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Pandora: Outbreak

by Eric L. Harry

“Harry’s vision of an apocalyptic plague is as chilling as it is plausible. This masterful thriller will leave you terrified, enthralled, and desperate for the next entry in the series.”

—Kira Peikoff,...

Need to Know: A Novel

by Karen Cleveland

Perfect husband. Perfect father. Perfect liar?

“Terrific.”—John Grisham

“Superb.”—Lee Child

 “Breathtaking, heart-pounding.”—Louise Penny

“A fast-paced, relentlessly gripping read.”—Chris...

The Memory Detective: A Novel

by T. S. Nichols

So many memories. So little time. In an astounding thriller ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, cutting-edge technology and a pulse-pounding manhunt lead to a conspiracy of money, power, and sex.

Cole remembers...

If You Knew Her

by Emily Elgar

From a terrific new voice comes a standout debut thriller in the vein of What She Knew and I Let You Go.

“Emotionally charged and tautly plotted, Emily Elgar’s debut is a stunning example of psychological...

From Away

by Phoef Sutton

  • Seasoned writer with established fan base exploring a new genre

  • Unique family dynamic explored within the novel; will resonate with wider audiences

  • At the Mountains of Madness

    by H.P. Lovecraft

    At the Mountains of Madness is a novella by horror writer H. P. Lovecraft.

    The story details the events of a disastrous expedition to the Antarctic continent in September 1930, and what was found there by a group...

    Ill Met by Moonlight

    by Zenith Brown & Leslie Ford

    She was a dangerous female, beautiful, cold-blooded, predatory. The people she lived among were the very nicest sort. Yet, strange to say, it was she who was found dead. And she was only the first victim...


    My Lodger

    by Mary Fortune

    Mary Helena Fortune ( 1833 – 1911) was an Australian writer, under the pseudonyms Waif Wander and W.W. She was one of the earliest female detective writers in the world, one of the earliest women to write...

    The White Maniac: A Doctor?s Tale

    by Mary Fortune

    Mary Helena Fortune (1833 – 1911) was an Australian writer, under the pseudonyms Waif Wander and W.W. She was one of the earliest female detective writers in the world,one of the earliest women to write detective...

    Planet of the Damned

    by Harry Harrison

    Planet of the Damned is a novel by American science fiction writer Harry Harrison. 

    Brion Brandd lives on the planet Anvhar which due to an elliptical orbit experiences a year with a long cold winter and a short...


    by Franz Kafka

    Metamorphosis is a novella by Franz Kafka. It has been called one of the seminal works of fiction of the 20th century and is studied in colleges and universities across the Western world.

    The story begins with...


    by Mary Shelley

    Frankenstein is a novel written by English author Mary Shelley that tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist who creates a grotesque but sapient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment....

    Dracula's Guest

    by Bram Stoker

    Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories is a collection of short stories by Bram Stoker, first published in 1914, two years after Stoker's death.

    The same collection has been issued under short titles including...


    by Bram Stoker

    Dracula is a gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker, famous for introducing the character of the vampire Count Dracula.

    The novel tells the story of Dracula's attempt to move from Transylvania to England...

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    by Robert Louis Stevenson

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a novella by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson.

    It is about a London lawyer named Gabriel John Utterson who investigates strange occurrences between his old friend, Dr Henry...

    Collected Works: Volume I

    by Edgar Allan Poe

    Collected Works of American author Edgar Allan Poe include many poems, short stories, and one novel. His fiction spans multiple genres, including horror fiction, adventure, science fiction, and detective fiction,...

    Cleek of Scotland Yard

    by Thomas W. Hanshew

    Hamilton Cleek is back - or is he?

    Margot, Queen of the Apaches (the notorious French criminal gang) has been released on bail and vanished, Mr. Narkom has a series of inexplicable murders to solve, there is...

    At the Villa Rose

    by A.E.W. Mason

    At the Villa Rose is a detective novel by British writer A.E.W. Mason featuring his character Inspector Hanaud.

    In Aix les Bains during the early 20th century, Celia Harland, a beautiful (of course) young English...

    Arsene Lupin vs Herlock Sholmes

    by Maurice Leblanc

    Arsène Lupin vs. Herlock Sholmes is a collection of two adventures of Arsène Lupin, written by Maurice Leblanc.

    These adventures feature a match of wits between Lupin and Herlock Sholmes, a transparent reference...

    Murder Comes to Eden

    by Zenith Brown & Leslie Ford

    The Idyllic life in Eden, Devon County, home of Spig and Molly O'Leary, is suddenly menaced by the spectre of a long-forgotten death and the grim reality of imminent murder. Meanwhile, the march of 'progress'...