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The Top Ten Causes of Death and How to Avoid Them

by Adam Rush

More than 50 million people die each year. That’s more people than the entire population of Spain. It’s more people than everyone living in New York City and the state of California combined.

The majority...

Remis Want to Learn Spanish

by Remis Family

In this new book, Remis show kids a simple way to learn the first words in Spanish.

Using images and bilingual reading (parallel text), is simple to learn Spanish.

With this method, your kids will easily begin...

Make It Happen

by Ndubuisi Precious Umebei

"... This well-researched work is a call to positive action and self-rediscovery; especially for the young and still developing to clearly define their vision and mission in life and pursue same with the utmost...

The Science of Getting Rich

by Wallace D. Wattles

Wallace D. Wattles introduced the world to the power of positive thinking. He was a profound influence on Michael Losier, James Arthur Ray and Rhonda Byrne. Without Wattles "Science of Trilogy," there never...

As a Man Thinketh: Classic Wisdom for Proper Thought, Strong Character, & Right Actions

by James Allen

In the years since its publication in 1902, "As a Man Thinketh" has set thousands of men on the pathway to personal and financial growth. Now, in this unique rendition of James Allen's masterwork, you, too,...

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

by Joseph Murphy

"The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" will open a world of success, happiness, prosperity, and peace for you. It is one of the most brilliant and beloved spiritual self-help works of all time which can help...


by Christina M Johnson

Imagine having in your possession the key to unlock the power to overcome life’s greatest challenges.

Imagine being able to turn fear into faith, hardship into happiness, and poverty into prosperity.


How To Win Your War Against Irritable Bowel Syndrome

by Jeannine Hill


How To Manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 9

Overview Of Treatments For IBS  10

Is Stress A Factor For IBS? 11

Dieting And Its Effects On IBS 13

Understanding The Medications For Treating IBS  15


Self Improvement Made Easy!

by Jeannine Hill

These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book :

* Ten Ways To Change Your Life TODAY!

* The Use Of Emotional Intelligence In Student Retention

* Life Coach Weekend Certification: Why You Need It

* The Meaning...

Single Parenting – Becoming the Best Parent For Your Child!

by Jeannine Hill

Parenting is a challenging task. As a single parent, how can you juggle work, parenting, and possibly college studies single-handedly and still manage to be an ideal parent for your child? Read this powerful...

Understanding Pregnancy

by Jeannine Hill


Pregnancy: A Beautiful Time  9

Pregnancy: Things to Expect 11

Pregnancy: Sleep Soundly 12

Exercise During Pregnancy: An Overview  13

Exercise During Pregnancy: Rewards and Risks  14

Exercise During Pregnancy:...

How To Win Your War Against Snoring And Sleep Apnea

by Jeannine Hill


What Is Sleep Apnea? 9

Treatments For Central Sleep Apnea  10

Learning About Sleep Apnea  11

What Are The Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea? 12

What Is Causing My Obstructive Sleep Apnea?  13

Why Do I Have Central...

Ultimate Body-Building And Fitness

by Jeannine Hill


Body Building: Tips For Success 9

Body Building: When To Start And Stop  11

Body Building: Time Management  13

Body Building: Clothes  15

Body Building: Understanding Anatomy 17

Types Of Exercises  19...

Massage Therapy For Complete Body Relaxation

by Jeannine Hill

Massage can relax you completely and make you feel great. Find out more about massage therapy from the eBook, “Massage Therapy For Complete Body Relaxation.” This book explains each and every aspect of massage...

Pilates And Complete Body Fitness

by Jeannine Hill

These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book :

* Winsor Pilates Result

* Winsor Pilates Download Marketplace: A Website For


* Fantastic Winsor Pilates Abs Exercises

* Advanced Body Pilates Slimming...

How To Manage Life Before And After Divorce

by Jeannine Hill

Divorce is a harrowing experience that can shatter your mental, emotional, and even physical health. The eBook, “How To Manage Life Before And After Divorce,” can empower you enough to survive divorce. Theu...

Body Detox Made Easy

by Jeannine Hill

Basically a detox routine is an all-natural method of cleansing your

body by giving it the time and conditions it needs to rebuild and heal from the damages of daily life and the foods you eat and other substances...

Adoption Made Easy

by Jeannine Hill


All About Adoptions 

Why You Should Choose Adoption 

Adoption Statistics – Some Telling Facts About The Process Of Adoption 

Adoption Dos & Don’ts

Children Awaiting Adoption

Steps to Put Your Child...

Positive Attitude For Unlimited Success

by Jeannine Hill

These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book :

* Positive Attitude: What Is It?

* Positive Attitude: Just Another Way Of Thinking?

* Positive Attitude: Dismissing Negative Thoughts

* Positive Attitude: How...

How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders

by Jeannine Hill


Tips And Tricks For Relieving AnxietyFast! 9

Take Some Deep Breaths  10

Stop For A Few Minutes  11

Write It Down  13

Visualize  14

Walk Away 15

Distractions  16

Take Control With Planning  18

Showers And...