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When Hearts Collide: A "Heartbeats" Novel

by Lorana Hoopes

When Hearts Collide is the third book in the Heartbeats series. It follows the story of three women who had nothing in common, but their lives become intertwined. Amanda is the spirited redhead who wants to...

Down in Yon Forest: A Christian Gothic Christmas Romance

by Clare Revell

Having suffered a panic attack during a performance, violinist Meredith Stranraer flees to the small town of Paradise where her grandparents live. For some strange reason, they don't want her around, and their...

The First Noelle: A Second-Chance Christmas Romance

by Delia Latham

Noelle Joy stopped celebrating Christmas ten years ago, when Trevor Holden skipped out on their long-planned Christmas Eve wedding. He destroyed her trust in men, crushed her belief in God, and left her cynical...

Christmas 'Couragement

by LoRee Peery

Liam once approved of helping others, but not anymore. He lost his mother due to a crazed street person, and he's hardened his heart. Now a successful photographer, he's returned to set up shop in his hometown--directly...

Sugar Cookie Kisses

by Mary Manners

Katy Sullivan has brushed aside past hurts to make a name for herself in the small town of Holly Haven. Her Main Street Boutique is a successful showplace, while her sugar cookies are destined to repeat blue-ribbon...

With this Kiss

by Marianne Evans

Many Christmases ago, a stolen kiss beneath a snowy sky sealed their fate. Jonathan Santini is driven by passion and an unrelenting pursuit of two things: A better life through labor law and Isabella Juliana...

Bella Natale!: A Florentine Christmas Romance

by Marianne Evans

Ashley Coratini is bucking her family, and the odds, by embracing the chance to pursue a dream. During a three-week trip to Florence, Italy, she's determined to immerse herself in the world of art and to explore...

Gumbo Weather: A Bijou Bayou Christmas Romance

by Marian Merritt

Colorado sports reporter, Noel Winters heads to Louisiana after finding love letters in her deceased mother's belongings. When her car breaks down near Bijou Bayou, a handsome, struggling pitcher and part-time...

Worst Christmas Ever: A Sweet Romantic Comedy

by Mallary Mitchell

After being jilted the day before her Christmas wedding, Sara Jane hates the holidays. Holly and mistletoe are a painful reminder that happily-ever-after isn't for her. Now, this Christmas, her baby sister is...

Radio Wave Romance

by Katie Clark

Hit radio show host Annalise Waters is challenged on-air when social studies teacher, Christopher Sanders, accuses her of being cold-hearted toward the needs of the local children's hospital. Afraid of public...

The Widow's Captive: An Historical Christmas Romance

by Lucette Nell

On the run with two small children and a third due within weeks, Adeline Spencer fears the approaching blizzard will seal their fate. An abandoned cabin is an answer to her prayers. She hopes it will shield...

Christmas Lights: A Hearts Crossing Ranch Holiday Romance

by Tanya Hanson

The Christmas party at Hearts Crossing Ranch is the highlight of the Season in Mountain Cove, Colorado, but Lori Lazaro longs to be anywhere else. . . Until a handsome cowboy driving a one-horse open sleigh...

The Amish Turns of Time Trilogy: Three Romances Weather Cultural Shifts in Amish History

by Olivia Newport

Within three full-length novels by Olivia Newport, you will meet Amish characters from the 1910s who must weather cultural shifts within their Amish communities.


Last Boat to Capri: the epic international novel

by S. L. McGregor

Capri, nicknamed Island of the Sirens because of its relentless allure; where a dismissive glance in 1955, unnoticed by all but the two people involved, spawns murder, sadism, supernatural evil, and love in...

More Than A Promise

by Amy Lillard

At the heart of the Amish community of Wells Landing, Oklahoma, a women’s quilting circle rallies around a member who is suddenly alone, under unusual circumstances…


One of the only women in the quilting...

Dear Yvette

by Ni-Ni Simone

All sixteen year old Yvette Simmons wanted was to disappear. Problem is: she has too many demons for that. Yvette’s life changed forever after a street fight over a boy ended in a second degree murder charge....

The Cherished Quilt

by Amy Clipston

Tragedy tore Christopher’s world apart. But Emily believes there are enough pieces left behind to stitch together a beautiful new beginning.

Emily Fisher is eager to meet the new employee at her father’s...

Abraham's Well

by Sharon Ewell Foster & John McCullough


“. . . hundreds of people of African ancestry also walked the Trail of Tears.”—Wilma Mankiller, Former Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation

The time is 1838....

December's Child

by D.A. Williams

Every secret has a key.

As a child worker of the December Mining Corporation, 18-year-old Jett’s plan has always been to earn a life outside the mines by selling her body—a plan she’s nearly fulfilled...

Prison Snatch: A Novel

by Cairo

Bestselling erotica author Cairo delivers a decadent tale of an alluring and cunning woman’s rise from inmate to seductress while serving a ten-year prison sentence.

Everyone wants to get to Heaven…