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The Indulgence of Negu Mah

by Robert Andrew Arthur

Negu Mah has it all: a thriving uranium mining business, lots of friends, plenty of leisure time, the latest techno toys, and a loving wife -- or so he thinks. In reality, Negu Mah's wife Nanlo has had enough...

Crossroads of Destiny

by H. Beam Piper

In this classic slice of golden-age science fiction from prolific writer H. Beam Piper, a chance meeting on a train leads to a fascinating conversation about alternate universes and counterfactual history. But...

Folk-Tales of Napoleon: The Napoleon of the People and Napoleonder

by Honore de Balzac, Alexander Amphiteatrof & George Kennan

This collection brings together two short stories, one from the father of French realism, Honore de Balzac, the other from Russian writer Alexander Amphiteatrof. Both of the tales are related to Napoleon in...

The Answer

by H. Beam Piper

In the recent past, a mysterious explosion in New York plunged the world into war. But two scientists remain convinced that that "attack" was not what it appeared to be. In "The Answer," they devise an ingenious...

In the Hands of the Malays: And Other Stories

by G. A. Henty

Get ready for gripping action-adventure with this collection of three tales from master of historical fiction G. A. Henty. The title story recounts a showdown between a crew of vicious Malay pirates and a Dutch...

The Ghost Ship: And Others

by Richard Middleton

Poet and short-story writer Richard Middleton had a brief literary career that ended tragically with his suicide in 1911. But his oft-anthologized short story "The Ghost Ship" secured a place in literary history...

The Red Triangle: Being Some Further Chronicles of Martin Hewitt, Investigator

by Arthur Morrison

This classic collection of mystery stories from Arthur Morrison features top-notch detective Martin Hewitt, whom one critic described as "a low-key, realistic, lower-class answer to Sherlock Holmes." In cases...

Between the Lines

by Boyd Cable

In this gripping collection of World War I stories, author Boyd Cable employs the innovative method of using actual battlefield dispatches as the backbone around which he builds his gritty, unflinching tales...

A True Relation of the Apparition of One Mrs. Veal: The Next Day After Her Death, to One Mrs. Bargrave, at Canterbury, the 8th of September, 1705; Whi

by Daniel Defoe

English writer Daniel Defoe was an important early figure in the development of the novel, and his works Robinson Crusoe and Moll Flanders are key examples of his influence. This short piece, originally published...

Taboo: A Legend Retold From the Dirghic of Saevius Nicanor, With Prolegomena, Notes, and a Preliminary Memoir

by James Branch Cabell

In 1919, American writer James Branch Cabell caused a stir with the publication of his racy, uproariously hilarious medieval allegory Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice. Almost immediately, the novel drew the ire of...

The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories

by Arnold Bennett

Author Arnold Bennett spent his early life in the Potteries district of England, an area known for its cluster of ceramics manufacturing facilities. In this charming volume of short stories, Bennett offers readers...


by H. Beam Piper

In this gripping tale of the supernatural, H. Beam Paper strays from the bleakly imagined futures that form the backdrop of most of his stories and focuses instead on a strange spiritual connection that spans...

Nightmare Planet

by Murray Leinster

The novella "Nightmare Planet" is the conclusion to Murray Leinster's popular Argosy series and is most closely linked to his previous tales "The Mad Planet" and "The Red Dust." A spaceship lands on a seemingly...

The Grim Smile of the Five Towns

by Arnold Bennett

British author Arnold Bennett returns to his native stomping grounds -- the Potteries district of England's West Midlands region -- with this collection of insightful, darkly witty stories about the denizens...

The Imported Bridegroom: And Other Stories of the New York Ghetto

by Abraham Cahan

Abraham Cahan immigrated to the United States from Lithuania at the age of 21, and he enthusiastically adopted New York City as his hometown. In this charming collection of short stories, alternately humorous...

The Victor

by Bryce Walton

If you believe that the future's nothing but a happy wonderland of jetpacks and flying cars, think again. In Bryce Walton's chilling short story "The Victor," the powers that be have perfected the art of imprisonment,...

The Troll Garden and Selected Stories

by Willa Cather

Virginia-born writer Willa Cather burst onto the American literary scene with this riveting collection of short stories, all loosely yoked together via the theme of the arts, artists, and creativity. Fans of...

The Exemplary Novels of Cervantes

by Miguel de Cervantes & Walter K. Kelly

Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes was the creative tour de force behind one of the first modern European novels, Don Quixote. Several years later, his literary experiments resulted in another innovation: the...

The Last Evolution

by John W. Campbell

Ever since the introduction of the even the most rudimentary computers, science fiction writers have been contemplating the implications of the technology. What could happen when computers' intelligence surpass...

One Day's Courtship and The Heralds of Fame

by Robert Barr

This volume contains two entertaining novellas from Scottish-Canadian writer Robert Barr. One Day's Courtship is farcical romance that describes a canoe trip taken by two artists -- strangers before the day...