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by Zane Grey

Zane Grey (January 31, 1872 – October 23, 1939) was an American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that presented an idealized image of the American frontier, including the novel...

The Wilderness Trek

by Zane Grey

Zane Grey’s big Australian novel. American cowboy, Stirling Haselton, taking the blame for a shooting committed by a friend, is exiled to Australia and with one loyal follower, joins a party of ranchers and...

West of the Pecos

by Zane Grey

From one of the bestselling western novelists of all time, comes another classic story. It is the story of Terrill Lambert, a young girl who disguises herself as a boy, at first to please her father’s dream...

Wanderer of the Wasteland

by Zane Grey

„Wanderer of the Wasteland”, Zane Grey’s 1923 novel of two brothers, one an honest cowpoke, the other a gambler. Adam Larey was betrayed by his older brother, Guerd, a gambler and wastrel, so he ran away...

Valley of Wild Horses

by Zane Grey

This is a classic story of the Wild West, a story of reinvention, of justice, of right makes might. Panhandle Smith develops a wild free life as a cowboy until homesickness and a longing for his childhood sweetheart,...

Under the Tonto Rim

by Zane Grey

Over 30 million Zane Grey paperbacks sold since 1954. Lucy Watson has finally escaped from the town where she grew up. She takes a job as a state welfare worker and travels to distant Cedar Ridge to help „primitive”...

Twin Sombreros

by Zane Grey

A novel of honor lost, redemption found, and rip-roaring wild adventure from the original master of the American Western. Falsely accused of murdering Allen Neece, cowboy Brazos Keene had narrowly escaped a...

To the Last Man

by Zane Grey

Imagine if Romeo and Juliet were set among the sheep ranching families of Arizona. Add in a heavy dash of frontier action and adventure, and that neatly sums up the plot of Zane Grey’s „To the Last Man”,...

Thunder Mountain

by Zane Grey

One of the bestselling novelists of the American West brings us a gripping tale of gold, greed, and vengeance. Three brothers find a lode of gold at Thunder Mountain. But instead of finding peace and prosperity,...

The Young Runaway

by Zane Grey

Zane Grey was one of the first millionaire authors. With his veracity and emotional intensity, he connected with millions of readers worldwide, during peacetime and war, and inspired many Western writers who...

The Vanishing American

by Zane Grey

Here is the great romance of the American Indian, revealing in the swift march of its events the tragedy and the glory of a whole race, and the true essence of the West, as only Zane Grey can express it. It...

The UP Trail

by Zane Grey

„"The U. P. Trail"” takes place in the late 1860’s during the building of the Union Pacific Railroad, the first to connect the east coast to the west. Our protagonist is Warren Neale, a civil engineer...

The Trail Driver

by Zane Grey

A great story by „the greatest novelist of the American West”. This one is about the tough men and women who made their living by obtaining herds of cattle and driving them across large territories to be...

The Thundering Herd

by Zane Grey

In this breathless tale of bravery and battle, of white mans courage and red mans daring, Zane Grey has written one of his finest novels. The great western writer’s story of the buffalo hunters, and the passing...

The Shepherd of Guadaloupe

by Zane Grey

„The Shepherd of Guadaloupe” is not a traditional Western: the story begins in 1919 and there are no gunslingers, rustlers, Indians, or stagecoaches. Cliff Forest returns from the war to find that his parents’...

The Rustlers of Pecos County

by Zane Grey

„The Rustlers of Pecos County” is another fantastic example of Western fiction by the master of the genre, American Author Zane Grey. The town of Linrock, located in Pecos Couty is south Texas has fallen...

The Rainbow Trail

by Zane Grey

Originally published in 1915, „The Rainbow Trail” is the sequel to „Riders of the Purple Sage”. At the end of that famous novel, a huge boulder had rolled down to shut off the entrance to Surprise Valley,...

The Mysterious Rider

by Zane Grey

Readers with a taste for classic Westerns will appreciate this story’s spirited, well-drawn characters and its evocative descriptions of the frontier’s natural beauty. Hell-Bent Wade arrives at a Colorado...

The Man of the Forest

by Zane Grey

Zane Grey (January 31, 1872 – October 23, 1939) was an American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that presented an idealized image of the American frontier. This is one of his...

The Lone Star Ranger

by Zane Grey

„The Lone Star Ranger” is a 1915 Western novel by American author Zane Grey. Set in Texas, the story revolves around the exploits of a band of Texas Rangers and Buck Duane, an outlaw on a quest for redemption....