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An Intelligent Career

The Well Life: How to Use Structure, Sweetness, and Space to Create Balance, Happiness, and Peace

by Briana Borten & Peter Borten

Three simple principles for creating a balanced and satisfying life!

The secret to living an exceptional life--with fulfilling work and leisure, meaningful relationships, and time for oneself--is finding balance....

When Hearts Collide: A "Heartbeats" Novel

by Lorana Hoopes

When Hearts Collide is the third book in the Heartbeats series. It follows the story of three women who had nothing in common, but their lives become intertwined. Amanda is the spirited redhead who wants to...

Mind Chatter That Matters: The Ultimate Guide to Your Inner Conflict

by Liz Atherton, Rocky Hudson & Marvel Banot

Are you tired of feeling stuck, indecisive by endless Mind Chatter? Why do some people succeed, while others do not? There is a depression and mental illness epidemic in the world today due to life's stresses....

Alchemy of Grief: Your Journey to Wholeness

by Nancy Loeffler, Sheila A Foster & Cyn Macgregor


When a catastrophic event happens, your life changes in an instant. It may take some time for you to arrive in your new reality. Your life can take on a surreal quality. You may be in shock; you may feel...

Fired to Inspired: A Woman's Transformation One Brave Step at a Time

by Kimberly Cline & Tracey Lyon

It's tough being human. On the path to discovering our life's purpose, we can easily question whether we are on the right journey. The forks in the road confuse us, the doubts creep in, and we scurry for answers...

Could It Be B12? Pediatric Edition: What Every Parent Needs to Know about Vitamin B12 Deficiency

by Sally Pacholok & Jeffrey Stuart

Your child is unsocial, moody, and not hitting standard development milestones. Is it autism? A developmental disability? Or could it be as simple as B12 deficiency? Millions of children and adolescents are...

A Life of Triumph: Unleashing Your Light Upon the World

by Ryuho Okawa

This book offers empowering inspirations that let us find the inner strength and start living a triumphant life no matter what we face. The encouraging and powerful words in this book will fill you with the...

A Life Through Letters: An Aging Father's Legacy, a Son's Revelation, the Birth of a Movement

by Ashley Davis

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Not a text or a tweet but a pen-to-paper or hand-typed message of gratitude, reflection, or expression of friendship? One that was more than a simple thank-you note...

Heartquakes: Paintings and Poetry for Healing Hearts

by Asa Katarina Odback & Emile Nelson

Asa Katarina has had shows in Los Angeles, Stockholm and NYC. This is her first full-length art and poetry collection. This uniquely in-depth experience contains 100 oustanding original paintings and 50 emotionally...

Chakra Evolution

by Patricia Wall

Chakra Evolution is a guidebook to transform your life with new chakra energy.

Discover the new major chakras that have emerged, giving you the opportunity to ‘know’ with deep intuitive certainty, and the...

Play The Forest School Way: Woodland Games and Crafts for Adventurous Kids

by Peter Houghton & Jane Worroll

The ultimate guide to woodland fun with kids!

Forest School is founded on a philosophy of nature-based play and learning  that encourages children to develop confidence and self-esteem. This book will get your...

Cooking Well Healthy Kids: Easy Meals for Happy Toddlers: Over 100 Recipes to Please Little Taste Buds

by Sari Rdn Greaves & Thomas Md Porter


Easy Meals for Happy Toddlers is an easy-to-use recipe collection for parents seeking nutritious meal ideas. The recipes are kitchen-tested and kid-approved....

How to Survive a Plague: The Inside Story of How Citizens and Science Tamed AIDS

by David France

The definitive history of the successful battle to halt the AIDS epidemic—from the creator of, and inspired by, the seminal documentary How to Survive a Plague.

A riveting, powerful telling of the story of...

It's Not You! It's Me: A Guide to Understanding The Complexities of Relationships

by Elita Hall

T'S NOT YOU! ITS ME! Is a  19 chapter guide to understanding the complexities of relationships, which cover well know stages of relationships such as the Romance Stage, The Power Struggle Stage, The Stability...

How to Not Give a F*ck at Christmas: A No F*cks Given Guide to Surviving the Holidays

by Sarah Knight

For a stressed-out, overbooked, steadfast giver of too many f*cks, the holidays can be your Kryptonite. In this season of giving, spending, going, doing, and more, it's all too easy to wear yourself out pleasing...

Good Window Bad Mirror: The Relationship Between Personal Insight and Professional Success

by Delroy Constantine-Simms

The underlying theme of this book “Good Window Bad Mirror” is founded on two platforms, self-insight and success at work.  The contributions in this book contain a mixture of article which essentially suggests,...

Speak Light Speak Life

by Ike Ekwueme

In this short but impactful book, Ike shows us how to create our world with our words. He introduces us to a positive speaking lifestyle by emphasizing the power of positive confession. Words are powerful. We...

Heaven Talks To Children: Afterlife Contacts, Spiritual Gifts and Loving Messages

by Christine Duminiak

“Mommy, Daddy showed me his house in Heaven!”

Children have a natural gift to see and hear spirits. In this unique and fascinating book, afterlife contacts and signs expert Christine Duminiak has compiled...

The Change 12: Insights Into Self-empowerment

by Jim Britt & Jim Lutes

The Change will explore powerful thought-provoking insights from twenty inspiring co-authors that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and personal change that will touch every area of your life. You...