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by Stuart F. Griffin

Lord, how am I ever going to find her? Will cried out in anguish. Why is this happening to me? How could my sweet Emma be gone, kidnapped by who knows who? Please lead me and guide me. Help me to find her and...

Soar Higher Eagle: A Beloved Bird: The Search for True Love Series

by Cindy L. Hanson

“My heart soared with joy and delight as I read Soar Higher Eagle. It encourages us all to soar higher into the amazing love that we were created to enjoy.” —Grae Rambo, pastor, DaySpring Fellowship Church...

Choice, The: A Novel

by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Lancaster County has always been her home--but where does her heart belong? Debut contemporary fiction from the author of Amish Peace.

Prevailing Love (3-in-1 Collection): Sealed with a Kiss, The Wedding Wish, Montana Sky

by Loree Lough

Prevailing Love includes three contemporary romance novellas by Loree Lough: Sealed with a Kiss, The Wedding Wish, and Montana Sky.

Tales of the Heart (3-in-1 Collection): Bridget's Bargain, Kate Ties the Knot, Follow the Leader

by Loree Lough

Tales of the Heart includes three historical romance novellas by Loree Lough: Bridget's Bargain, Kate Ties the Knot, and Follow the Leader.

The Hidden Flame

by Janette Oke

Heart-Touching Biblical Fiction from a Bestselling Writing Team

Blade Silver: Color Me Scarred

by Melody Carlson

Ruth Wallace knows she can only hide the scars on her arms for so long. Cutting herself doesn’t make her problems disappear, but at least it helps her cope. Ruth needs to find some way, any way, to heal her...

A Sweetness to the Soul

by Jane Kirkpatrick

Based on historical characters and events, A Sweetness to the Soul recounts the captivating story of young, spirited Oregon pioneer Jane Herbert who at the age of twelve faces a tragedy that begins a life-long...

Sapphire Christmas: Third edition

by Linda Hynds

This is the story of Sandra Williams, who, due to a crippling snow storm, is stranded on campus for Christmas. She and her roommate almost hit a homeless woman while driving back to their dorm. Sandra, guilty...

The Well

by Michelle Barfield

Jake looked at Ava and instinctively started to run toward her when the unexpected, the unimaginable, the unthinkable happened. Jake Barringer came to Burundi in Africa to dig a well and bring clean drinking...

A Pagan's Nightmare: A Novel

by Ray Blackston

Ray Blackston presents a tongue-in-cheek look at contemporary culture as seen through the eyes of an unwary pagan screenwriter who writes a hit about the last unbeliever on Earth navigating in a thoroughly Christian...

Finding Father Christmas: A Novella

by Robin Jones Gunn

Bestselling author Robin Jones Gunn brings readers a poignant Christmas novella about a woman, desperate for a place to belong, who finds herself in London a few days before Christmas, looking for the father...

Bright Purple: Color Me Confused

by Melody Carlson

Jessica LeCroix drops a bomb on her best friend, Ramie: “I’m a lesbian.” Ramie Grant cannot believe her ears. Jess!? Her best friend, her teammate . . . a homosexual? Before long other girls on the basketball...

Pitch Black: Color Me Lost

by Melody Carlson

If Morgan thought her life was tough before—what with a drug-addicted, klepto brother and a cradle-robbing mother—it just got worse: Her friend Jason took his own life. Morgan copes—or tries to—by attempting...

Dark Blue: Color Me Lonely

by Melody Carlson

Kara Hendricks and Jordan Ferguson have been best friends since kindergarten. That is until Jordan started hanging out with a new “cool” crowd and decided Kara was a popularity liability. Devastated, Kara...

Torch Red: Color Me Torn

by Melody Carlson

When jock Justin Clark asks Zoe out, she wonders if he could finally be The One. Nate, a diehard Christian and real friend, encourages Zoe to consider exactly what it all means before she makes a life-defining...

Faded Denim: Color Me Trapped

by Melody Carlson

All of Emily’s friends seem so perfect: skinny and pretty and fun and flirty. Emily loathes her slightly overweight body, and as her secret bitterness begins to eat away at her soul, she faces the dark prospect...

Deep Green: Color Me Jealous

by Melody Carlson

Jordan Ferguson and Shawna Frye became good friends when Jordan made cheerleader. But when Timothy suddenly dumps Shawna to start seeing Jordan, rumors fly. Shawna gets her revenge, first by smearing Jordan’s...

Love to Water My Soul

by Jane Kirkpatrick

Based on historical characters and events, Love to Water My Soul recounts the dramatic story of an abandoned white child rescued by Indians. Among Oregon's Paiute people, Shell Flower seeks love and a place...

Leah's Choice: Pleasant Valley Book One

by Marta Perry

The first of three Amish-set novels in which a woman?s faith must guide her through challenging times.

All of Pleasant Valley seems to think the newcomer from Lancaster County is the perfect match for Teacher...