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When She Gained Her Soul

by Felicia Fredlund

Who’d imagine caring for pets is dangerous?

Sierra lives on the planet Raun where she takes care of a family’s pets. As an Earth human on Raun, she wears googles every day to protect her eyes from the local...


by Frank McGuinness

The world of an operatic tenor violently collides with that of a homeless couple on the streets of New York.

A tactical heart-to-heart tells of a ghostly experience and the damaging love of a poet.

A young immigrant...


by Harry Haller

Emergent from the mind of one of fantasy's newest writers, Fragments showcases Harry Haller's first flash fiction collection. 

Dissolving the boundary between real and unreal, Haller pens stories about:

A soldier...


by Richard Slotkin

Key Selling Points

1. Audience

• Will appeal to readers interested in immigration, in fact and literature: “Greenhorns” opens a window into the historical experience of Jewish immigration in the 20th Century,...

Family Loves Sleep Sex: 10-Pack Bundle Volume One

by Deedee Zee

Don’t fall asleep first because these family members are more than ready and very willing to take advantage.

Enjoying His Sloppy Seconds Sister (Brother Gets Incest Sleep Sex) (01)

Her boyfriend left her well...

Hardware River

by Alyson Hagy

Beautiful and heartbreaking stories by the author of Scribe and Boleto

In these deeply moving, memorable stories, Alyson Hagy explores the variable, often destructive, forces of love, hope, and despair, whose...

Madonna on Her Back

by Alyson Hagy

Accomplished stories of daring intention by the author of Scribe and Boleto

The twin standards of human love and human sexuality, separate but reflective of one another, and indissolubly linked, run like the...

Grace, Tamar, and Laszlo the Beautiful

by Deborah Davies

“Deborah Kay Davies has achieved something rare: a collection of stories wherein each story is complete in its own right (many were competition winners or radio broadcasts) but which also work together as...

ROMANCE NOVELS BEST:Sex, weed and various disasters 2 ( romance novels read online, romance novels for young adults)

by Federico Calafati

ROMANCE NOVELS BEST: Liam, Blaine, Jessa and Hannah are four young people in New York, trying to find their passions in life and real love, between scandals, betrayal, kidnappings, and many other things. Read...

A Rogue’s Decameron

by Stan Rogal

A Rogue's Decameron consists of ten tales based within the spirit of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales and Boccaccio's The Decameron: extravagance, joy and ribald humour around sex, lust, vice, death and other...

80,000 Totally Secure Passwords That No Hacker Would Ever Guess

by Simon Petrie

Amorous space squids. Sentient fridges. A derelict alien spacecraft adrift within an interstellar cloud. Speed-dating zombies. The truth behind the extinction of the dinosaurs. A potentially lethal interasteroidal...

The Metamorphosis

by Franz Kafka & MyBooks Classics

Contains Active Table of Contents (HTML) and ?in the end of book include a bonus link to the free audiobook. The Metamorphosis (German: Die Verwandlung) is a novella by Franz Kafka, first published in 1915....

Oscar Wilde: The Complete Works

by Oscar Wilde

This ebook contains Oscar Wilde's complete works. This edition has been professionally formatted and contains several tables of contents. The first table of contents (at the very beginning of the ebook) lists...

Daddy’s Anal Princess: 10-Pack Bundle Volume One

by Deedee Zee

Daddy is using any and all means possible to ensure he gets all the ass he wants when he wants, and his little princess will love giving it to him.

Bribery or Blackmail? Daughter Puts Out Regardless (01)

His daughter...

Conan the Barbarian: The Complete Collection

by Robert E. Howard

This ebook compiles Robert E. Howard's complete 'Conan' stories, including "The Hour of the Dragon", "The People of the Black Circle", "A Witch Shall Be Born" and "The Tower of the Elephant". This edition has...

For the Love of 'Cagga

by R. L. Saunders

At the beginning was The Games. Because they were running out of people.

The gangs were killing each other off too fast. And the city was running out of money to keep them all on free food and free medical.


H. P. Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction

by H. P. Lovecraft

Here is the complete collection of fiction by H. P. Lovecraft. The Stories included are: The Nameless City The Festival The Colour Out of Space The Call of Cthulhu The Dunwich Horror The Whisperer in Darkness...

Pheromone Fury

by Babatunde Odutola

Pheromone Fury is a story about a not-so-young lady, Tanwa, who desired “her own man” for husband. She dreaded having a man who will look at, much less engage in a relationship with, another woman. Tanwa...

The Children's War

by C. P. Boyko

With his trademark wit, C. P. Boyko’s latest crop of stories explores power dynamics. An army doctor and an ambulance driver enter a civil war zone for very different reasons, new mothers face callous physicians,...

Two Deaths Made By Love

by Babatunde Odutola

Two Deaths Made By Love is a short story crafted from fragments of my dreams, with the wholesome hands of more than a little imagination. The story was set in modern day, 21st century, Clearwater, Florida, US....