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Cullen and Cobb Mysteries 2-Book Bundle

by David A. Poulsen

A private investigator and a journalist team up in Calgary to fight for justice. Read the first two books in the exciting western crime series Cullen and Cobb Mysteries.

Serpents Rising

Private investigator Mike...

WESTERN CLASSICS - Ultimate Collection: Historical Novels, Wild West Adventures & Action Romance Novels

by Owen Wister & Frederic Remington

This carefully edited collection of adventure novels & western classics has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Owen Wister is an American...

The Trail of the White Mule

by B.M. Bower

A tale about bootleggers, bullets, cowboys and frontier life.

The 9th Western Novel MEGAPACK®

by Grant Taylor, Evan Hall, William Colt MacDonald & Dane Coolidge

Wildside Press is pleased to present another great collection of 4 western novels. This time, included are:

"WHIP" RYDER'S WAY, by Grant Taylor

LOGAN, by Evan Hall

STIR UP THE DUST, by William Colt MacDonald


Prescription for Danger

by Ardath Mayhar


When Dr. Nicholas Blasingame joins his cousin Alicia and her husband in East Texas, he is scarred from political battles in Baltimore, where he lost his efforts at reform. In this new place he...

High Mountain Winter: A Novel of the Old West

by Ardath Mayhar

When the Stonor family joins the last wagon train to Oregon in the 1840s, little do they realize that disaster awaits. Suddenly 17-year-old Maryla Stonor is left to fend for herself in the mountains of Wyoming,...

Vendetta: A Novel of the Old West

by Ardath Mayhar

When their parents, the owners and performers of the Gannelli Family Circus, are murdered by a Yankee Captain in rural Arkansas during the Civil War, young Gian-Carlo and his cousin Magda barely escape with...

The Second Ardath Mayhar MEGAPACK®: 27 Science Fiction & Fantasy Tales

by Ardath Mayhar

The author of sixty-two books, more than forty of them published commercially, Ardath Mayhar (1930-2012) began her career in the early 1980s with science fiction novels from Doubleday and TSR. Atheneum published...

Classic Westerns: Zane Grey

by Zane Grey

  • Classic Westerns: Zane Grey is part of the Word Cloud Classics series, which publishes well-known works of literature for readers everywhere.

  • Includes two full novels: Riders of the Purple Sage and The Rainbow...

  • Lone Runner: A Novel of the Old West

    by Ardath Mayhar

    When Katharine's father dies in 1864, leaving her destitute, her cousin "sells" her to the beastly One-Eye Murray. She then flees west into the wilderness, but One-Eye hires Sun-Shot O'Neill to track the girl...

    Medicine Dream: Being the Further Adventures of Burr Henderson

    by Ardath Mayhar

    Young Burr Henderson, who survived an airplane crash in the Arizona desert in Medicine Walk, returns to fight for the ranch that he inherited from his father, and must survive another encounter with death in...

    Feud at Sweetwater Creek

    by Ardath Mayhar

    George Fitch, an ex-Civil War soldier, is summoned to his parents' New Mexico homestead. He arrives accompanied by an ancient Indian medicine man and two trappers, to find that his mother's cousin, on a neighboring...

    Beyond the Old Frontier

    by George Bird Grinnell

    The vast territory between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean was once the Far West, beyond the frontier, the Indian country—the unknown. Beyond the great river which bounded it on the east was a...

    The Last Stage to Bosque Redono

    by Gary L Stuart

    In Book One of this series, Angus is a New Mexico cowboy riding alone and hiding out on a mountain called Ten Shoes Up. He’s known by his few friends as a loner who rides straight-legged, on a tall horse....

    Dust and Blood

    by M.E. Krueger

    About Author M.E. Krueger

    A native born Oregonian, who has enjoyed writing since she was very little. This first novel was a complete inspiration of her love for history and the fascination of the frontier in...

    Six-Gun Nemesis

    by Colin Bainbridge

    In Chaparral Bend a gallows is being raised for youngster Ty Garland, accused of bank robbery. But is he really guilty? His old ma claims he is innocent, and town tamer, Crossdraw Kitchenbrand, is inclined to...


    by Richard Marman

    A book for lovers of the Action and Adventure genre but entirely suitable for the young adults (YA) genre.

    The 5th book in the McAlister Line takes us back in time and explores the American branch of the McAlister...

    The Big Showdown

    by Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins

    They killed the new sheriff.

    Now they’ll have to deal with Caleb York...

    Times are changing. Caleb York is saddling up to try his hand as a Pinkerton man out California way. But before he can leave Trinidad,...

    Day of Reckoning

    by William W. Johnstone & J.A. Johnstone



    The legendary MacCallister clan brought 500 years of Highlander tradition, honor, and fighting courage to the American frontier. In an astounding new novel...

    River of Blood

    by William W. Johnstone & J.A. Johnstone


    America’s most popular Western novelists continue their bold new series featuring Breckenridge Wallace, a big, strong, fierce kid fighting for a home in the...