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Oregon Myths and Legends

by Jim Yuskavitch

From the mysterious disappearance of hijacker D.B. Cooper to persistent rumors of bigfoot, this selection of thirteen stories from Oregon's past explores some of the Beaver State's most compelling mysteries...


by Jason Chabot

The epic adventure continues. . .

Elia has been separated from Hokk for many weeks as she struggles to live with the Torkin marauders. Viewed as a dangerous outsider, she works tirelessly to gain their acceptance,...

Model Girl

by Jean Dawnay

The autobiography of Jean Dawnay

Piercing the Veil

by Ruth Davidson

Publicity and Advertising

Lorie will continue to pursue a variety of personal marketing efforts, and has been promoting the book for over a year at speaking events, with her customers and in her business network....

Understanding "I"

by Jose Luis Bermudez

No words in English are shorter than "I" and few, if any, play a more fundamental role in language and thought. In Understanding "I": Thought and Language José Luis Bermúdez continues his longstanding work...

The Subject of Experience

by Galen Strawson

The Subject of Experience is about the self, the person. It takes the form of a series of essays which draw on literature and psychology as well as philosophy. Galen Strawson discusses the phenomenology or experience...

The Beat Stops Here

by Mark Gibson

In The Beat Stops Here: Lessons on and off the Podium for Today's Conductor, master conductor Mark Gibson addresses the technique of conducting as an extension of intimate knowledge of the score to the hands...

The Digitalization of Healthcare

by Ian P. McLoughlin, Karin Garrety & Rob Wilson

Electronic health records are widely regarded as the 'connective tissue' of any modern healthcare system. For some they represent a 'dangerous enthusiasm' and for others a key enabler of 'disruptive innovation'....

Hegel on the Proofs and the Personhood of God

by Robert R. Williams

Hegel's analysis of his culture identifies nihilistic tendencies in modernity i.e., the death of God and end of philosophy. Philosophy and religion have both become hollowed out to such an extent that traditional...

Debating Scotland

by Michael Keating

On 18 September 2014, Scotland held a referendum on the question: Should Scotland be an independent country? This is a most unusual event in modern democracies and engaged the political class, civil society,...

The Anatomy of Corporate Law

by Reinier Kraakman, John Armour, Paul Davies & Luca Enriques et al.

This is the long-awaited third edition of this highly regarded comparative overview of corporate law. This edition has been comprehensively revised and updated to reflect the profound changes in corporate law...

Allegory and Enchantment

by Jason Crawford

What is modernity? Where are modernitys points of origin? Where are its boundaries? And what lies beyond those boundaries? Allegory and Enchantment explores these broad questions by considering the work of English...

Humanism and the Death of God

by Ronald E. Osborn

Humanism and the Death of God is a critical exploration of secular humanism and its discontents. Through close readings of three exemplary nineteenth-century philosophical naturalists or materialists, who perhaps...

Building State Capability

by Matt Andrews, Lant Pritchett & Michael Woolcock

This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence. It is free to read at Oxford Scholarship Online and offered as a free PDF download from OUP and selected open access locations....

Behavioural Economics: A Very Short Introduction

by Michelle Baddeley

Traditionally economists have based their economic predictions on the assumption that humans are super-rational creatures, using the information we are given efficiently and generally making selfish decisions...

Russia in Revolution

by S. A. Smith

The Russian Revolution of 1917 transformed the face of the Russian empire, politically, economically, socially, and culturally, and also profoundly affected the course of world history for the rest of the twentieth...

Weather: A Very Short Introduction

by Storm Dunlop

From deciding the best day for a picnic, to the devastating effects of hurricanes and typhoons, the weather impacts our lives on a daily basis. Although new techniques allow us to forecast the weather with increasing...

The Cradle of Humanity

by Mark Maslin

Humans are rather weak when compared with many other animals. We are not particular fast and have no natural weapons. Yet Homo sapiens currently number nearly 7.5 billion and are set to rise to nearly 10 billion...

Depression: A Very Short Introduction

by Mary Jane Tacchi & Jan Scott

What is depression? What is bipolar disorder? How are they diagnosed and how are they treated? Can a small child be diagnosed with depression and treated with antidepressants - and should they be? Covering depression,...

A Practical Approach to Employment Law

by John Bowers Qc

Employment law has undergone a great deal of change over the past few years; most significantly the enactment of the Equality Act 2010 and the case law that has emerged as a result have irrevocably altered the...