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Photo Op

by Lynn A. Coleman

Dena's been in love before she loved and lost a wonderful man twenty years ago. But she's moved on and made a name for herself as a professional photographer. She doesn't have time for romantic love. So when...

Mary's ChoiceQ

by Kay Cornelius

Though she's tried to believe she's satisfied just as a first-grade teacher, Mary Oliver longs to be a wife and a mother. Walter Chance, a high-school friend, seems more than interested in Mary. And Todd Walker,...

Love Worth Keeping

by Joyce Livingston

Tessa Garrett only wanted her husband Mike to put his family first. Yet night after night, Detective Garrett left to protect the people of San Diego. Now, after eight years of separation, their daughter's wedding...

Love Worth Finding

by Cathy Marie Hake

As the successful owner of a bridal shop, Della Valentine has seen fairytales come true. When her own personal Tall, Dark, and Handsome strolls in, she can hardly believe her eyes. His gruff manliness is the...

A Love to Cherish

by Janet Lee Barton

When her policeman fiancé died in her arms, Becca vowed that she would never fall in love again. Desperate to escape the past, she takes a job in Hot Springs, hours away from home. As she begins her new life,...

A Gentle Fragrance

by Pamela Griffin

The daughter of a missionary in the South Pacific, Sarah LaRue enjoys the simplicity and beauty of nature. When an injured man washes up on the shoreline, Sarah is oddly captivated by him. As he comes to know...

Fine, Feathered Friend

by Kathleen E. Kovach

Glenys is torn between the possibilities of a career-changing role that requires she be able to handle a falcon and the deep-seated fear that has affected most of her life. Glenys knows in her head that fear...

Double Deception

by Lena Nelson Dooley

Since her mother died, Rissa's stepfather, Pierre Le Blanc, has been her guardian. She hates the life they lead - always traveling from one place to the other - and longs for a way to escape. She has no hope...

Banjo's New Song

by Rosey Dow

Twenty years ago, Banjo lost his wife and son. Since then he's been satisfied to act as surrogate uncle and grandfather to the families who live in Colorado's ranching country. That is, until Sally Newcomb rides...

Always Ready

by Susan Page Davis

Semper paratus. Always ready. Caddie Lyle strives to live up to the motto of the Coast Guard—and her father’s legacy—as she carries out rescue missions. But when she discovers other career opportunities...

Across the Cotton Fields

by Diane Ashley & Aaron McCarver

Alexandra Lewis’s father has been exposed as a thief and killed in a shootout. Her grandmother insists that she carry out her duty to the family by marrying a wealthy man, regardless of whether she loves him....

Trusting Her Heart

by Debby Mayne

Jeremiah Yoder made a bad decision in his youth and left the Mennonite church. He’s back now, but what will it take to convince the people of Pinecraft that he’s changed. Shelley Burkholder doesn’t know...

Southern Treasures

by Lynn A. Coleman

Twenty years ago, a secret drove her from Savannah to Key West. Now it keeps her on her guard against men--while it also keeps her from accepting God's forgiveness and grace in her life. Instead, Peg works hard...

A Promise Kept

by Cara C. Putman

Can new love endure such heartbreaking trials? Josie begins her newlywed life with excitement and love. Art Wilson is everything she's hoped for in a husband. It seems her prayers have been answered as many...

Woodhaven Acres

by Birdie Etchison

At forty-three, Cora Jean thinks her dream of becoming a wife and mother may be a lost cause. She begins to seek another kind of dramatic change in her life. After losing his father and brother in a traffic...

Whole In One

by Aisha Ford

Evette Howard teaches golf and works at her father's pro shop. Several months have passed since Justin Greene broke their engagement, and Evette still doubts that she'll ever trust another man. She isn't ready...

The Vicar's Daughter

by Kimberley Comeaux

When Lord Nicholas Thornton returns home after the war, he is content to shut himself off from the world. But his solitude doesn't last long. The local vicar's daughter, Christina Wakelin, climbs his tree to...

Bayou Beginnings

by Kathleen Y'Barbo Turner

Theophile Breaux plans only to see his papa get back on his feet and to help turn the old cabin beside the bayou into a proper school for the children of Latagnier before leaving for good. Little does he know...

A Wedding Homerun in Loveland, Ohio

by Cathy Liggett

It’s a home run when single-mom Megan finally falls for Mac, a star pitcher recovering from an injury. Until love throws them a curveball.

The Treasure of the Celtic Triangle

by Michael Phillips

Join Percy Drummond on an unforgettable quest to solve the long-hidden mystery of the Westbrooke estate. . .as he finds that the greatest treasure was nearer than he imagined.