of war. The...

Coalitions and Compliance

by Kenneth C. Shadlen

Coalitions and Compliance examines how international changes can reconfigure domestic politics. Since the late 1980s, developing countries have been subject to intense pressures regarding intellectual property...

Memory in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1800

by Judith Pollmann

For early modern Europeans, the past was a measure of most things, good and bad. For that reason it was also hotly contested, manipulated, and far too important to be left to historians alone. Memory in Early...

Simon V of Montfort and Baronial Government, 1195-1218

by G. E. M. Lippiatt

Dissenter from the Fourth Crusade, disseised earl of Leicester, leader of the Albigensian Crusade, prince of southern France: Simon of Montfort led a remarkable career of ascent from mid-level French baron to...

Oxford Manual of Major Incident Management

by Paul Hunt & Ian Greaves

The Oxford Manual of Major Incident Management brings together and integrates the key facts for all those involved in major incident planning and response. This will be an invaluable resource for a wide range...

Brentano's Mind

by Mark Textor

Mark Textor presents a critical study of the work of Franz Brentano, one of the most important thinkers of the nineteenth century. His work has influenced analytic philosophers like Russell as well as phenomenologists...