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Dreamers, Take Action

by Nikkie Pryce

“You’re a dreamer. 

You have vision, goals and plans. 

You’re already equipped with creativity, but 

you’re missing one simple step.”

I remember going through stages in my life where I had no money;...

The Gender Agenda

by Ros Ball, James Millar & Marianne Grabrucker

From language and clothes, to toys and the media, society inflicts unwritten rules on each gender from birth. Aiming to make people aware of the way gender is constructed and constantly reinforced, this diary...

Parenting with Theraplay®

by Helen Rodwell, Vivien Norris, Miranda Smith & Dafna Lender et al.

Theraplay® is an attachment-focused model of parenting that helps parents to understand and relate to their child. Based on a sequence of play activities that are rooted in neuroscience, Theraplay offers a...

The Recovery Letters

by James Withey, Olivia Sagan & Tom Couser

In 2012, The Recovery Letters was launched to host a series of letters online written by people recovering from depression, addressed to those currently affected by a mental health condition. Addressed to 'Dear...

Principles and Themes in Yoga Therapy

I’ll Write Your Name on Every Beach

by Susan Auerbach

Written by a mother who lost her 21 year old son to suicide, this book deals with the themes of suicide loss through the lens of the author's personal grief. Addressing the process of post-traumatic growth,...

Innovative Therapeutic Life Story Work

by Richard Rose, Goedele A.M. De Clerck, Rebecca Wild & Kathy Crouch et al.

Life story work is an approach designed to enable traumatized children to explore, question and understand the past events of their lives. It aims to secure their future by strengthening attachment with their...

Rock Hard

by JoZie Di Maria

If there's one woman who rocks harder than anyone it's JoZie DiMaria. Gorgeous, outrageously fit and heavily tattooed, DiMaria has worked as a dancer with - and a trainer for - some of the biggest names in rock...

One for Sorrow

by Alan Hargrave

One for Sorrow relates the story of the loss of 21-year-old Tom to cancer, and how his family lived through the aftermath. When Alan began writing the memoir, he believed it would be about his son's illness...

The Centre Brain: 5 Prompts To Persuasive Power

by Steve Adams

When facing a red light, what can you say to turn it green?

Hooking an audience? Sweating in a job interview? The results of what you say aren't coincidence. Whether you persuade, or not, is down to whether...

An Introduction to Coping with Eating Problems

by Gillian Todd

Eating problems, including anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, can have a devastating impact on sufferers as well as their friends and family. This self-help guide is written by a consultant psychotherapist...

The Natural Menopause Plan: Over the Symptoms with Diet, Supplements, Exercise and More Than 90 Recipes

by Maryon Stewart

The effects of menopause can be utterly debilitating for women, ravaging their physical, mental, and emotional health and often their careers and relationships too. But conventional therapies come with side...

The Hero Workouts: 100 Workouts Dedicated to Fallen Soldiers & Warriors

by Carter Henry & Stewart Smith

The Hero Workouts presents a collection of exercise routines honoring the valiant men and women who gave their lives in service to their country. Each workout is dedicated to a fallen hero and includes the true...

The Gift of Goodbye

by Rebecca Whitehead Munn

Have you faced the loss of a parent, struggled with how to say goodbye? Have you felt the depth of pain of the loss, not knowing where to turn or how to cope? Have you questioned your faith and let fear take...

Behind the Therapy Door

by Randy Kamen

Dr. Randy Kamen takes you into the stories of six women whose search to find greater life satisfaction paves the way for readers to do the same. This is a journey to acquire health-enhancing tools and strategies...

Through the Pained-Glass Window of Twitter: The Trauma, Sorrow and Destruction of Parental Alienation

by Dan O'Shea & Marnie Grundman

This is a story of one person's journey into and through Parental Alienation Syndrome and the experience of trauma, sorrow and destruction that comes with the syndrome. As a devoted husband and father of 32...

Aphrodite Emerges: The Journey That Changed My Life - and Changed My Father's Too

by Susie Herrick & Elle Luna

An inspiring story about how one woman changed her father’s life with an email.

As your daughter I urge you to please take these words to heart. In the future, I will not support you in doing any more of your...

The Expansion Game

by Gosia Gorna & Wendy Yorke

This life-changing book introduces a powerful new method called "The  Expansion Game", which can transform your life and free you from fear of failure, not being good enough and being judged. 

It is packed with many ...

Life, Love, & Internet Dating

by Douglas Alan Weiss

Why are we so often attracted to people who are so obviously wrong for us? How do we find that one person we are destined to love and be loved by for the rest of our lives? Can the Internet really help? Answers...

Real Strength

by Psychologies Magazine

"One of the best books I've ever read on practical resilience."

-Miriam Akhtar, positive psychologist and author of What is Post-Traumatic Growth?


What do you do when life throws a curveball?...