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Dan Barry Series

by Max Brand

Max Brand (1892-1944) is largely known for his Western books and stories. He was very prolific and didn't limit himself to Westerns. He also wrote the Doctor Kildare stories which were the basis for the TV series of...

A Princess of Mars

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

A Princess of Mars is a science fantasy novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the first of his Barsoom series.

Full of swordplay and daring feats, the novel is considered a classic example of 20th-century pulp fiction....

The Drift Fence

by Zane Grey

Zane Grey evokes the atmosphere, hardships and possibilities of the Old West like nobody else. Leaving Missouri with no knowledge of cattle ranching, Jim Traft of Missouri is put in charge of building one hundred...

Pleasant Jim

by Max Brand

The bounty on gunslinger Charlie Rizdal was high - eight thousand for bringing him in alive and five thousand for his corpse. Jim Pleasant decided he'd take him in alive and collect the eight thousand dollar...

Beyond the Outposts

by James B. Hendryx

A story about gold prospecting, bootlegging, and the Mounted Police in the Northwest Territories.

"A real, full-blooded, jolly good yarn of the wild Canadian North-West, perhaps the best..." - Leeds Mercury

Wilderness Trek

by Zane Grey

Zane Grey's big Australian novel. American cowboy, Stirling Haselton, taking the blame for a shooting committed by a friend, is exiled to Australia and with one loyal follower, joins a party of ranchers and...

Thunder Moon Strikes

by Max Brand

Thunder Moon had ridden his great stallion, Sailing Hawk, a thousand miles. Soon he would reach his goal - the home of Colonel Sutton and his wife, his biological parents. Twenty years before, a Cheyenne chief,...

The Stingaree

by Max Brand

When Alabama Joe drifted into Fort Anxious, he seemed to be a shiftless, easygoing tramp. But he didn't fool Stanley Parker. He'd gunned down the notorious Bob Dillman. He'd known that one day Dillman's outlaw...

The Rancher's Revenge

by Max Brand

The story of young, hard-working rancher John Saxon who suffers abuse from the mean-spirited Bob Witherell. Saxon gains skill as a gunsman and takes down Witherell in a duel... but was it a good idea? Witherell...

The Long Chance

by Max Brand

A mercenary guards the Chandler's shop with a gun. But when the marshal himself accuses him of being a murderer, he leaves Bostwick and tries to start a new life without a gun. Recommended for those in the mood...

The Long, Long Trail

by Max Brand

The Long, Long Trail is a story about desperate men and the gun code they live by. Since Jess Dreer avenged his father's murder, he’d been a lone outlaw eluding Sheriff Caswell. But a woman in need of help...

The Gun Tamer

by Max Brand

When Don Felipe Consalvo showed up at the McCay ranch, none could suspect that beneath his grace and charm there lurked a deadly gunman - but Sheriff Rankin knew he was bringing trouble with him. And when Colonel...

The Deer Stalker

by Zane Grey

In The Deer Stalker Zane Grey readers will find all they have come to expect from their favorite Western author - swift action, magnificent descriptions of the desert and canyon country, plus the valiant...

Silvertip's Search

by Max Brand

When Arizona Jim answers Judge Brender's ad in the paper, he has no idea it will lead to a deadly confrontation with his oldest enemy, the ruthless renegade Barry Christian...

Montana Rides Again

by Max Brand (Evan Evans)

The Montana Kid heads for Mexico to help Mateo Rubiz, an infamous bandit. They have met before and the kid both respects and fears Mateo. Mateo dares the Montana Kid to ride with him into the outlaw town of...

Hunted Riders

by Max Brand

Hunted Riders is the story of Danny Crosset, a millionaire's son who becomes a bandit and follows the famous outlaw Lefty Dunlin. They must face rough mountain terrain and determined bounty hunters in this...

Gun Gentlemen

by Max Brand

A writer of legendary genius, Max Brand brought to his Westerns the raw frontier action crammed with adventure and historical authenticity that have earned him the title of the world’s most celebrated Western...


by Bret Harte

Clarence by Bret Hart. When Clarence Brant married the mother of his childhood playmate, Susy, he had no idea of the dilemma ahead of him. This was California, after all -- thousands of miles away from the trouble...

The Ranger and Other Stories

by Zane Grey

A brave Texas Ranger risks his life against avenging outlaws to rescue the woman he secretly loves... a beautiful seductress comes bewteen two brothers... a desperate fugitive seeks sanctuary with a peace-loving...

Valley Vultures

by Max Brand

He was a big man, a strong man, a man you'd look at more than once. Who was he? Every man, woman and child in the valley wondered. Then they found out his last name. It was enough to aim every gun in the valley...