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100 Italian Short Stories For Beginners And Intermediate Students

by Lingua Magisterium

100 Italian Short Stories For Beginners And Intermediate Students

Learning Italian can be challenging, but not with this book.

Our aim with this book will be to supply you with entertaining, helpful and challenging...

Your Easy Italian Phrasebook 700 Realistic Italian Phrases for Travel Study and Kids

by Christian Stahl

Would you like to learn Italian fast and perhaps travel to Italy? Maybe you have plans to move to Italy and start a new life there. This Italian phrasebook for students and kids will help you to learn Italian...

100 Italian Short Stories for Beginners

by Christian Stahl

Polish your Italian, grow your vocabulary and ignite your imagination with these 100 entertaining Italian short stories!

How is it possible to learn Italian easily and effortlessly by yourself? The most effective...

How to Get Really Good at Italian

by Language Learning Polyglot

Millions of people learn Italian but only a very small percentage of learners can actually speak it fluently. Why is that?

People in general are quick to point out that some are naturally built more than others...

Meeting Foreignness

by Paola Giorgis

How is Foreignness defined by language? Who has the power to define the ‘foreigner’ as such, on which grounds, from which positioning, for which purposes? And within such premises, which is the role of foreign...

The Cultural Semantics of Address Practices

by Gian Marco Farese

This book presents a contrastive analysis of various forms of address used in English and Italian from the perspective of cultural semantics, the branch of linguistics which investigates the relationship between...

The MS Digby 133 «Mary Magdalene»

by Stefania M. Maci

The MS 133 Digby Mary Magdalene has commonly been investigated by paying attention to literary features, while linguistic aspects have seldom been taken into consideration, with the result that any deviation...

Lelamour Herbal (MS Sloane 5, ff. 13r–57r)

by David Moreno Olalla

One of the three most important medical herbals composed in Middle English, both in terms of physical length and for the number of species treated, and regularly quoted not only by the editors of the Oxford...

The Living Theatre

by Bianca Tarozzi, Jeanne Foster & Alan Williamson

In this first US publication of celebrated Italian poet Bianca Tarozzi, narrative poems (presented bilingually in both English and the original Italian) carry us through the poet's childhood memories of World...

What They Didn't Teach You in Italian Class

by Gabrielle Euvino

• Slang books are perennial strong sellers • Up to date with the latest slang expressions • Fun to read with an attitude that reflects the street-smart content • A re-imagining of wildly popular Dirty...

Conjunctions and Other Parts of Speech

by Alan Reed Libert

The classification of words in terms of parts of speech is frequently problematic. This book examines the classification of conjunctions and similar words of other classes. It reviews work done from the 19th...

The Non-Surviving Preterite-Present Verbs in English

by Anna Wojtys

Based on four historical corpora, the book is a comprehensive study of the demise of five preterite-present verbs in English. It offers a detailed description of their distribution in Old and Middle English....

Greek Marseille and Mediterranean Celtic Region

by Sophie Bouffier & Dominique Garcia

This unique collection of essays contains a synthesis of recent works by distinguished archaeologists and historians in their field, illuminating extensive research in the Southern Gaul and on the territory...

The Shaping of English Poetry – Volume IV

by Gerald Morgan

This fourth volume of essays under the title The Shaping of English Poetry consolidates the work of the previous three volumes on the great subjects of English literature in the Medieval and Renaissance periods....

Middle English Prepositions and Adverbs with the Prefix «be-» in Prose Texts

by Ewa Ciszek-Kiliszewska

This book offers the first comprehensive study of Middle English prepositions and adverbs combining the prefix «be-» with a preposition, an adverb or a numeral recorded in prose texts. Six best established...

Greece in British Women's Literary Imagination, 1913–2013

by Semele Assinder, David Holton & Eleni Papargyriou

Greece in British Women’s Literary Imagination, 1913–2013 offers a comprehensive overview of British female writing on Greece in the twentieth century and beyond. Contributors cover a vast array of authors:...

The Decameron

by Giovanni Boccaccio & J. M. Rigg

The Decameron, is a collection of novellas by the 14th-century Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio (1313–1375). Faithfully Translated from the Italian by J. M. Rigg (James Macmullen Rigg, 1855-1926).


The book...

Essays and Studies in Middle English

by Jacek Fisiak, Magdalena Bator & Marta Sylwanowicz

This volume is a selection of papers presented at the 9th International Conference on Middle English held at Wyzsza Szkola Filologiczna (Philological School of Higher Education) in Wroclaw, Poland, from April...

Grammatical Collocations of Verbs and Prepositions

by Marianna Hudcovicová

This book presents empirical research of grammatical collocations of the type: verb and the prepositions «of» and «to». It is based on comparisons of English and Czech sentences containing verbs and prepositions...

Translation Studies and Translation Practice: Proceedings of the 2nd International TRANSLATA Conference, 2014

by Lew N. Zybatow, Andy Stauder & Michael Ustaszewski

TRANSLATA II was the second in a series of triennial conferences on Translation and Interpreting Studies, held at the University of Innsbruck. The series is conceptualized as a forum for Translation Studies...