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The Iberian Challenge

by Armin Schwegler, John McWhorter & Liane Ströbel

Creole languages lexified by Spanish and Portuguese have played a relatively small role in theories of creole genesis, and as a result the histories of vernaculars such as Palenquero, Papiamentu, Cape Verdean...

Imagining the Creole City: The Rise of Literary Culture in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans

by Rien Fertel

In the early years of the nineteenth century, the burgeoning cultural pride of white Creoles in New Orleans intersected with America's golden age of print, to explosive effect. Imagining the Creole City reveals...

The Haitian Creole Language: History, Structure, Use, and Education

by Carole M. Berotte Joseph, Arthur K. Spears, Uli Locher & Nicholas Faraclas et al.

The Haitian Creole Language is the first book dealing with the central role of Creole in Haiti and the Haitian diaspora, especially in the United States. Dispelling myths about Creole, with discussions of Haitian...

Bastard Tongues

by Derek Bickerton

Why Do Isolated Creole Languages Tend to Have Similar Grammatical Structures?

Bastard Tongues is an exciting, firsthand story of scientific discovery in an area of research close to the heart of what it means...