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The Log of a Cowboy

by Andy Adams

You probably haven't read many books written by an actual cowboy who wrote about his experience on a trail drive during the era. Andy Adams participated in a cattle drive much like that described in the book...

The Rainbow Trail

by Zane Grey

The story of a young clergyman who becomes a wanderer in the great western uplands—until at last love and faith awake.

The Rainbow Trail, also known as The Desert Crucible, is Western author Zane Grey's sequel...

Bull Hunter

by Max Brand

Bull Hunter by Max Brand.

In the old West, laws were often loosely and arbitrarily applied, so many gunslingers and cowboys took the law into their own hands and applied eye-for-an-eye justice on their own terms....

Whispering Smith

by Frank H. Spearman & N. C. Wyeth

Legendary railroad detective Whispering Smith becomes convinced that old friend and colleague Murray Sinclair has joined a criminal band to loot the railroad.  


Spearman became fascinated by railroad lore...

Thunder in the Valley

by Jim R. Woolard

Western writer Jim R. Woolard’s classic award-winning debut still rides hard and fires point blank from all barrels . . .

Bitter experience has taught Matthan Hannar wound his way upriver, avoiding settlers...

The Western in 10 classics Vol1 (Phoenix Classics) : The Last of the Mohicans, The Prairie, Astoria, Hidden Water, The Bridge of the Gods...

by Washington Irving, Marah Ellis Ryan, James Fenimore Cooper & Dane Coolidge et al.

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The Log of a Cowboy by Andy Adams

The Bridge of the Gods by Frederic Homer...

Riders of the Purple Sage

by Zane Grey

Riders of the Purple Sage is a Western novel by Zane Grey, first published in 1912. Considered to have played a significant role in shaping the formula of the popular Western genre, the novel has been called...

The Shadow Rider

by Harry Jay Thorn

As Wyoming Territory succumbed to the bleakness of a Western winter Wes Harper, ex-jailbird, disgraced deputy marshal and sometime presidential bodyguard rode into Blackwater Creek. Folks called him the Shadow...

The Far Side of the River

by Harry Jay Thorn

When US Marshal Harry Boudine buys outlaw Jack Morgan's freedom from Arizona's brutal Yuma Prison, the ex-lawman, soldier and gunfighter finds that he has to repay the debt in spades. Morgan's job is to stem...

Ride a Long Shadow

by Harry Jay Thorn

Texas, 1878. Somewhere dark in the Texas Hill Country, lies a 50-year-old cache of gold and silver buried there by knife fighter Jim Bowie before he went to die at the Alamo. The hoard is protected by the spirits...

Wyoming Payday Saturday Night

by Harry Jay Thorn

In the dry Wyoming summer of 1887, grass and water were in short supply and men, pistols drawn, were ready to fight and die for what little the valley had left to offer. But wet or dry, hot or cold, there was...

Cold Case Colton (Mills & Boon Romantic Suspense) (The Coltons of Shadow Creek, Book 4)

by Addison Fox

The most shocking Colton family secret yet is revealed!

Claudia Colton has always felt different from her siblings. But the fashion designer doesn't expect a PI with knowledge of her family to show up in her...

Archer's Luck

by Ed Roberts

When drifter Lew Archer meets a priest, while travelling along a lonely road in Texas; he thinks nothing of it. But this chance encounter sets in motion a train of events which, strange to relate, sees Archer...

Valeron's Justice

by Terrell L Bowers

Nash Valeron didn't expect starting up his doctor's practice would be so lively. But when a young woman arrives, his life is basically turned upside down and inside out. What begins as protecting the girl from...

Black Hearts, Black Spades

by Frank Chandler

Orphaned after tragic events during a dreadful storm, two young children, Jacob and Rachel Peterson, leave Beckinson in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains for adoption by an uncle and aunt in Chicago. Ten...

Gunfight at Copper Creek

by Robert McNeill

Texas, 1874: when ex-cavalrymen Ben Turner and Wes Noble arrive in Copper Creek, they discover the town is being held to ransom by a gang of gunslingers led by ruthless local rancher Ed Holden. On their first...

Bad Day in Greenville

by Alexander Frew

Joe Flint got up that morning to just another day in Greenville. But when you lived in a border town in New Mexico every day was different: this was going to be a bad one. Who was the dead man on the mysterious...

Iron Eyes Unchained

by Rory Black

The notorious bounty hunter known as Iron Eyes is tracking down his errant sweetheart 'Squirrel' Sally, and his quest takes him all the way from Mexico to the forests of the West. However, unbeknown to him,...

The Widow Nash

by Jamie Harrison

It is New York, 1904, and Dulcy Remfrey, despite an idiosyncratic, traveling childhood, faces the predictable life of a woman of the time. All that changes when her eccentric father returns from his expedition...

A New Direction

by Anne Marie Meyer, Janet Mills & Harper Lee Park

Who says there is no heart in business? Aunt Lou's pawnshop had once been a place for the family to gather. After Aunt Lou's brother and sister-in-law died, she made a point to try and raise her niece and nephew...