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American Masculine

by Shann Ray

Winner of the 2010 Bakeless Prize for Fiction, a muscular debut that reconfigures the American West

The American West has long been a place where myth and legend have flourished. Where men stood tall and lived...

East of the West

by Miroslav Penkov

A grandson tries to buy the corpse of Lenin on eBay for his Communist grandfather. A failed wunderkind steals a golden cross from an Orthodox church. A boy meets his cousin (the love of his life) once every...


by Evgenia Citkowitz

In "Leavers' Events," a teenage girl awaits exam results and has a sexual encounter with a teacher that she hopes will define her. In "Sunday's Child," a middle-aged actress evicts a homeless woman from her...

This New & Poisonous Air

by Adam McOmber

Written in the New Wave Fabulist tradition, these historically-grounded stories blend the fantastic and the macabre in astonishing, unforgettable ways.

Kagan's Superfecta: And Other Stories

by Allen Hoffman

The art of Jewish storytelling thrives in this captivating collection of tales filled with memorable characters.

The stories in this collection are deeply felt explorations in to the Jewish mind and world—stories...

Stolen Pleasures: Selected Stories of Gina Berriault

by Gina Berriault & Leonard Gardner

“Short stories and some short novels are close to poetry—with the fewest words they capture the essence of a situation, of a human being. It’s like trying to pin down the eternal moment.” —Gina Berriault...

Wilderness Tips

Trillium Book Award 1992

by Margaret Atwood

In each of these tales Margaret Atwood deftly illuminates the single instant that shapes a whole life: in a few brief pages we watch as characters progress from the vulnerabilities of adolescence through the...

Good Bones and Simple Murders

by Margaret Atwood

In this collection of short works that defy easy  categorization, Margaret Atwood displays, in  condensed and crystallized form, the trademark wit and  viruosity of her best-selling novels, brilliant  stories,...

Beautiful Girl: Stories

by Alice Adams

“Nobody writes better about falling in love than Alice Adams. . . . How can one person know so much?” --The New York Times Book Review


With appearances in The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, and Redbook...


by Alice Adams

“Her stories recall such past masters as Flannery O’Connor and Katherine Mansfield.”  --Newsweek


Throughout her acclaimed career, Alice Adams demonstrated a remarkable finesse in both the novel and...

Return Trips: Stories

by Alice Adams

“Alice Adams writes with beautiful economy, an infallible sense of the telling detail.  Her place in the company of John Updike and Mary McCarthy.”  --San Francisco Chronicle


Alice Adams’ reputation...

The Last Lovely City: Stories

by Alice Adams

“Sophisticated, charming, often nostalgic, and so artfully written that half the time you don’t know that you are reading on of the best writers around.”  ­--The Boston Globe


In her final collection,...

The Stories of Alice Adams

by Alice Adams

“Alice Adams has an inimitable ‘voice’–quick, deft, brilliantly evocative and specific. There is always something special about a story of hers, like a watercolor perfectly executed.”  --Joyce Carol...

The Meagre Tarmac

by Clark Blaise

An Indo-American Canterbury Tales, by a North American master of short fiction.

Thought Crimes

by Tim Richards

In Thought Crimes, Tim Richards takes the reader on a mind-bending ride through a world where nothing is quite as it seems. The lives these stories describe are almost ordinary - but an ambush lurks around every...

Chattering: Stories

by Louise Stern

An extraordinary debut collection of stories, which reveal how the world looks when you're young, hip, wild and deaf.

Flying Home: and Other Stories

by Ralph Ellison

These 13 stories by the author of The Invisible Man "approach the elegance of Chekhov" (Washington Post) and provide "early explorations of (Ellison's) lifelong fascination with the 'complex fate' and 'beautiful...

Mrs. Darcy and the Blue-Eyed Stranger

by Lee Smith

Lee Smith is a "teller of tales for tale tellers to admire and envy . . . [and] a reader's dream" (Houston Chronicle). A celebrated and bestselling writer with a dozen novels under her name, including Fair and...

Concerto to the Memory of an Angel

by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt & Alison Anderson

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Something About the Animal

by Cathy Stonehouse

A first collection of short fiction by the well-regarded writer and editor (need to change this!)