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Reining in Justice

by Delores Fossen

"Someone's trying to break in." 

A frantic 911 call sends Sweetwater Springs deputy Reed Caldwell racing to the home of his ex-wife. But the kidnappers didn't come for Addison. Their target was her two-month-old...

Promised by Post

by Katy Madison


Anna O'Malley is desperate to put her impoverished past behind her. Posing as a respectable lady, she becomes a mail-order bride, hoping...

Harlequin Intrigue April 2015 - Box Set 1 of 2

by Delores Fossen, Julie Miller & Lisa Childs

Harlequin® Intrigue brings you three new edge-of-your-seat romances for one great price, available now! This Intrigue box set includes Reining in Justice by USA TODAY bestselling author Delores Fossen, Kansas...

Kingdom Come

by William W. Johnstone & J.A. Johnstone

The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st Century

Standing for family, honor, and a way of life, the MacCallisters have carved out a hard-won corner of the Wyoming frontier. In the thrilling new novel from the...

Ralph Compton Doomsday Rider

by Ralph Compton & Joseph A. West

Western legend Ralph Compton lives on in the USA Today bestselling series.


Buck Fletcher is facing a twenty-year sentence for a murder he didn’t commit. But he just might have one chance...

Dark Alchemy

by Laura Bickle

Stephen King's The Gunslinger meets Breaking Bad in Laura Bickle's novel Dark Alchemy.

Some secrets are better left buried …

Geologist Petra Dee arrives in Wyoming seeking clues to her father's disappearance...

The Hair-trigger Kid: With linked Table of Contents

by Max Brand

Maybe I can give you an idea of the Kid by what a feller told me he seen in a Mexican town in Chihuahua. When the word came in that the Kid had been sighted around those parts, they fetched in a section of the...

The U. P. Trail: With linked Table of Contents

by Zane Grey

"The book for which I have written all others." Zane Grey. This masterpiece of a novel details one of the greatest undertakings ever devised by man: the construction of the transcontinental railroad. It does...

The Last Trail: With linked Table of Contents

by Zane Grey

The last book of the trilogy featuring 'Betty Zane' 'Spirit of the Border' is a historical novel set in the Ohio River Valley in the late 18th century shortly after The American Revolution. Two bordermen assigned...

The Spirit of the Border: A Romance of the Early Settlers in the Ohio Valley

by Zane Grey

The border needed Wetzel. The settlers would have needed many more years in which to make permanent homes had it not been for him. He was never a pioneer; but always a hunter after Indians. When not on the track...

The Mysterious Rider: With linked Table of Contents

by Zane Grey

An orphan girl raised by her adoptive father is caught between two loves, but there is someone else entering the picture who could change everything. "You can believe me when I say somethin' will happen."

The Man of the Forest: With linked Table of Contents

by Zane Grey

Milt Dale, man of the forest, halted at the edge of a timbered ridge, to listen and to watch. Beneath him lay a narrow valley, open and grassy, from which rose a faint murmur of running water. Its music was...

The Lone Star Ranger: With linked Table of Contents

by Zane Grey

Does a man raised to be an outlaw come by his deadly urge to kill because of his heritage, or does his environment cause him to be this way? And does a highly respected Texas Ranger get his man? Grey takes the...

The Light of the Western Stars: With linked Table of Contents

by Zane Grey

A jaded young lady from the East Coast heads out West to spend some time with her brother. But from the moment she gets off the train, she encounters a lot more than she could possibly have expected.

The Rustlers of Pecos County: With linked Table of Contents

by Zane Grey

Grey's early story about the Texas Rangers is a suspense-filled old time shoot-'em up Western, packed with even more romance and action than Grey aficionados are accustomed to.

Lonesome Land: With linked Table of Contents

by B. M. Bower

A young woman has moved to a small town in order to marry her childhood sweetheart, who has moved west to start a ranch. But he has changed, and things don't turn out as she expects.

Cow Country: With linked Table of Contents

by B. M. Bower

Things are heating up in cow country, as a young man grows up in a tough, uncompromising environment.

Casey Ryan: With linked Table of Contents

by B. M. Bower

From Denver to Spokane, from El Paso to Fort Benton, men talk of Casey Ryan and smile when they speak his name. Old men with the flat tone of coming senility in their voices will suck at their pipes and cackle...

Sawtooth Ranch: With linked Table of Contents

by B. M. Bower

A large cattle company proves to be no match for the little fish at the Quirt ranch in this gripping tale by B. M. Bower.

Skyrider: With linked Table of Contents

by B. M. Bower

Mary V flipped the rough paper over with so little tenderness that a corner tore in her fingers, but the next page was blank. She made a sound suspiciously like a snort, and threw the tablet down on the littered...