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Two Cowboys for Cady (SpicyShorts)

by Kit Kyndall

After yet another heartbreak, newly dumped plus-size Cady finds herself at the local bar, where the two objects of her naughtiest fantasies just happen to hang out. When she confesses her boyfriend has been...

Biology Lessons (SpicyShorts)

by Kit Kyndall

After Mr. Jordan catches high school senior Beth in a compromising position, he assigns her detention. When Beth shows up for her punishment, she's surprised by Mr. Jordan's intention to give her "biology" lessons....

Model Behavior (SpicyShorts)

by Kit Kyndall

 When curvy Emma models for a family friend shooting pictures for romance novel covers, she isn’t expecting there to be a second model. Cody is hot enough to melt her new panties, but that makes it harder...

A Work of Art (SpicyShorts)

by Kit Kyndall

Curvy Rachel and Mekhi are new roommates and old friends. Rachel has wanted him for as long as she's known him, but he only dates women of his own race. She settles for fantasies and friendship, longing for...

Ebony Enigma (SpicyShorts)

by Kit Kyndall

Curvy Lucy Cardann lives a mundane life. The most exciting thing to happen to her in years is Artemis Shaw leasing the apartment above her bakery. The British man is an ebony enigma she’d like to,...

All Grown Up (SpicyShorts)

by Kit Kyndall

Blake feels coerced to take out his best friend’s sister while she’s in town. He remembers her as a chubby, awkward teenager with a crush on him. When Erin shows up at his door, he’s blown away. She’s...

Museum of Earth Art

by Noct Moll

One person's trash is another person's treasure.

But not all treasures are created equal in a crowded starship.

Ophelia guards the treasures of the Earth, a.k.a. stuff deemed trash on U.S.S. Ithaka. Every day,...

Because They Don't Bleed Red

by Noct Moll

He's just a delivery guy walking the surface of the earth... an era when humans don't rule there anymore.

Overcast skies. Greasy roads. Endless sonic tension. That's the cold reality a young man must face...

Silver Lining

by Noct Moll

Survivor's guilt. It comes in all shapes and forms.

Even as a funeral guest.

Kevin Ralter blames himself for his wife’s death. Little does he know that she met someone up there in the clouds before drawing her...


by Noct Moll

Made of cold metal? smooth plastic? fragile glass? Throw it away.

Even when it takes a human shape.

Live long enough, you see all kinds of heartless things happen. Sometimes that's done in the name of convenience....

To Me Who Is Useless

by Noct Moll

A life of purpose, a life of use. It's a blissful state of certainty.

But even that magic can't last forever.

In Seoul, the never-sleeping metropolis of blinding lights, a figurine awaits the sorceress's calling....

Moonlight Through the Manhole

by Noct Moll

A first impression: you get one chance to make it...

...if you really are the first one to make contact.

Billy Clifford, a first-grade student at Everton Elementary, knows where the missing children are: under...

A Thousand Li: The Favored Son

by Tao Wong

Winter is a time of reflection and cultivation for the Verdant Green Waters Sect. For Wu Ying, this peaceful interlude is interrupted by a new assignment that pits him against the mortal world’s conventions...

The Technopath

by Tao Wong

Breaking News: Confessions of the Supervillain Mask the Technopath!

In an exclusive scoop, the Daily Messenger has acquired the transcript of the infamous Technopath’s interview with the Power Defense Authority...

Nerdluck on Wheels

by Ernie Lee

This is a collection of short stories about Willy, a teenager in Saint Louis, Missouri in the early 1960's. He is just starting to drive and makes plenty of mistakes. He is very interested in cars but not so...

More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

by M. R. James

More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary is a horror short story collection by British writer M. R. James, published in 1911. The follow-up volume to "Ghost Stories of an Antiquary" collects seven more of Montague...

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

by M. R. James

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary is a horror short story collection by British writer M. R. James, This 1904 classic collects the earliest ghost stories of author M.R. James. While not gruesome by any means, these...

The King’s Quest

by S.E. Smith

King Tamblin, ruler of the Kingdom of Glitter, prepares for battle after the aliens foretold by his sister, Tia, return to his world. He will stop at nothing to prevent the creatures from decimating their small...

Jesse F. Bone: Golden Age Space Opera Tales

by S. H. Marpel & Jesse F. Bone

Jesse Franklin Bone was an American author and veterinarian whose writing gained prominence during the 'Golden Age of Science-Fiction' in the 1950's. His short-story Triggerman was nominated for the Hugo Award...

Katherine MacLean: Golden Age Space Opera Tales

by Katherine MacLean & S. H. Marpel

Katherine Anne MacLean (January 22, 1925 – September 1, 2019) was an American science fiction author best known for her short fiction of the 1950s which examined the impact of technological advances on...