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The Spoilers

by Rex Beach

Rex Ellingwood Beach (September 1, 1877 - December 7, 1949) was an American novelist, playwright, and Olympic water polo player.Rex Beach was born in Atwood, Michigan, but moved to Tampa, Florida, with his family...

Kaidenberg's Best Sons

by Jason Heit

Kaidenberg’s Best Sons is an unvarnished view of the lives of settlers in the early days of immigration to the Canadian priaries. Set in the early years of the 20th century, this book is the story of German-speaking...

Corridor Nine

by Sophie Stocking

Seven years ago Bernadette Macomber did everything she could to cut her ties to her father Fabian, his opiate addiction, gun collection, and increasingly bizarre behaviour. She moved with her husband and four...

Me - Smith

by Caroline Lockhart

Smith, the title character of this unusual cowboy western is no damn good. He’s not just a good bad guy, who wins your sympathy even while he breaks the law. He’s rotten to the core. And he shows his true...

The Thundering Herd

by Zane Grey

In this breathless tale of bravery and battle, of white man's courage and red man's daring, Zane Grey has written one of his finest novels - the great western writer's story of the buffalo hunters, and the passing...


by Brent Towns

Blaine Saracen has returned home to Texas to find his parents dead and his sister taken by Black Ted Allen. So begins a long quest to find his sister. In the course of his journey, Saracen is caught up in a...

Ambush on the Butterfield Trail

by Jay Clanton

When Abednego Merton's young daughter is seized by Comancheros, he resolves to recover his beloved child, no matter what the cost. He also vows privately that he will, in the process, kill every man who had...

Reign of Terror

by Paul Bedford

Buffalo hunter Woodrow Clayton experiences the full horror of the Comanche terror at the Battle of Adobe Walls, and then again in the bloody aftermath that spreads along the frontier. He vows to help the US...

Pinfire Lady Strikes Back

by P J Gallagher

English aristocrat Abbie Penraven has forged a new life for herself in the West. She has had to fight hard to gain respect and has become known as the Pinfire Lady due to her skill with her pinfire revolver....

Dark Horse

by Lee Clinton

Nettie Youcheck must fight for what is rightfully hers, the large and profitable Double U cattle ranch. If she fails, her future will be a life of servitude under the control of a vicious and vindictive father....

Fury of El Tigre

by B.S. Dunn

El Tigre - the Tiger. That's what the Mexicans called him. His name was Jim Curtis, and he was a product of the Civil War, who went to Mexico to fight in the Revolution. Now, he just roams the West, riding from...

Trooper Iron Eyes

by Rory Black

Tracking down a wanted outlaw, Iron Eyes finds himself embroiled in the Indian wars. Badly wounded, he rides into Fort Liberty. Commanding office Colonel Brice Jay assumes that the bounty hunter is near death...

Last Chance in Laredo

by Frank Callan

Sometimes the past catches up with a man and he can't outrun it. Jack Brady, at just thirty years old, has seen more of the hard edge of life than most. He's worked cattle trails, ridden shotgun, and won a reputation...

Silent Witness

by James Clay

When Range Detective Rance Dehner stops to make camp he hears a strange sound coming from the surrounding brush. A young girl of about five is hiding there, unable to speak and her eyes reflecting terror. Within...

The Flames of Alvorado

by Peter Wilson

Matt Brogan, wrongly imprisoned for the murder of his wife and son, escapes to go in search of the real killers whose evidence brought about his conviction. In the remote town of Alvorado, a hideaway for outlaws...

Law Killers

by Alex Frew

John Carter is on top of the world as the sheriff in Destiny, one of the most law-abiding towns in the south-western states. But almost from the arrival of Rebecca Seymour, the attractive, temperamental Pinkerton...

Unfinished Business

by Corba Sunman

Banham cocked his gun. The remaining two men came up off the floor side by side, guns smoking. Banham fired. The nearest man toppled over as the slug thudded into his chest and broke two ribs before piercing...


by Zane Grey

Andrew Bonning came West, a raw novice, to make his fortune; and he had to learn fast in order to survive. This is the story of a rash of cattle-rustling, a crooked sheriff, and only this raw tenderfoot with...

Blue Feather and Other Stories

by Zane Grey

A collection of three classic Grey stories of the West features the tale of a tribal war between two Indian nations, a man accused of a crime he did not commit, and an eerie night in a haunted cabin. 

Arizona Ames

by Zane Grey

This late-period Zane Grey is one of the best of his novels. Rich Ames didn't set out to be a gunslinger - it was forced on him. After the bad guys try to "ruin" his twin sister Nesta, Ames grabs his pistols...