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Texas Sunrise

by Elmer Kelton

In Texas Sunrise, Elmer Kelton brings together two novels that tell the story of the Texas Revolution as seen by the brothers Thomas and Joshua Buckalew who emigrate to Texas at a time when the Mexican-controlled...

The Spirit of the Border

by Zane Grey

He was known as Deathwind to the Ohio Valley Indians, and now Lewis Wetzel must single-handedly save Fort Henry. Armed only with his long rifle and knife, he heads out on a one-man rampage to stop the bloody...

Dakota Kill

by Peter Brandvold

After a seven year absence, veteran of the Apache Wars Mark Talbot returns to the Dakota Territory to reunite with his brother on their family's cattle ranch to find some peace after fighting and bloodshed for...


by Randy Lee Eickhoff & Leonard C. Lewis

Jim Bowie, the descendant of Highland Scots, grew up riding alligators and working the field on the Texas frontier. Taught three languages and a sense of honor, he went on to live a life filled with brawls and...

The Book of Murdock

Page Murdock #8

by Loren D. Estleman

Page Murdock has been many things in his day: a cowhand, a saloonkeeper, a Comanche slave, and, lately, a deputy U.S. marshal. But the one thing the mean-faced, middle-aged gunman never expected to be was a...

Slocum 374: Slocum and the Gift Horse

by Jake Logan

Slocum's in a fistful of trouble with a deadly desperado.

John Slocum has enough skills to join an outlaw's gang-but only long enough to generate heat with a blacksmith's daughter...and find a way to collect...

Longarm 377: Longarm and the Howling Maniac

by Evans Tabor

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

The Gunsmith 340: The Bisbee Massacre

by J. R. Roberts

The Gunsmith might be sent to his grave in Tombstone.

After the OK Corral shoot-out in '81 and the Massacre of '83, Tombstone's pretty quiet on Clint Adams' first visit back. But then a local rancher is sent...

Wulf's Tracks

by Dusty Richards

New in the Spur Award-winning Herschel Baker series

When Sheriff Herschel Baker's young cousin, Wulf, turns out to be good with a gun, Baker pins a deputy badge on him. But once the lawmen track down a thief,...

The Trailsman #341: Sierra Six-Guns

by Jon Sharpe

Some ghost towns never die...

The last thing Skye Fargo expects to find in the remote Sierra Nevada Mountains is the ramshackle town of Kill Creek. Or the mysterious filly of a woman who tries to warn him away....

The Last Gunfighter: Winter Kill #21

by William W. Johnstone

William Johnstone's bestselling The Last Gunfighter novels have become a new classic in frontier adventure. Now, Frank Morgan, the last of a dying breed, sets off from the Pacific Northwest for Alaska--and into...

Longarm 376: Longarm and the Innocent Man

by Tabor Evans

It's Longarm against the clock...

Like every man condemned to die, Bird claims he's innocent, but something in Longarm believes him. So he's set out to pin the real killer, although finding the suspected cowhand...

Slocum 373: Slocum and the Woman Sold to the Comanche

by Jake Logan

Slocum learns firsthand that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

When Slocum wins a white woman in a card game, he follows a twisted trail back to her greedy husband. The man wants to end his marriage...

The Gunsmith 339: The Lady Doctor's Alibi

by J.R. Roberts

The GUNSMITH gets some sugar...

When Veracruz's male doctor is killed, fingers point at the town's female sawbones, Doctor Sugarman, who stands to inherit his clientele. But the killer could have been the dead...

Deep Creek

by Dana Hand

A world-weary ex-marshall, a mysterious and alluring metis tracker, and a young Chinese mining company agent set out to solve a hideous crime on the banks of the Snake River.

Stryker's Revenge

by Ralph Compton

USA Today Bestselling Phenomenon

Lieutenant Steve Stryker has a score to settle with Rake Pierce, who's running guns to the Apaches. Pierce left him a scarred man and ruined his life. Now it's payback time......

Gun Work: The Further Exploits of Hayden Tilden

by J. Lee Butts

The further exploits of Hayden Tilden continue from the author of Written in Blood

Tilden's latest mission: track down the Coltrane brothers, who butchered most of the Cassidy family and made off with their...

The Trailsman #340: Hannibal Rising

by Jon Sharpe

Skye Fargo's taking part in the most dangerous game-a twisted contest of predator and human prey. And the Trailsman knows too well that the hunter can all too easily become the hunted...

The Loner: The Big Gundown

by J.A. Johnstone

The Loner intends to see justice served--until he realizes the line between good and evil is often blurred.

Vengeance Is A Dangerous Game. . .

Using an old cannon that once belonged to Napoleon's army, an outlaw...

Matt Jensen: The Last Mountain Man Snake River Slaughter

by William W. Johnstone

Matt Jensen is the adopted son of mountain man Smoke Jensen: his soul was forged by violence and hardship, his calling the sound of a gun. . .

Snake River Massacre

Matt Jensen didn't want to kill two murderers...