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Air-purifying Houseplants

by Nat Hawes

In the late '80s, NASA studied houseplants as a way to purify the air in space facilities. They found a range of plants that filter out common volatile organic compounds. In the same way, these plants can help...

Grow Your Own Health Garden

by Nat Hawes

The best way to ensure you and your family consume only organic, untainted and nutrient-rich foods is to grow your own herbs, fruits and vegetables. This can be done in the smallest of plots or even on a balcony,...

Diseases and Pests of Mushrooms and Other Fungi - With Chapters on Disease, Insects, Sanitation and Pest Control

by Various

This comprehensive guide to the diseases and pests of mushrooms and fungi comprises twelve thorough and detailed chapters by various experts on the subject. It is extensively illustrated with black and white...

Building Raised Beds: Easy, Accessible Garden Space for Vegetables and Flowers. A Storey BASICS® Title

by Fern Marshall Bradley

A Storey BASICS title addresses the popular topic of raised-bed gardening with this introduction to simple raised beds that any homeowner or beginning gardener can plan, build, and plant in a weekend with basic...

An Article on the Construction of Cold Frames for Early Vegetable and Flowering Plants

by Charles H. Nissley

This volume contains an article on the construction of cold frames for early vegetable and flowering plants. Written in clear, concise language and including simple instructions and invaluable information on...

The Root Crops - With Information on Turnips, Swedes, Mangolds, Carrots, Kohlrabi and Their Cultivation

by Various

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality,...

Allotment Gardening and Vegetables for Exhibition - With Chapters on Preparation of the Ground and Cropping

by G. T. Tinley

This vintage text contains a detailed treatise on growing vegetables in allotments. It also contains invaluable information on exhibiting vegetables, with complete instructions on the growing of leeks, shallots,...

How Mushrooms Should Be Grown

by Anon.

This book contains a comprehensive guide to the successful growing of mushrooms, written with the absolute beginner in mind. Complete with detailed diagrams and photographs, this handbook is a must-have for...

Mushroom Growing At Home

by Roy Genders

This scarce antiquarian book contains a thoroughly comprehensive guide to mushroom growing, providing all the information anyone interested in such an endeavour could possibly desire. Aimed at the complete beginner,...

A Guide to Starting Early Vegetable and Flowering Plants in the Hothouse

by Charles H. Nissley

This antique book comprises a concise yet comprehensive guide to growing plants using hot houses. Complete with simple, step-by-step instructions and a wealth of helpful illustrations and diagrams, this is a...

Vegetable Forcing - Containing Information on Greenhouse Construction, Management and Frame Culture

by Ralph L. Watts

This antiquarian volume comprises a detailed guide to vegetable forcing, with information on greenhouse construction, general management, frame culture, and much more besides. Vegetable forcing is the production...

The Potato - With Information on Varieties, Seed Selection, Cultivation and Diseases of the Potato

by Various

This book offers a detailed guide to cultivating potatoes, with information on varieties, seed selection, cultivation, diseases of the potato, and much more. Written in clear, concise language and complete with...

SOUTHERN LIVING Fresh Garden Recipes: 130 Homegrown Favorites

by The Editors of Southern Living

Forget farm to table restaurants; Fresh Garden Recipes is your seasonal go-to guide that brings your garden harvest to your very own kitchen. Whip up delectable dishes with the ripest, sweetest, zestiest, and...

Food to Grow

by Frankie Flowers

From Canada’s #1 garden team, a guide that makes growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs simple, bountiful and fun

Nothing beats the taste and smell of a tomato freshly picked from your own garden. And...

Square Foot Gardening High-Value Veggies: Homegrown Produce Ranked by Value

by Mel Bartholomew

Calculate the return on investment for your vegetable garden and get the most bang for your gardening bucks! Get the most return on investment from your garden by calculating which vegetables, fruits, and herbs...

The Rooftop Growing Guide: How to Transform Your Roof into a Vegetable Garden or Farm

by Annie Novak

If you’d like to grow your own food but don’t think you have the space, look up! In urban and suburban areas across the country, farms and gardens are growing atop the rooftops of residential and commercial...

Growing Vegetables in Drought, Desert & Dry Times: The Complete Guide to Organic Gardening without Wasting Water

by Maureen Gilmer

Here is the definitive guide to growing healthy organic vegetables without wasting our precious water resources! This incredibly timely book will give dedicated home gardeners the know-how to grow delicious...

The Vegetable Bible

by Tricia Swanton

It's not hard to follow Mom's advice to eat your vegetables when you have more than 300 pages of great information to get that tasty produce from garden to table. Learn expert gardening tips to grown beautiful,...

Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades, 35th Anniversary Edition: The Complete Guide to Organic Gardening

by Steve Solomon & Marina Mcshane

Completely revised from cover to cover, this is the 35th anniversary release of Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades, the bible to organic vegetable gardening in the Pacific Northwest. Now in its seventh...

Easy Edibles: How to Grow and Enjoy Fresh Food

by Judy Barrett

Veteran gardener and author Judy Barrett’s book dispels the idea that growing plants we can eat is harder than growing plants we can’t eat and introduces readers to the idea of placing plants that can produce...