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Nemo's Almanac: A Quiz for Book Lovers

by Ian Patterson & Alan Hollinghurst

You might recognise:

'It was a bright day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.'

But what about:

'Time, like an ever-rolling stream'

Or even:

'I am soft sift / In an hour-glass-at the wall / Fast, but...

The Crystal Maze Challenge: Let The Games Begin!

by Neale Simpson

The Crystal Maze is back and there's no place like dome.

Packed full of over 100 new games, mind benders and riddles, with this book you can now play the ultimate game show in the playground of your own home....

Question Time: A Journey Round Britain¿s Quizzes

by Mark Mason

Which major UK retailer has the same name as Odysseus's dog in Greek mythology?

In the original version of the Band Aid hit 'Do They Know It's Christmas?', who sang the opening line?

Which is the only US state...

The World Cup Of Everything

by Richard Osman

Richard Osman has been trying to settle the most important issues society faces today. Who would win in a head-to-head between Quavers and Cheesy Wotsits? And What's the ultimate Christmas film (Home Alone,...

Man Facts: Fascinating Things Every Bloke Should Know

by Dan Bridges

It's time to celebrate your inner geek with this treasure trove of lists and prime cuts of knowledge. Time to brush up on what you'd forgotten or misremembered, and discover what you never had a clue was true....

The Ultimate Movie Quote Quiz Book: 420 Questions

by Jack Goldstein

How well do you know your movies? Do you think you could recognize a film from just one key line? If so, you'll love this fantastic quiz, featuring famous (and some not-so-famous) quotes from over four hundred...

1970s Movie Quotes - The Quick Quiz

by Jack Goldstein

Are you a fan of 70s movies? Do you think you could recognise a film just from a single quote? If so, you'll love this fantastic quiz featuring 120 of the greatest movies of the decade. With classic lines from...

Jawsome Shark Quizzes

by Karen Chu

Perfect for shark fans of any age, this is the ultimate trivia collection on everything shark

For one week every summer you become consumed by shark facts, videos, and stories. But how much do you really know...

My Book of Indoor Games

by Clarence Squareman

Your kids are buzzing bundles of energy, ever eager for new experiences and new challenges. And one of your toughest jobs as a parent is finding ways to channel kids' energies that promote healthy development...

Name That Reptile: With Fun Facts and Matching Games For Kids

by Baby Professor

Can you name all the reptiles? By the end of this cool activity book, you can! Using activities to promote knowledge is highly effective because it energizes the part of the brain that holds memories. Your child's...

2nd Grade Science Workbook: The Universe and the Galaxy

by Baby Professor

Ever wonder what's outside the world you see? Open this workbook to find out. Picture books are more detailed and descriptive compared to the usual school textbooks. It is the perfect complement to classroom-based...

Second Grade Science Workbook: Human Anatomy - Our Bodies

by Baby Professor

Why should you teach a second second grader human anatomy? Because you want to raise awareness for hygiene and health. But to do that, you can't rely on textbooks because you need to power up their interest...

Biggest & Tall (Biggest Animals in the World) : Second Grade Science Workbook Series

by Baby Professor

What are the biggest animals in the world? Encourage your children to find out the answers for themselves through this wonderful workbook. Here, children will understand the concept of sizes, and learn more...

Rocks and Minerals : 2nd Grade Science Workbook Series

by Baby Professor

What makes the Earth unique in the solar system? Look into the composition of the planet, particularly the kind of rocks and minerals found here, and your child will understand why life exists. The purpose of...

Don't Eat Me! (Healthy Foods for Kids) : 3rd Grade Science Workbook Series

by Baby Professor

Are your kids slowly getting addicted to junk food? Reverse that inclination by teaching them to eat healthy foods instead. This picture book is highly entertaining and will definitely change your children's...

6th Grade History Workbook: Great Men in History

by Baby Professor

These great men deserve your admiration for the wonderful things they did to mold the present. You may have read about them in history books, but their faces and lives may not have registered at all. You see,...

Creepy Crawly Insects : 1st Grade Science Workbook Series

by Baby Professor

So what does your child do when confronted with a creepy crawlie? Improve his/her reaction through education. This wonderful book of insects will serve as a good learning tool for your child. Through this book,...

All About Planet Earth (Earth Science) : First Grade Geography Workbook Series

by Baby Professor

Earth is the only home in the galaxy, so it is important that your child learns to care for it. This educational book will open your child's eyes to the beauty of the planet. At the end of this book, your child...

1st Grade Science Workbook: Reptiles and Amphibians

by Baby Professor

Teach your child to identify reptiles and amphibians to increase learning on animals. One way of doing this without boring your little ones is to present information in a cool and modern way. A perfect example...

4th Grade Science Workbook: Marine Life

by Baby Professor

What beautiful creatures can you find in the oceans? This marine workbook features scientific facts and figures to help you understand what a watery life is all about. Through this workbook, your child will...