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An Abundance of Flowers

by Judith M. Taylor

Walk into any nursery, florist, or supermarket, and you’ll encounter displays of dozens of gorgeous flowers, from chrysanthemums to orchids. At one time these fanciful blooms were the rare trophies of the...

Radical Regenerative Gardening and Farming

by Frank Holzman

Radical Regenerative Gardening and Farming informs and inspires gardeners, and farmers, who wish to bring quality and integrity into their work with the land. It is about developing close relationships with...

The Northwest Garden Manifesto

by John J. Albers

Gardens are extensions of our homes, places in which we get outside to relax, entertain, and get some physical exercise. But our gardens are also extensions of the natural world. Through our gardens, as well...

The Garden STEM

by Katie Donohoe, Olivia M. Thompson & Torborg Davern

The Garden STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is K-8 curriculum for your garden classroom.  Curriculum mapping for South Carolina Academic Standards and Performance Indicators, Educator Guides,...

The Garden Farmer

by Francine Raymond

Selected as a Book of the Year 2017 in You Magazine

'A lavish monthly guide to getting the most from your garden' Daily Mail

A punnet of plums from your tree, a handful of gooseberries; home-grown nuts and herbs,...

The Guide to Humane Critter Control: Natural, Nontoxic Pest Solutions to Protect Your Yard and Garden

by Theresa Rooney

Keep critters and pests out of your yard and garden with heart! The Guide to Humane Critter Control keeps unwanted guests away safely and organically.

It takes a lot of work and a fair amount of money to...

Grow Your Own HRT: Sprout hormone-rich greens in only two minutes a day

by Sally J. Duffell

Feeling menopausal and need some help? Did you know you can grow your own HRT? Sprouted foods are one of the world’s richest sources of plant hormones and not only the densest form of nutrients on the planet...

South African Wild Flowers - Illustrated by A. Beatrice Hazell

by Herbert Tucker & A. Beatrice Hazell

This vintage book contains a guide to various South African wild flowers. For each flower dealt with there is a beautiful illustration as well as a small verse of poetry and botanical notes. Only the most well-known...

Visionary Landscapes

by Kendall H. Brown & David M. Cobb

Japanese gardens are found throughout the world today—their unique forms now considered a universal art form. This stunning Japanese gardening book examines the work of five leading landscape architects in...

The Wildlife Gardener

by Kate Bradbury

‘A joyous book’ - Alan Titchmarsh

‘Bright, colorful and boundlessly enthusiastic, this is also a practical guide to making your garden a refuge for wildlife to fit all plots.’ - Chris Packham

_The Wildlife...

The Grumpy Gardener: An A to Z Guide from the Galaxy¿s Most Irritable Green Thumb

by Steve Bender & The Editors of Southern Living

Definitive gardening advice - along with a story or two - for the novice or expert from one of the nation's most-trusted, and Grumpy, sources.

Gardeners from across the country have turned to Southern Living...

Let Roots Be Your Medicine

by Nat Hawes

The roots of plants have been used as medicines and nutritious food for thousands of years. Many have astonishing properties which can heal and remedy most human ailments and diseases without the harmful side-effects...

Nature's Colour Codes

by Nat Hawes

Nature has kindly colour-coded foods for us and each colour signifies different compounds which the body needs on a regular, and often daily, basis. Many are powerful substances that can help to remedy human...

Zen Gardens and Temples of Kyoto

by John Dougill, Takafumi Kawakami & John Einarsen

This Japan travel guide presents a journey into the true heart of the Kyoto experience—one which brings you deep into the world of Kyoto's ancient Zen Buddhist culture.

This is the first comprehensive guide...

The Aquaponic Farmer

by Adrian Southern & Whelm King

The Aquaponic Farmer is the only complete practical guide to understanding, constructing, and operating a family-farm scale commercial cold-water aquaponic system for raising trout and vegetables. It details...

The Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2018

by Lia Leendertz

The Almanac revives the tradition of the rural almanac, connecting you with the months and seasons via moon-gazing, foraging, feast days, seasonal eating, meteor-spotting and gardening. Award-winning gardener...

Greenhouse and Window Plants - A Primer for Amateurs

by Charles Collins

First published in 1895, this vintage book offers the reader a beginner-friendly guide to growing plants in greenhouses and under glass. Written in simple, plain language and profusely-illustrated, this step-by-step...

Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating, and Enjoying Marijuana

by Nichole Graf, Micah Sherman & David Stein

Featured in Esquire, BuzzFeed, and more.

Everything a home-grower needs to understand, cultivate, and enjoy cannabis. As prohibition wanes, and cannabis aficionados of all stripes come out from the shadows,...

Tree Culture and Management

by Isabella Beeton

This vintage book contains a complete guide to trees and their management, with information on growing and maintaining a variety of trees in many different situations. Profusely illustrated and full of timeless,...

Plants That Can Kill: 101 Toxic Species to Make You Think Twice

by Stacy Tornio

An informative, easy-to-navigate guide to keeping your family and pets safe in the yard and garden