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The Shepherd's Cup

by Antonio Dover

If the road you have taken has twists and turns that have somehow thrown you off course, you can still finish well.

“The Shepherd’s Cup” is the perfect book for you! Whenever the journey before you seems...

The Dog Who Would be Prime Minister

by Mike Stone

Terrrence the Terrier never dreamed of becoming a politician. Heavens no, he was perfectly happy living with his owner, The Duke of Hampstead, and other rescue dogs in a castle on Hampstead Heath. Life was good,...

Terrrence Goes Too Far

by Mike Stone

In this third book in the series, Terrrence’s political career is going from strength to strength; no dog has ever done so much for canine-kind. As Minister for Dogs, he has improved the lives of dogs all...


by Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius was the Roman Emperor from 161 to 180 AD, and during that time, he kept several collections of journals that contained personal notes, militaristic strategy, and ideas on Stoic philosophy. While...

Let's Go Home

by Bernadette O'Connor

Let's Go Home, Finding There While Staying Here is a timeless tale of love and loss,

truth, growth and spirituality that speaks to anyone who has ever felt lost.

How do we find there while staying here - especially...

The Truth

by Dee Delaney

A brave and captivating book that takes you into the heart where Love is stronger than death.   

This is the amazing true story of how one young woman, survived the sudden and unexpected deaths of 3 partners,...

The Fiscalization of Social Policy

by Joshua T. McCabe

In 1970, a single mother with two children working full-time at the federal minimum wage in the US received no direct cash benefits from the federal government. Today, after a period of austerity, that same...

The Adventures of Eric The Spider

by Elaine Madle & Shaun Madle

This is the story of a spider called Eric and the very big adventures he has.

A Poor Wise Man

by Mary Rinehart

A Poor Wise Man mixes romantic fiction with political analysis. This engrossing story begins, "The city turned its dreariest aspect toward the railway on blackened walls, irregular and ill-paved streets, gloomy...


by Ivan Turgenev

I was then five-and-twenty, -that was a sufficient indication that I had a past, said he, beginning. My own master for some little time, I resolved to travel, -not to complete my education, as they said at the...

A Wodehouse Miscellany

by P. G. Wodehouse

A collection of wonderful articles, poems, and stories by that master of comedy and complications, P. G. Wodehouse, the author of My Man Jeeves. Includes "Some Aspects of Game-Captaincy," "An Unfinished Collection,"...

Second Variety

by Philip K. Dick

In Second Variety, UN forces have retreated to a moon base in the aftermath of early Soviet victories in a nuclear conflict. In response, the UN forces developed special robots, called Claws, which feature spinning...

Defenders, The

by Philip K. Dick

In The Defenders, the Soviet and American survivors of a nuclear holocaust have created vast underground tunnels, so as to continue the war on the surface via remote control robots. When a robot from the surface...

Crystal Crypt, The

by Philip K. Dick

In The Crystal Crypt, Earth and Mars are poised on the verge of war. On the last spaceship to leave Mars for Earth, law enforcement officials are looking for three fugitives who somehow made a great Martian...

Skull, The

by Philip K. Dick

In The Skull, a convict is offered his freedom if he agrees to travel back in time and kill someone. He learns that the assasination target was the founder of a religious sect that grew in strength and influence...

Piper in the Woods

by Philip K. Dick

In Piper in the Woods, an army doctor is asked to treat a soldier from Asteroid Y-3 who claims he is a plant. This wouldn't be a problem, but the soldier is incapable of any physical activity, preferring to...

Tony and the Beetles

by Philip K. Dick

In Tony and the Beetles, ten-year old Tony Rossi, an Earthman growing up on Betelgeuse, becomes aware that the natives, known as the Pas-Udeti, are driving out the Earthmen colonists on nearby Orion. His father,...

Variable Man, The

by Philip K. Dick

In The Variable Man, Earth (The Terran System) is in a cold war with the older, corrupt Centaurian System, suppresses Terra from exploring space and expandig its borders. When a devastating new weapon called...

Eyes Have It, The

by Philip K. Dick

The Eyes Have It is a humorous, early short story by Philip K. Dick that first appeared in Science Fiction Stories in 1953. In it, a bus-riding reader of a discarded melodrama with an overactive imagination...

Gun, The

by Philip K. Dick

In The Gun, a group of space explorers are shot down above a deserted planet. While some of the crew work on repairing the ship, the remainder set out to investigate the planet. Otherwise unpopulated, they discover...