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Applied Economic Forecasting using Time Series Methods

by Eric Ghysels & Massimiliano Marcellino

Economic forecasting is a key ingredient of decision making both in the public and in the private sector. Because economic outcomes are the result of a vast, complex, dynamic and stochastic system, forecasting...

Kafka's The Trial

by Espen Hammer

Kafka's novel The Trial, written from 1914 to 1915 and published in 1925, is a multi-faceted, notoriously difficult manifestation of European literary modernism, and one of the most emblematic books of the 20th...

The Choice

by Jake Cross

‘You’ve got to help me,’ she pleads.

On a wet road in the black of night, Karl Seabury is driving home to his pregnant wife. Suddenly, caught in his headlights in the middle of the road is a woman shaking...


by Ruth Figgest

Mother and daughter Caroline and Erica are best of friends and worst of enemies.

Set in the American mid- and south-west, their story unfolds over more than 50 years against a backdrop of sweeping social change....

Healing from Hate

by Michael Kimmel

“By the time Matthias was in 7th grade, he felt he’d better belong to some group, lest he be alone and vulnerable. A man needs a posse. It was the skinheads who captured his imagination. They had great parties,...

Bay Tree Cottage

by Anna Jacobs

Book 4 in the Peppercorn series.

Asia Folklore Tales of The Beautiful Moon Maiden

by Muhammad Vandestra & Maya Aminah Sakura

There was an old bamboo cutter called Také Tori. He was an honest old man, very poor and hard-working, and he lived with his good old wife in a cottage on the hills. Children they had none, and little comfort...


by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley & Nick Groom

By the dim and yellow light of the moon, as it forced its way through the window-shutters, I beheld the wretch-the miserable monster whom I had created. He held up the curtain of the bed; and his eyes, if eyes...

Legal Monism

by Paul Gragl

In response to a climate in which respect for international law and the law of the European Union is rapidly losing ground, Paul Gragl advocates for the revival of legal monism as a solution to potentially irresolvable...

The Oxford Handbook of Buddhist Ethics

by Daniel Cozort & James Mark Shields

Many forms of Buddhism, divergent in philosophy and style, emerged as Buddhism filtered out of India into other parts of Asia. Nonetheless, all of them embodied an ethical core that is remarkably consistent....

Early Modern English Literature and the Poetics of Cartographic Anxiety

by Chris Barrett

The Cartographic Revolution in the Renaissance made maps newly precise, newly affordable, and newly ubiquitous. In sixteenth-century Britain, cartographic materials went from rarity to household décor within...

The Misery of International Law

by John Linarelli, Margot E Salomon & Muthucumaraswamy Sornarajah

Poverty, inequality, and dispossession accompany economic globalization. Bringing together three international law scholars, this book addresses how international law and its regimes of trade, investment, finance,...

The United Nations Principles to Combat Impunity: A Commentary

by Frank Haldemann & Thomas Unger

The fight against impunity has become a growing concern of the international community. Updated in 2005, the UN Set of Principles for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights Through Action to Combat Impunity...

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

by Jessie Hohmann & Marc Weller

The rights of indigenous peoples under international law have seen significant change in recent years, as various international bodies have attempted to address the question of how best to protect and enforce...

Live Love Dream

by Ionut Iulian

Do you feel like you are going around in circles, forever facing the same challenges?

Are you struggling, feeling stuck or constantly on a search for true happiness?

Do you want to learn how to tap into that inner...

Organizing Rebellion

by Tilman Rodenhäuser

The number of non-state actors, in the past not accountable for committing international crimes or violating human rights, is proliferating rapidly. Their ways of operating evolve, with some groups being increasingly...

The Justice Facade

by Alexander Hinton

Is there a point to international justice? Many contend that tribunals deliver not only justice but truth, reconciliation, peace, democratization, and the rule of law. These are the transitional justice ideals...

Assessing Negative Response Bias in Competency to Stand Trial Evaluations

by Steven J. Rubenzer

Evaluations of a defendant's competence to stand trial (CST) are probably the most frequently performed forensic evaluations, with estimates in the United States ranging from 60,000 to 70,000 annually. In order...


by Steven J. Green

Grattius' Cynegetica, a Roman didactic poem on hunting with dogs, is the author's only surviving work, though it reaches us now in an incomplete form. Thanks to a passing reference by Ovid in his Epistulae ex...

Minimal Morality

by Michael Moehler

Michael Moehler develops a novel multilevel social contract theory. In contrast to existing theories in the liberal tradition, it does not merely assume a restricted form of reasonable moral pluralism, but is...