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Bouquet of Dandelions

by Katie Ogeyi Odey

Nigerian-born Selma realizes her dream of becoming a journalist and creates her own column focusing on women’s issues. She proves that she has the stamina to function in the fast-paced world of news writing...


by D'Vine Pen & Carmen Hendrix

Situationz is a steamy and provocative novel about sisterhood, betrayal, and lies.  


Ja’Nae is sensible and quick on her feet.  She embodies all of the principles of her sorority, Psi Kapp.  Will she come...

Whiskey & Ribbons

by Leesa Cross-Smith

Set in contemporary Louisville, Leesa Cross-Smith’s mesmerizing first novel surrounding the death of a police officer is a requiem for marriage, friendship and family, from an author Roxane Gay has called...

Along Came a Savage

by Joe Awsum & Wahida Clark

After marrying her college sweetheart and building a successful drug empire, life for Taylor Washington, aka Tay Tay, looked perfect. The first few years, her husband Wayne treated her like a queen and showered...

Sleeping With The Mafia

by Jamila Jasper

Benito Orsini won’t take no for an answer…

He’s been dreaming about owning her heart for a decade.

No matter what secrets she’s hiding, he needs to get her between the sheets.

His old high school sweetheart...

Rock Hard Soldier

by Jamila Jasper

She found out her lover was racist... 

Nothing could Tess Thompson go "WTF" faster than that.

But her military lover Dean Nash will let go of his past for her...

He craves her gorgeous, voluptuous body more than...

In the  Name of Love

by Breanna J Miller- Marshall

Sasha is a successful salon owner in public. She seems like she has it all together to most that are on the outside looking in. In private, though, she is a queen trying to keep her kingdom floating, but when...

Mouths Don't Speak

by Katia D. Ulysse

Jacqueline Florestant, living in the US, mourns the death of her parents in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Her husband, a former combat veteran, cares for their young daughter while battling with PTSD. Horrified...

Bound & Gagged

by Jamila Jasper

Standalone full-length 50,000+ word interracial romance novel with NO cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA. 

After taking one look at May Roberts, Ben knows he has to have her.

But he's a player known for breaking...

Sharp Curves Ahead: A Novel

by Allison Hobbs

From bestselling author Allison Hobbs comes this explosive and thought-provoking novel about two best friends who struggle to survive the ultimate betrayal and redefine how society views full-figured women.


Aunt Sara's Wooden God

by Mercedes Gilbert

Aunt Sara takes pride in both her sons, mixed-race William and his half-brother, Jim. While hard-working Jim remains at home to tend to the farm, William heads for the bright lights of Macon, ostensibly to study...

Eight Moments

by Carmen L Hendrix & Rivon Jaki

Donna Catchings has made a good life for herself in Houston, and vowed that she would never return to her hometown. Feeling the impact of a mother who has shown disdain for her since her brother died, and never...

Mad Mafia Love

by Jamila Jasper

Eve never thought she'd fall for a guy in the mafia. 

But Nico is persistent and refuses to take no for an answer.

He wants to make Eve his... No matter the cost.

She can't allow herself to fall in love with a...

The Family Secret

by Jamila Jasper

Eve never thought she'd fall for a guy in the mafia. 

But she did -- and now they have a beautiful baby boy.

A tragic event devastates their family.

For their love to survive, Eve and Nico will have to fight against...

Baller Bitches The Reunion Volume 4

by Joy Deja King

Diamond, Kennedy and Blair are back in Baller Bitches The Reunion. Diamond's life seems idyllic. She has two beautiful children. Is married to NBA Superstar, Cameron Robinson and the love they share seems to...

Female Hustler Part 3

by Joy Deja King

Angel is out for blood after Darien is left for dead on their wedding night. Believing the person responsible for her husband s demise is none other than Nico Carter, she orders a hit on him. Will Angel realize...

The Shepherd's Call

by Penny Harris Smith

When Sharon McKinney met Kendra Matthews five years ago, she immediately sensed a threat to her marriage. Her husband Dale’s assurances that his mentoring relationship with Kendra was nothing to be concerned...

Getting It Right

by Karen E. Osborne

Getting It Right is the story of Kara and Alex, half-sisters who have never met, one the product of an abusive foster-care setting, the other of dysfunctional privilege. The novel is set in Harlem, the Bronx,...

Wild Butterflies

by Katherine F Green

Wild Butterflies by Katherine F. Green

For single parents doing the best they can, for grandparents weary from life’s demands, for all who yearn for understanding, Katherine F. Green’s debut novel Wild...

The Fountain of Saba

by Andy Lang

History revealed and sacred discovery. Punishment and redemption in the ancient Kingdom of Saba.

Deep in the Ethiopian Highlands lies a secret cavern guarded by a chosen few, for it contains the object of mankind’s...