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Franz Kafka: The Complete Novels

by Franz Kafka

This book contains the complete novels of Franz Kafka in the chronological order of their original publication. - The Trial - The Castle - Amerika

100 German Short Stories for Beginners Learn German with Stories Including Audiobook

by Christian Stahl

Here you have 100 entertaining and culturally interesting German short stories for beginners and intermediate learning level including audio.

German for beginners can be challenging, but not with this book.


The MS Digby 133 «Mary Magdalene»

by Stefania M. Maci

The MS 133 Digby Mary Magdalene has commonly been investigated by paying attention to literary features, while linguistic aspects have seldom been taken into consideration, with the result that any deviation...

Plurilingual Code-Switching between Standard and Local Varieties

by Dino Selvaggi

This book presents a comparative study on plurilingual code-switching (CS) in Italy, Croatia and Scotland-UK, based on Italian in contact with four standard varieties (Spanish, English, Philipino and Croatian)...

Remembering the Germans in Ghana

by Dennis Laumann

Memories of the German presence in the central Volta Region of Ghana are deep and vivid. This ethnically diverse area was part of the German Togoland colony from roughly 1884 to 1914 but German-speaking missionaries...

What Does It Look Like?

by Sebastiaan A. Verschuren

This book is the first part of a comprehensive study of Wittgenstein’s conception of language description. Describing language was no pastime occupation for the philosopher. It was hard work and it meant struggle....

What They Didn't Teach You in German Class

by Daniel Chaffey

• Slang books are perennial strong sellers • Up to date with the latest slang expressions • Fun to read with an attitude that reflects the street-smart content • A re-imagining of wildly popular Dirty...

Reconsidering Early Bilingualism

by Marcin Opacki

This book investigates the language of Polish-English bilingual children raised in the United Kingdom and their Polish monolingual counterparts. It exemplifies the lexico-grammatical knowledge of both groups...

Human Encounters

by Øyvind Dahl

This book gives a comprehensive introduction to intercultural communication in the era of globalization. The reader is introduced to essential concepts in the field, different theories and methods of analysing...

Multiliteracies, Discourses and Identities

by Jing Sheng

This book explores the everyday reading and writing experiences of children from Chinese families living in Britain. Using an ethnographic approach, the author presents in-depth case studies of three migrant...

Disentangling Dyslexia

by Maria Vender

Beyond the well-known reading and spelling difficulties, dyslexic individuals exhibit marked phonological disorders, poor lexical retrieval and problems in the comprehension and production of grammatical structures...

Understanding Chinese EFL Teachers' Beliefs and Practices in the Textbook-Based Classroom

by Xiaodong Zhang

Textbooks have long been considered a pivotal learning and teaching resource in classrooms. However, there is a paucity of research on how teachers use textbooks in relation to their beliefs, with analytic methods...

English Quasi-Numeral Classifiers

by Xu Zhang

This book is an interdisciplinary study of English binominal quantitative constructions based on English-Chinese comparison. Taking three perspectives, i.e. a functional-typological perspective, a cognitive...

Zooming In

by Wojciech Wachowski, Zoltan Kovecses & Michal Borodo

This book explores the influence of culture and cognition on translation and communication and brings together revised versions of papers delivered at the First International TransLingua Conference, organized...

Conjunctions and Other Parts of Speech

by Alan Reed Libert

The classification of words in terms of parts of speech is frequently problematic. This book examines the classification of conjunctions and similar words of other classes. It reviews work done from the 19th...

Rethinking Orient

by Magdalena Kubarek, Adam Bednarczyk & Maciej Szatkowski

The contributions in this book address a vast variety of questions concerning the sources and mutual inspirations in Oriental and European literatures. The authors discuss selected texts from both historical...

Verbal Semantics in a Tibeto-Burman Language

by Prafulla Basumatary

The aim of this book is to provide a comprehensive description of the verbal system of Bodo, a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Northeast India, particularly Assam. The description is primarily based on a 1.2-million-word...

Evidentiality and Modality in European Languages

by Julia Lavid-López, Marta Carretero, Elena Dominguez Romero & Juana I. Marin-Arrese et al.

Evidentiality and Modality in European Languages focuses on discourse-pragmatic studies on the domains of evidentiality and epistemic modality, and also includes studies on deontic modality. The book presents...

The Non-Surviving Preterite-Present Verbs in English

by Anna Wojtys

Based on four historical corpora, the book is a comprehensive study of the demise of five preterite-present verbs in English. It offers a detailed description of their distribution in Old and Middle English....

Ways of Seeing, Ways of Being

by Maurizio Gotti, Stefania Maci & Michele Sala

The aim of this volume is to give voice to the various and different perspectives in the investigation of tourism discourse in its written, spoken, and visual aspects. The chapters particularly focus on the...