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Even in Paradise

by Elizabeth Nunez

A modern-day King Lear, a novel of greed, resentment, jealousy, betrayal, and romance set in Trinidad, Jamaica, and Barbados.

Sweet Peas in April

by Clare Revell

Adam West, a high powered lawyer gets the shock of his life when he arrives to meet a new client. She's the wife he hasn't seen since they separated ten years ago.Sam Reece doesn't need the added complication...

The Little Book of Listening: The Soul Painting & Four Other Stories

by James Webb & Mark Lewis

Visit the website to receive James's Blog and a FREE chapter to The Second Listening Book - out later in 2016

About the Book

James Webb’s ‘Listening Book’ is a thought-provoking...

The Awakening of the New Humanity

by Silvia F. M. Pedri

“The Awakening of the New Humanity” is a small book, yet, with a great energy. It’s a love story between adults under 11. It’s an up-to-the-minute esoteric essay which entails basic fundaments of psychology....

Melting the Blues

by Tracy Chiles McGhee

Set in Arkansas in 1957,  the complexities of identity, yearnings for love and acceptance, and racial tension are all unmasked in the riveting literary drama, Melting the Blues, by debut author Tracy Chiles...

Breaking Babel

by David Bard Kullberg, Julie Klusty & Carol Hunsberger

In the war of Kingdoms, a powerful enemy of the gospel works to hijack the U.S. elections and impose "Tolerance for America" laws to cripple the Church and nation. Unwilling to surrender, risking all, a courageous...

Messenger: A Journey Into Hope

by Mark Smeby & Cecil O Kemp Jr

Thomas, a blacksmith in the Norwegian mountain village of Bergland, has grown tired of simply going through the motions of day-to-day life. He can't shake the intrigue he feels about the picturesque mountain...

Stormy Knight

by J. D. Mason

J. D. Mason's Hot Blink, Texas series reached the boiling point...

Omar Reid is about to make the biggest leap in his career. As the City Planner for the town of Blink, Texas, he is spearheading the building...

A Heart Once Broken

by Jerry S. Eicher

Bestselling Amish fiction author Jerry Eicher returns with the first of three stand-alone books in The St. Lawrence County Amish series.

Cousins Lydia and Sandra Troyer and their friend, Rosemary Beiler have...

Planted with Hope

by Tricia Goyer & Sherry Gore

In the second installment of the Pinecraft Pie Shop series, you’ll return to a town and a family you’ve already grown to love.

When Hope Miller is offered the plot of land behind the Me, Myself, and Pie shop...

The Preacher's Lady

by Lori Copeland

Acclaimed author Lori Copeland spins a tale of hope, understanding, and faith when God seems silent.

It’s 1855, and Elly Sullivan works on her family cranberry farm in Wisconsin. She’s pledged her unending...

Covered Bridge Charm

by Dianne Christner

Carly and Adam work to reunite an elderly Mennonite woman with her first love before her 85th birthday. Will the two find love along the way as well?

In Search of a King

by Rebecca R. Brown

The story begins seven years after the conclusion of “DEATH HAS NO HOLD.” The Williams family has returned to Teylia Island to expose the truth of their late Queen's evil reign and to bring the good news...

Behold the Man

by Bodie and Brock Thoene

Encounter the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth in this culmination of the Jerusalem Chronicles.

How could Jesus—who preached righteousness before God, and love and mercy toward neighbors—be so...

The Midwife's Dilemma

by Delia Parr

Midwife Martha Cade has decided. When Thomas Dillon returns to Trinity, she's going to marry him. But everything feels like it's changing too fast, from her daughter's new love interest to the realization that...

Like Never Before

by Melissa Tagg

When Logan Walker returns to Maple Valley to ponder a big career move, the former reporter is enlisted to help save the town paper by Amelia Bentley. Intrigued by Amelia, he joins her pursuit of a story that...

Counted With the Stars

by Connilyn Cossette

The young Egyptian slave Kiya leads a miserable life. When terrifying plagues strike Egypt, she's in the middle of it all. Choosing to flee with the Hebrews, Kiya finds herself reliant on a strange God and developing...

The End of All Things: Part 3

by Jill Williamson

With the Five Realms on the brink of destruction, the people of Armania desperately scramble to find a safe haven. The realm is divided on what should be done. Wilek and Trevn join those who are preparing for...

The Reluctant Duchess

by Roseanna M. White

After a shocking attack, Rowena Kinnaird is desperate to escape her family and her ex-fiancé. She finds an unexpected protector in the Duke of Nottingham, but will she ever be able to trust him--let alone fall...

King's Folly: Part 3

by Jill Williamson

Prince Wilek's father believes the disasters plaguing their land signal impending doom, but he thinks this is superstitious nonsense--until he is sent to investigate a fresh calamity. What he discovers is more...