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Illustrated Short Fiction of William H. Coles 2000-2016

by William H Coles & Peter Healy

A collection of thirty-three award-winning short stories, two graphic novels, and a novella, each about one-of-a kind characters solving serious problems in challenging settings.  The stories are crafted by...

People Like You

by Margaret Malone

In this marvelously funny, unsettling, subtle, and moving collection of stories, the characters exist in the thick of everyday experience absent of epiphanies. The people are caught off-guard or cast adrift...


by Brendan Connell & Daniel Corrick

Thirty-six cities. Thirty-six stories of obsession. From ancient Thebes to present day Berlin, these little portraits of humans superimposed on their suburban environment are corroding treats thrown together...

The Key Ingredient

by Susan Wiggs

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs comes a wonderful short story, and companion tale to her unforgettable novel Family Tree

Every great love story has a beginning. Annie Rush’s started at...

Long Belts and Thin Men: The Postwar Stories of Kojima Nobuo

by Nobuo Kojima, Lawrence Rogers & Johnny Wales

Kojima Nobuo is best-known in English for his outstanding novella, "Amerikan sukuuru" (1954, "The American School"), which earned the Akutagawa Prize that year. Strongly affected by World War II and the postwar...

The Devil's Tub: Collected Stories

by Edward Hoagland

Edward Hoagland, best known for his essays, is also an extraordinary writer as fiction, as readers of his stories “The Final Fate of Alligators” and “Kwan's Coney Island” can attest. First published in...

Colonel Julian and Other Stories

by H.E. Bates

Colonel Julian and Other Stories was Bates's first collection following World War II, containing stories he wrote between 1941 and 1951.

The New York Times called the collection 'distinguished...Mr. Bates avoids...

The Golden Oriole

by H.E. Bates

In this collection of five novellas, Bates contrasts two comic stories with the atmospheric title story, and includes a complex psychological tale alongside the romantically bleak.

'The Golden Oriole' features...

For All the Obvious Reasons: And Other Stories

by Lynn Stegner

For All the Obvious Reasons is Lynn Stegner’s superb collection of nine, remarkably distinct tales of passion, clear-eyed wisdom, and honesty honed to a cutting edge. These are stories the reader can’t shake:...

You. I. Us.

by Annalisa Crawford

In You. I. Us, Annalisa Crawford captures everyday people during poignant defining moments in their lives: An artist puts his heart into his latest sketch, an elderly couple endures scrutiny by a fellow diner,...

Mongollen and Other Stories

by Alan Gibbins

6 short stories, the lion’s share relating to a three part saga of the country MONGOLLEN and the three problems it faces.

Inspired by the history of the Welsh ‘colony’ in Patagonia, Mongollen is a small...

The Sand Eggs

by Bryony Doran

Bryony Doran’s short stories carry a note of seductive isolation.

But You Scared Me the Most: And Other Short Stories

by John Manderino

This collection of twenty-six dark but often humorous short stories features a pantheon of disturbed and disturbing characters, human and otherwise. Many of the stories are modern takes on classic monsters crafted...


by John Domini

MOVIEOLA! is a collection of linked short stories that delights and exploits the language and paraphernalia of industrial Hollywood. The collection delves into a night at the movies, featuring all the familiar...

Sweet, Thoughtful Valentine: An Isabel Dalhousie Story

by Alexander Mccall Smith

A Vintage Shorts "Short Story Month" Original Selection


Philosopher and amateur sleuth Isabel Dalhousie has an unstinting commitment to her principles. Sticking to her promises has always been one of them....

Hot Little Hands: Fiction

by Abigail Ulman

For fans of HBO’s Girls, Abigail Ulman’s heartbreakingly tender and often darkly funny fiction is a fresh take on the experiences of contemporary young women.


Claire is magnetic. On the cusp of adulthood...

Kiss the Bride

by Melissa McClone, Robin Lee Hatcher & Kathryn Springer

Meet the people who make it all happen—the planners, the photographers, the musicians who have helped orchestrate the perfect day for countless couples—as they find their own happy endings in the second...

The Presence of Men

by Francesca Marciano

A Vintage Shorts “Short Story Month” Selection


Lara moved to a little undiscovered village in southern Italy to find a respite from her newly divorced life in Rome. She works hard to find approval and...

The Garden Party

by Katherine Mansfield

A Vintage Shorts “Short Story Month” Selection


An afternoon at the Sheridan’s garden party will be perfect. Darling Laura is doing a marvelous job negotiating with the band, workmen, cook, and florist...

The Jewels of the Cabots

by John Cheever

A Vintage Shorts “Short Story Month” Selection


Wandering about the sleepy Connecticut town of his childhood, where residents lead lives of grueling boredom, a journalist reminisces about the Cabot children:...