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Indian Linguistic Families Of America

by John Wesley Powell

The languages spoken by the pre-Columbian tribes of North America were many and diverse. Into the regions occupied by these tribes, travelers, traders, and missionaries have penetrated in advance of civilization,...

Professor Winn’s 15 Habits of Highly Successful TOEFL iBT® Candidates

by Winn Trivette

Professor Winn’s 15 Habits of Highly Successful TOEFL iBT® Candidates is the perfect companion for your TOEFL exam preparation.

Make the most of your TOEFL iBT® preparation – learn these 15 habits for a...

Mandarin Chinese Picture Dictionary

by Yi Ren

This Mandarin picture dictionary covers the 1000 most useful Mandarin Chinese words and sentences.

Each word and sentence is given in Chinese characters with Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation and English definition....

The Arabian Nights Entertainments By Andrew Lang

by Andrew Lang

One Thousand and One Nights is a collection of stories collected over many centuries by various authors, translators and scholars in various countries across the Middle East and South Asia. These collections...

Creativity and Innovations in ELT Materials Development

by Dat Bao

This book brings together renowned scholars and new voices to challenge current practices in ELT materials design in order to work towards optimal learning conditions. It proposes ideas and principles to improve...

The MS Digby 133 «Mary Magdalene»

by Stefania M. Maci

The MS 133 Digby Mary Magdalene has commonly been investigated by paying attention to literary features, while linguistic aspects have seldom been taken into consideration, with the result that any deviation...

Lelamour Herbal (MS Sloane 5, ff. 13r–57r)

by David Moreno Olalla

One of the three most important medical herbals composed in Middle English, both in terms of physical length and for the number of species treated, and regularly quoted not only by the editors of the Oxford...

Plurilingual Code-Switching between Standard and Local Varieties

by Dino Selvaggi

This book presents a comparative study on plurilingual code-switching (CS) in Italy, Croatia and Scotland-UK, based on Italian in contact with four standard varieties (Spanish, English, Philipino and Croatian)...

Learner Autonomy in Second Language Pedagogy and Research

by Klaus Schwienhorst

This selection of papers was edited by Klaus Schwienhorst and is the result of a two-day conference by the IATEFL Learner autonomy SIG on “Learner autonomy in second language pedagogy and research - challenges...

Learning Japanese

by Belinda Kennett & Yuriko Nagata

This book has been written for people who are learning Japanese in classes and independently, and for teachers of Japanese. It offers practical ideas on how to learn Japanese and what to learn through the experiences...

Literary Creativity and the Older Woman Writer

by Emma Domínguez-Rué, Brian Worsfold & Núria Casado-Gual

Literary studies and their associated critical theories offer a refreshing viewpoint from which humanist-oriented studies of ageing may be re-conceptualized, and an integrated view of ageing and gender can be...

Mandarin Chinese Characters Language Practice Pad

by Xin Liang & Martha Lam

Five minutes a day is all it takes to begin learning Chinese!

The perfect guide for busy people who want to learn Chinese, Mandarin Chinese Characters Language Practice Pad helps even those completely unfamiliar...

Beginning Japanese Kanji Language Practice Pad Ebook

by William Matsuzaki

Five minutes a day is all it takes to begin learning Japanese.

With Beginning Japanese Kanji Language Practice Pad, anyone can master the 334 basic kanji along with 1,000 frequently used words in just minutes...

Survival Burmese Phrasebook & Dictionary

by Kenneth Wong

This practical Burmese phrasebook and dictionary puts all the most important Burmese words and phrases in the palm of your hand.

It contains all the necessary words and phrases for speaking Burmese in any kind...

Easy Japanese

by Emiko Konomi

This user-friendly Japanese language book is a complete course, pocket dictionary and Japanese phrasebook in one.

Easy Japanese is designed for Japanese language beginners who are planning a visit to Japan or...

Diccionario de Marcadores Discursivos para estudiantes de español como segunda lengua

by Anais Holgado Lage

El Diccionario de Marcadores Discursivos para estudiantes de español como segunda lengua registra alrededor de 700 expresiones de diversos tipos: organizadores del discurso, conjunciones, fórmulas rutinarias,...

The Phantom of the Opera (annotated)

by Gaston Leroux

The story of a man named Erik, an eccentric, physically deformed genius who terrorizes the Opera Garnier in Paris. He builds his home beneath it and takes the love of his life, a beautiful soprano, under his...

The Reimagining Ireland Reader

by Eamon Maher

To mark the fact that the Reimagining Ireland series will soon have one hundred volumes in print, this book brings together a selection of essays from the first fifty volumes, carefully chosen to give a flavour...

Becoming a Plurilingual Child

by Roberto Gómez Fernández

The present research aims at illustrating the newcomer's process of becoming an 'emergent plurilingual' member of a heterogeneous and multilingual primary school classroom in Luxembourg. It is a 8 month case...

Remembering the Germans in Ghana

by Dennis Laumann

Memories of the German presence in the central Volta Region of Ghana are deep and vivid. This ethnically diverse area was part of the German Togoland colony from roughly 1884 to 1914 but German-speaking missionaries...