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How to Succeed

by Orison Swett Marden

Author of 'How to Persuade the Unpersuadable', 'I am Free to Love My Customers', and 'How to Build a Business in a Quiet Market', this serious guide of 'How to Succeed in Tough Times' lays out years of some...

Ukrainian Phrasebook, Dictionary, Menu Guide & Interactive Factbook

by Masha Drach & Olga Ivanivna Kravtsova

An English-Ukrainian phrasebook and dictionary in ebook format with the following features:

1. Phrases and terms grouped under key word(s) that they contain.

2. Key words, in red font, arranged in alphabetical...

Second language acquisition in complex linguistic environments

by Hana Gladkova & Juliane Besters-Dilger

Russian-speaking immigrants residing in the Czech Republic or Germany are faced with the challenge of acquiring the Slavic (Czech) or Non-Slavic (German) language of the new environment. This process is influenced...

A Slavic Republic of Letters

by Luka Vidmar

This book discusses the correspondence between Jernej Kopitar, a co-founder of Slavic studies and proponent of Austro-Slavism, and Baron Žiga Zois, an Austrian nobleman and patron of the Slovene national revival....

Das Erbe der Slawenapostel im 21. Jahrhundert / The Legacy of the Apostles of the Slavs in the 21st Century

by Aleksandra Salamurovic & Thede Kahl

Die Heiligen Kyrill und Method spielen durch ihre Bibelübersetzung und die Schaffung eines slawischen (glagolitischen) Alphabets eine herausragende Rolle für die religiöse, kulturelle und nationale Identität...

Multilingualism and Translation

by Vladislava Warditz & Beatrix Kreß

This collection of essays tackles the issues that arise when multilingualism meets translation and discusses the findings with a particular focus on Slavonic migrant languages. Despite its high relevance from...

The Czech Avant-Garde Literary Movement Between the World Wars

by Thomas G. Winner, Ondrej Sládek & Michael Heim

The Czech Avant-Garde Literary Movement Between the Two World Wars tells the little-known story of the renaissance of Czech literary arts in the period between the two world wars. The avant-garde writers during...

The Indicative and Subjunctive da-complements in Serbian: A Syntactic-Semantic Approach

by Nataša Todorovic

This study analyzes the indicative and subjunctive da-complements in the Serbian language while comparing and contrasting them with similar finite constructions in other Slavic and Balkan languages. In complex...


by Aleš Debeljak & Brian Henry

Bilingual English and Slovenian poems examine the aftermath of post-Yugoslavia and the Balkan Wars, recalling vanished people and their country.

The History of Linguistic Thought and Language Use in 16 th  Century Slovenia

by Kozma Ahacic

This book is the first work on this topic to have been published in English and is thus brought before the international public. A preliminary sociolinguistic survey of the major issues concerning language use...

Latvian-English Dictionary

by Leonard Zusne

This unabridged work includes a previously distributed DICTIONARY OF LATVIAN PROVERBS, making it unique and more attractive than similar publications.

A translating dictionary, like this one, is a practical...