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by Neil Varcoe

Hope is hopeless.

Set in drought-ravaged south west Queensland, Millions explores the relationship between Jack, a young university student who holds ambitions beyond returning to a failing farm mired in debt...

The Avenger

by E. Phillips Oppenheim

Yet another collection of linked short stories from Oppenheim. By chance a young man and woman meet and set up an agency to aid Scotland Yard, but is romance in the air? This story deals with a young man and...

Floyd Harbor

by Joel Mowdy

"Just miles from the Hamptons, with Manhattan a kind of distant, belittling rumor, stories of desire and loss, crime and trouble, play out among the abandoned docks and potato barns of what had once been a quiet...

The Wild Birds

by Wendell Berry

  • Part of Counterpoint's comprehensive commitment to reissuing the entire Wendell Berry backlist to ensure his 4-dozen plus books remain actively in print and available for new and loyal generations of readers...

  • The Cracks in Our Armor

    by Anna Gavalda & Alison Anderson

    In this collection of short stories, all written in the first person, Anna Gavalda paints the lives of seven people. An ode to those who confront their vulnerabilities and admit their weaknesses, these pieces...

    The King-Makers

    by H. Bedford-Jones

    The last of a long line of emperors stages a comeback under Yankee auspices.

    The Tomb-Robber

    by H. Bedford-Jones

    All China was buzzing with talk about the theft of the priceless Han jades when Connor, free-lance of Oriental politics, took a hand in the risky game.

    Connor Takes Charge

    by H. Bedford-Jones

    To manage a Far East business in spite of Chinese intrigues takes both courage and brains; and Vincent Connor’s friends never guessed he had either.

    A Prince for Sale

    by H. Bedford-Jones

    His companions of the China clubs and legations thought Vincent Connor a wealthy playboy; but his “play” was matching wits in tight places against wily Oriental intriguers…

    House of Missing Men

    by H. Bedford-Jones

    Vincent Connor wondered why a Russian countess should invite his friend to dinner in the French concession at Tientsin; and the answer was sudden and grim.

    Diplomacy by Air

    by H. Bedford-Jones

    Vincent Connor’s political intrigues were so secret and successful that they puzzled all China; but this blow drove him to open and reckless action.

    The Yellow Wallpaper

    by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

    The Yellow Wallpaper was originally published in January 1892 as a short story in The New England Magazine and later went on to reach audiences everywhere as one of the earliest and most important works of feminist...

    Heart of Darkness

    by Joseph Conrad

    Heart of Darkness, originally published in 1899, follows a man named Marlow as he captains a riverboat up the Congo River at the height of the British Empire. It’s an exploration of the contrast between civilized...

    The Haunted Homestead

    by E. D. E. N. Southworth

    Collection of novelettes: “The Haunted Homestead”, “The Presentiment”, “The Specter Revels” and “The Gilberts”.

    Dead Voices

    by F.G. Paci

    Dead Voices is a collection of stories that are both seriously realistic and comically whimsical. They have everything from superheroes who get sick on words, to the appearance of dead playwrights, to the visit...


    by Karen Hofmann

    In this provocative collection of short stories, Karen Hofmann creates characters who struggle to connect or disconnect from entanglements and relationships. With ironic accuracy and sensuous imagery, Hofmann...

    Vote Yes On Dragon Control

    by George Saoulidis

    Will you vote 'Yes' for dragon control? Sign the petition, please.

    A short story.

    The Marching Morons

    by C. M. Kornbluth

    In the distant future a man from the twentieth century wakes to find himself in an almost incomprehensible world... He realizes that the world has left him behind, but he just might have the key to the future...

    Winter's Tales

    by Isak Dinesen & Karen Blixen

    11 short stories with entertaining and elaborate plots by the Danish writer. Almost all of Blixen's tales weave Gothic themes such as incest and murder with myth and bewitchment. Very frequently she portrays...

    When the Whippoorwill

    by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

    Fact and fancy are the irresistible blend that characterizes these delightful tales of Florida’s backwoods... and the Florida Crackers - the zany but lovable folks who populated the remote hamlet that was...