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Los Pétalos de la Muerte

by Elizabeth Spann Craig & Freddy Moyano

Learn Spanish with Myrtle: In this easy-reader mystery, Spanish students will be able to increase their vocabulary while solving mysteries with amateur detective Myrtle Clover. Each chapter is designed to immerse...

The Ten Commandments of God In Islam Bilingual Edition English & Spanish

by Muhammad Vandestra

The Ten Commandments are a set of rules or laws, God gave to the people of Israel. The commandments exist in different versions. One version can be found in the Book of Exodus of the Bible. Another version can...

The Gringo Guide to Speaking Spanish

by Dr. Jay C. Polmar

Planning a trip to Latin America. Planning to retire in Mexico or down south. Do you just need to be able to talk to your Spanish speaking neighbors in the US or elsewhere Simply, use The Gringo Guide, and be...

The Polyphonic World of Cervantes and Dostoevsky

by Slav N. Gratchev

This book is the first scholarly attempt to examine Don Quixote from the angle of dialogism and polyphony. To begin with, although Mikhail Bakhtin considered Dostoevsky the “creator of a polyphonic novel,”...

What They Didn't Teach You in Spanish Class

by Juan Caballero

• Slang books are perennial strong sellers • Up to date with the latest slang expressions • Fun to read with an attitude that reflects the street-smart content • A re-imagining of wildly popular Dirty...

Activism through Poetry

by Marina Llorente & Marcella Salvi

Activism through Poetry: Critical Spanish Poems in Translation is a compiled anthology of translated poems, which explore cultural, political, social, and ecological issues in the context of contemporary Spain....

Post-Revolutionary Cuban Spanish

by Ph.D. Jesús Núñez Romay

Because the first socialist revolution in the Americas took place in Cuba, this country has also seen the rise of new terms and the introduction of new, very specific meanings for old terms, adopted as required...

Learning How to Sing in Spanish | Children's Learn Spanish Books

by Baby Professor

Spanish is such a beautiful and sweet language that it earned its right to be learned by many, especially children. Relatively easier to learn than German and French, the Spanish language is truly a lovely track...

Uno, Dos, Tres: Let's Learn Spanish | Children's Learn Spanish Books

by Baby Professor

Why should you bother your child with Spanish? Well, because you want him/her to communicate effectively with a vast majority of people living in the US. You also want your child to be understanding of the differences...

Easy Spanish Phrases for Kids | Children's Learn Spanish Books

by Baby Professor

This is another good addition to your kids’ foreign language education book. Focusing on the Spanish language, this book contains easy phrases for young beginners. For better results, you may also want to...

Learn Spanish For Kids: Spanish for Children (Body Parts) | Children's Foreign Language Learning Books

by Baby Professor

It’s fun to learn a second language but it’s even more engaging when the right materials are used! This educational book will teach your child the basics of Spanish as a second language. There will be pictures...

Hola! Yo Hablo Espanol | Children's Learn Spanish Books

by Baby Professor

Let’s learn Spanish the easy way! This book is meant for kids undergoing Spanish lessons and seem to be having a hard time doing so. No pressure involved here, just pure fun and easy ways to learn new language....

Yo Puedo, I Can | Children's Learn Spanish Books

by Baby Professor

Help your child get better grades in Spanish through supplemental learning. This book is designed to make Spanish a fun learning experience. The reason why you want your child to learn a second language is because...

The Best Spanish Learning Games for Children | Children's Learn Spanish Books

by Baby Professor

What is a better way to learn a new language than by playing games? This Spanish Book is all about injecting new Spanish words and phrases to your beloved kids through a series of games. The difficult word is...

Pedro's Big Mexican Adventure | Children's Learn Spanish Books

by Baby Professor

If you're a parent that wants your child to be well-rounded, then you have to invest in language learning books too. The reason is because learning language paves the way for cultural enrichment. Bilingual individuals...

Kids Learning Spanish out Loud | Children's Learn Spanish Books

by Baby Professor

This shall be your child’s best friend from now on. Something he would always love to bring wherever he goes. The Kids Learning Spanish Out Loud is a one-of-a-kind learning material for Spanish language pupils....

My First Spanish Picture Book | Children's Learn Spanish Books

by Baby Professor

Spanish is one of the easiest to learn languages in the world. Your kids should not have a hard time learning it especially with the use of this guide book. This book features not only words but has also integrated...

The Spanish of the Northern Peruvian Andes

by Luis Andrade Ciudad

This book analyses a set of rarely described regional Spanish varieties spoken throughout much of the northern Peruvian Andes (Cajamarca, La Libertad and Ancash) from a sociohistorical and dialectological perspective....

Spanish Legal Terminology: Speedy Study Guides

by Speedy Publishing

Anyone taking an exam in Spanish who is not a native speaker should always brush up on conversational terms as well as formal ones. A person who is taking a legal exam that is in Spanish already has to contend...

Spanish Medical Conversation (Speedy Language Study Guide)

by Speedy Publishing

When preparing for an exam, using a Spanish medical conversation study guide can be very helpful. By studying a conversation the student will be more likely to remember the correct usage of words. Knowing the...