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Denver: A Novel

by John Dunning

By the 1920s, Denver had outgrown its frontier-town beginnings. But for some, life was still as perilous as the surrounding terrain. The insidious influence of the Ku Klux Klan was reaching its peak, and those...

Even in Death

by George Allen England

This classic tale from the pulp magazines of the early 20th century originally appeared in "All-Story Cavalier Weekly" (Dec. 12, 1914 issue). A tale of rough-and-tumble frontier life and justice, it is a unique...

The Buckskin Line

by Elmer Kelton

"The Buckskin Line tells of Texas' chaotic early years, when a ragtag group of irregular volunteers fought to defend the far edges of settlement from incursion by Indians and frontier outlaws. In time, they...

The Dinosaur Hunter

by Homer Hickam

"A fascinating thriller, well crafted and relentless ... A cross between Tony Hillerman and Larry McMurtry, this is one hell of a good read."--Douglas Preston, author of Tyrannosaur Canyon and Blasphemy

The cowboys...

The Trailsman #349: New Mexico Gun-Down

by Jon Sharpe

Lord have mercy...

When a nun in Santa Fe begs Skye Fargo to guide two young women through the mountains to join her order, he can't rightly refuse. But to do the Lord's work, the Trailsman is going to have...

And Kill Them All: Taken from the Adventures of Texas Ranger Lucius Dodge

by J. Butts

Determined to find her family's murderers, fifteen-year-old Clementine Webb vows to hunt them down, one by one. Texas Ranger Lucius Dodge tries to talk some sense into the little lady. Trading lead with stone-...

Spirit of the Border

by Zane Grey

They Came From A Settled Land--To A Place Of Beauty, Blood And War. . .

Jim and Joe Downs came from Virginia--one led by the call of God, the other by a thirst for adventure. In the Ohio River Valley, the handsome...

Law of the Gun

by Martin H. Greenberg

One Man. One Gun. One Law.

It's an American icon: the Western shootist, living by skill, courage and a willingness to spit in death's eye. Now, the greatest names in Western literature turn this mythical character...

Slocum 381: Slocum and the Forgetful Felon

by Jake Logan

SLOCUM's on the trail of his most wily opponent yet-a man's memory.

John Slocum collected a $7,000 bounty on Teddy Cutler. But now Teddy's free as a bird-with no recollection of robbing four stagecoaches and...

Longarm 384: Lonagarm and the Mark of the Cat

by Tabor Evans

Looks like the cat is out of the bag for LONGARM

Longarm's pulling double duty: escorting a witness about to testify against the notorious Jennings gang and-as a favor to his boss-a black cat more vicious...

The Secret History of the Nevada Navy

by e.West Smith

You've probably never known that submarines have been traveling through a underground cavern from Nevada to the Pacific since the late 1880's. Or that Napoleon III started an Indian war in Nevada. Or that there...

The Perfect Valley

by Bernard Veale

Matt Hudson is heading for California after completing a cattle drive from Texas. He is cheated out of his money, horse and guns by the Town marshal and deputies of Danville. Penniless, he walks toward California...

Coming of Cassidy: And Other Stories

by Clarence E. Mulford

This loosely themed collection of tales about classic cowpoke Hopalong Cassidy and the rough-and-tumble crew of the Bar-20 Ranch is a must-read for fans of golden-age Westerns. Packed with action and adventure...

Hopalong Cassidy

by Clarence E. Mulford

Fans familiar with the polished and polite on-screen version of this indelible Western hero may be taken aback at their first encounter with his literary predecessor. In Clarence E. Mulford's wildly popular...

Forward March

by Kirk Munroe

Kirk Munroe was a well-traveled writer and journalist who was born in Wisconsin, educated in Massachusetts, began his career in New York City, and finally settled in Florida. Once there, Munroe's proximity to...

The Adventures of Buffalo Bill

by William F. Cody

Fearless hero and showman extraordinaire William "Buffalo Bill" Cody lived a remarkable life. As a young man, he made a name for himself in the Wild West as an incredibly successful buffalo hunter and rider...

Buffalo Bill's Spy Trailer: The Stranger in Camp

by Prentiss Ingraham

A legendary figure of the Wild West who was canny enough to capitalize off of his own notoriety, William Cody was a renowned soldier and hunter. This action-packed tale parlays some of the historical facts surrounding...

The Trailsman #348: Backwoods Brawl

by Jon Sharpe

There is no honor in murder.

In the wilds of northwest Arkansas, the local U.S. Army fort is under attack from a band of murderous highwaymen who kill at will and strike without warning, then fade into the...

Savage Guns

by William W. Johnstone & J.A. Johnstone

Cotton Pickens made it through fifth grade. That and a tin star were good enough to make him the sheriff in the boomtown of Doubtful, Wyoming. And Doubtful's name is no accident. The saying around town is, If...

The Killing Shot

by Johnny D. Boggs

Boggs is unparalleled in evoking the gritty reality of the Old West --The Shootist

Johnny D. Boggs is one of America's great Western writers--mixing adventure and realism with a torrid storytelling style all...