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Japanese Picture Dictionary

by Timothy G. Stout

If a picture is worth a thousand words, students of the Japanese language have everything they need in the Tuttle Japanese Picture Dictionary. Deftly illustrating the use of more than 1,500 commonly used Japanese...

Japanese Stories for Language Learners

by Anne McNulty, Eriko Sato & Rose Goldberg

A great story can lead a reader down a rabbit hole of discovery—especially if it's presented in two languages! Beautifully illustrated in a traditional style, Japanese Stories for Language Learners offers...

Learning Japanese

by Belinda Kennett & Yuriko Nagata

This book has been written for people who are learning Japanese in classes and independently, and for teachers of Japanese. It offers practical ideas on how to learn Japanese and what to learn through the experiences...

Beginning Japanese Kanji Language Practice Pad Ebook

by William Matsuzaki

Five minutes a day is all it takes to begin learning Japanese.

With Beginning Japanese Kanji Language Practice Pad, anyone can master the 334 basic kanji along with 1,000 frequently used words in just minutes...

Easy Japanese

by Emiko Konomi

This user-friendly Japanese language book is a complete course, pocket dictionary and Japanese phrasebook in one.

Easy Japanese is designed for Japanese language beginners who are planning a visit to Japan or...

Basic Japanese

by Samuel E. Martin & Eriko Sato

This best-selling Japanese language textbook has brought basic fluency in Japanese to thousands in the US and beyond.

Basic Japanese is a user-friendly guide for beginners designed for use in a classroom or...

Speak and Read Japanese

by Larry Herzberg

Speak and Read Japanese provides language learners simple, fun, and imaginative ways to remember essential Japanese words and characters. Mastering basic vocabulary and kanji is one of the first challenges any...

Beginning Japanese Phrases Language Practice Pad

by William Matsuzaki

With Beginning Japanese Phrases Language Practice Pad you can master essential Japanese phrases in just minutes a day!

Although more people are studying the Japanese language than ever before, others are still...

The Seven Keys to Communicating in Japan

by Haru Yamada, Orlando R. Kelm & David A. Victor

The key to professional success in Japan is understanding Japanese people. The authors, seasoned cross-cultural trainers for businesspeople, provide a practical set of guidelines for understanding Japanese people...

Japanese for Travelers Phrasebook & Dictionary

by Scott Rutherford & William Matsuzaki

This travel–sized 4 x 7 inch book is a combination Japanese phrasebook, Japanese travel guide and Japanese etiquette guide.

Packed with expressions and information for every travel situation, Japanese for...

Learning Japanese Kanji Practice Book Volume 2

by Eriko Sato, Ph.D.

This is an invaluable study guide and practice book for learning basic Japanese kanji.

Learning Japanese Kanji Practice Book is intended for beginning students, or experienced speakers who need to practice their...

Read Japanese Kanji Today

by Len Walsh

The method that has helped thousands!—Read Japanese Kanji Today provides readers with a quick and simple method to learn kanji characters.

Far from being a complex and mysterious script, Japanese writing is...

Essential Japanese Phrasebook & Dictionary

by Tuttle Publishing

Essential Japanese Phrase Book & Dictionary teaches you the practical phrases and expressions needed for common, everyday interactions in Japan in a way that's clear, concise, accessible and enjoyable.

Key features...

Japanese Kanji for Beginners

by Timothy G. Stout & Kaori Hakone

The method that's helped thousands in the U.S. and Japan learn Japanese successfully.

The Japanese language has two basic writing systems, kanji characters—which are based on Chinese characters and hiragana...

Essential Japanese Kanji Volume 2

by University of Tokyo, Kanji Research Group

Essential Japanese Kanji is an easy approach to learning the most basic kanji encountered in everyday situations in Japan.

Packed with fun quizzes and useful exercises for those wishing to improve their Japanese...


by Kittredge Cherry

"A very graceful, erudite job . . . extraordinarily revealing."—The New York Times

Thirty years after its first publication, Womansword remains a timely, provocative work on how words reflect female stereotypes...

Japanese for Beginners

by Sachiko Toyozato

Japanese for Beginners is a straightforward learning guide which enables beginners to pick up a function knowledge of spoken Japanese very quickly and easily.

This complete Japanese language package has helped...

Japanese Kanji Flash Cards Volume 2: Kanji 201-400: Intermediate Level (Downloadable Material Included)

by Alexander Kask & Emiko Konomi, Ph.D.

Everything you need to learn 200 everyday Japanese kanji characters is here in this ebook!

Flash cards are an essential tool in memorizing words when you are learning a new language. In Japanese Kanji Flash Cards...

Periplus Pocket Japanese Dictionary: Japanese-English English-Japanese Second Edition

by Yuki Shimada & Taeko Takayama

It's never a good idea to be overly–relient on technology while traveling! Look up words quickly and easily with this great travel-sized Japanese dictionary.

Intended for use by tourists, students, and businesspeople...

Japanese Hiragana and Katakana Practice Pad

by Richard S. Keirstead & William Matsuzaki

Japanese Hiragana & Katakana Practice Pad provides an enjoyable and motivating way for the learner to have practice in writing the syllables of the Japanese hiragana and katakana writing systems. There are a...