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Let Roots Be Your Medicine

by Nat Hawes

The roots of plants have been used as medicines and nutritious food for thousands of years. Many have astonishing properties which can heal and remedy most human ailments and diseases without the harmful side-effects...

Nature's Colour Codes

by Nat Hawes

Nature has kindly colour-coded foods for us and each colour signifies different compounds which the body needs on a regular, and often daily, basis. Many are powerful substances that can help to remedy human...

The Aquaponic Farmer

by Adrian Southern & Whelm King

The Aquaponic Farmer is the only complete practical guide to understanding, constructing, and operating a family-farm scale commercial cold-water aquaponic system for raising trout and vegetables. It details...

The Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2018

by Lia Leendertz

The Almanac revives the tradition of the rural almanac, connecting you with the months and seasons via moon-gazing, foraging, feast days, seasonal eating, meteor-spotting and gardening. Award-winning gardener...

Greenhouse and Window Plants - A Primer for Amateurs

by Charles Collins

First published in 1895, this vintage book offers the reader a beginner-friendly guide to growing plants in greenhouses and under glass. Written in simple, plain language and profusely-illustrated, this step-by-step...

Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating, and Enjoying Cannabis

by Nichole Graf, Micah Sherman & David Stein

Everything a home-grower needs to understand, cultivate, and enjoy cannabis. As prohibition wanes, and cannabis aficionados of all stripes come out from the shadows, the old stereotypes are fading. The benefits...

Tree Culture and Management

by Isabella Beeton

This vintage book contains a complete guide to trees and their management, with information on growing and maintaining a variety of trees in many different situations. Profusely illustrated and full of timeless,...

Plants That Can Kill: 101 Toxic Species to Make You Think Twice

by Stacy Tornio

An informative, easy-to-navigate guide to keeping your family and pets safe in the yard and garden

The Permaculture Earthworks Handbook

by Douglas Barnes

The Permaculture Earthworks Handbook covers the functions and appropriate siting, design, and construction of nine types of earthworks, including swales, dams, ponds, and hügelkultur beds, to maximize water...


by Isabella Beeton

This vintage book contains a detailed guide to gardening, including historical information, planting, pruning, types of plants and flowers, tools, furniture, and much, much more. Profusely illustrated and full...

How to Choose and Manage a Farm

by Isabella Beeton

This vintage book contains a detailed treatise on farming and farm management, being a guide to every aspect of farming from design and construction to drainage and irrigation. Although old, much of the information...

Garden Foes - Part I - Flower Foes

by T. W. Sanders

This vintage book contains a comprehensive guide to the insects, diseases, and plant species that are damaging to common garden flowers. It gives detailed descriptions of the various ailments and 'foes', as...

The Rose Rustlers

by William C. Welch & Greg Grant

In The Rose Rustlers, Greg Grant and William C. Welch offer a personal, in-depth, and entertaining account of some of the great stories gathered during their years as participants in one of the most important...

Plant-Powered Cooking

by Alice Mary Alvrez & Elise Marie Collins

• Forks Over Knives has become a worldwide movement encouraging people to eat more plants and forego meat; the book selling over a million copies with a popular film viewed by over 20 million • Much more...

Urban Botanics: An Indoor Plant Guide for Modern Gardeners

by Emma Sibley & Maaike Koster

Have trouble keeping house plants alive? Struggling to find your green fingers? Fear not! You can still have a beautiful plant-filled home with this stunning guide to indoor plants. Whether you are looking to...

A New Garden Ethic

by Benjamin Vogt

As human-made climate change and mass extinction impacts the world's ability to function, we will be called upon to garden the planet more actively. Native plants in home, business, and public landscapes will...

A New Garden Ethic

by Benjamin Vogt

As human-made climate change and mass extinction impacts the world’s ability to function, we will be called upon to garden the planet more actively. Native plants in home, business, and public landscapes will...

Simple Living in the 21st Century

by Spaccarelli Robert

Simple Living in the 21st Century teaches you how to live off the land in the healthiest and most natural way possible. Robert Spaccarelli is an expert in the fields of beekeeping, gardening, fruit trees, permaculture,...

SUNSET Easy Care Succulents: 100 Best Low-Water Plants

by The Editors of Sunset & Robin Stockwell

Create a low-maintenance, high-style garden with 113 favorite plants!

Want a beautiful garden that's easy to take care of, even in low-rainfall areas? Succulents are for you! And with the help of Sunset magazine,...

Secret Gardens of East Anglia

by Barbara Segall & Marcus Harpur

The big skies and the extraordinary light of East Anglia make it unlike anywhere else in Britain, and offer the most amazing natural conditions in which to create gardens. The twenty-two gardens selected for...