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Treasure Island

by Robert Louis Stevenson

TO THE HESITATING PURCHASER If sailor tales to sailor tunes, Storm and adventure, heat and cold, If schooners, islands, and maroons, And buccaneers, and buried gold, And all the old romance, retold Exactly in...

The Mutiny of the Elsinore

by Jack London

From the first the voyage was going wrong. Routed out of my hotel on a bitter March morning, I had crossed Baltimore and reached the pier-end precisely on time. At nine o’clock the tug was to have taken me...

Treasure Island (Diversion Illustrated Classics)

by Robert Louis Stevenson

When young Jim joins the crew of a ship as a cabin boy, he is pulled into the fearsome pirate Long John Silver's plot to overthrow their captain. The mutiny sends Jim on an action-packed journey in search of...

South Sea Tales

by Jack London

Despite the heavy clumsiness of her lines, the Aorai handled easily in the light breeze, and her captain ran her well in before he hove to just outside the suck of the surf. The atoll of Hikueru lay low on the...

The SeaWolf

by Jack London

I scarcely know where to begin, though I sometimes facetiously place the cause of it all to Charley Furuseth’s credit. He kept a summer cottage in Mill Valley, under the shadow of Mount Tamalpais, and never...

The Anglerfish Comedy Troupe: Stories from the Abyss

by Colin Fleming

In eighteen thematically linked stories, Colin Fleming explores the ways in which relationships end, with a focus on the void a loved one leaves behind. In “Fire with Legs,” the inhabitants of a noise machine...

Breathing Water

by S.R. Atkinson

Returning to the ocean could mean returning home, returning to the unlikely friends and family who filled Santi's childhood, and returning to the magic little girls only dream of. But it could also mean returning...

Moby Dick (Diversion Classics)

by Herman Melville

In the canonical epic-one of the greatest, most lasting novels in American history-Captain Ahab descends into madness as he sails in search of Moby Dick, the elusive white whale that destroyed his ship, crippled...

The 'Lady Maud': Schooner Yacht

by W. Clark Russell & A. Burnham Shute

As the days of sail begin to give way to those of steam, Sir Mordaunt Brookes has built a boat. The Lady Maud is a gleaming thing, a schooner yacht, sumptuously fitted out with shining white decks and all the...


by Paul Metcalf & Rick Moody

The fiftieth anniversary edition of Paul Metcalf's extraordinary novel, a reckoning with Columbus, America, myth, and his great-grandfather Herman Melville.

Water Ghosts

by Linda Collison

A troubled teen on a unique summer adventure sail for at-risk youths, believes the Chinese junk to be haunted and sailing to its doom. Fifteen-year-old James McCafferty is forced to take part in a summer adventure...

The Surfacing

by Cormac James

Seeking Franklin’s lost expedition and threatened by crushing Arctic ice, the Impetus lieutenant discovers a stowaway, pregnant with his child.

When the Night Comes: A Novel

by Favel Parrett

Longlisted for the prestigious Miles Franklin Award, this “moving account of the depth of ordinary lives” (Library Journal, starred review) tells of a young Tasmanian girl and a Danish sailor in their search...

HMS Saracen

by Douglas Reeman

Malta 1941. To most people HMS Saracen is just an ugly, obsolete ship with an equally ugly recent history: her last commander is due for court-martial after shelling the troops he was sent to protect. But to...

Dead on the Wind

by Marlin Bree

During a storm on the infamous Tasman Sea, a lone sailor testing a new, around-the-world racing sailboat goes missing under mysterious circumstances. Her disappearance triggers worldwide headlines and news coverage...

The Master's Tale - A Novel of the Titanic

by Ann Victoria Roberts

Locked in a place beyond time, only the truth can set Titanic's Master free. Haunted by his final voyage, Captain Smith's spirit relives his past: the ships he sailed, the women he loved, his rise from obscurity...

Force 12 in German Bight

by James Boschert

Considering that oil and gas have been flowing from under the North Sea for the best part of half a century, it is perhaps surprising that more writers have not taken the uncompromising conditions that are experienced...

Kings and Emperors

by Dewey Lambdin

In Kings and Emperors, the twenty-first book in Dewey Lambdin's beloved Alan Lewrie series, Captain Alan Lewrie, Royal Navy, is still in Gibraltar, his schemes for raids along the coast of southern Spain shot...

The Glorious First of June: Fleet Battle in the Reign of Terror (Hearts of Oak Trilogy)

by Sam Willis

France, early summer 1794. The French Revolution has been hijacked by the extreme Jacobins and is in the grip of The Terror. While the guillotine relentlessly takes the heads of innocents, two vast French and...

The Admiral Benbow: The Life and Times of a Naval Legend (Hearts of Oak Trilogy)

by Sam Willis

Admiral John Benbow was an English naval hero, a fighting sailor of ruthless methods but indomitable courage. Benbow was a man to be reckoned with.

In 1702, however, when Benbow engaged a French squadron off...