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Anger Management For Parents

by Mason W. Bells

Yes, it feels really stupid to watch your kids disrespect you and your instructions and do nothing immediately to make him or her pay for stepping on your toes.

But railing at your kids and disciplining them...

Simple Mouth Odour Solutions That Guarantees Quick Results In 1 Week

by Ray Melody

Mouth odour is a disease, a barrier and uncomfortable situation that reduces speaking strength of the victims. People with this kind of situation avoid coming close with their discussing partners. This is a...

Magnate Your Ex Back Quickly In 7 Days

by Ray Melody

Living a life and imaging at how to get back your ex can be so disturbing because after a breakup, you realize that you still have feelings for your ex and that you want to be with him/her again.

Majority of...

How To Defeat Loneliness Under 72 Hours

by Ray Melody

Loneliness makes you feel isolation, even in a crowd, makes you feel unwanted and unloved. A despair that interest no one and for which there is nothing to live for.

It's time to rethink our view of loneliness....

Simple Snoring Solution That Guarantees Quick Results In 2 weeks

by Ray Melody

Night is a quiet time yet yours is noisy. Snoring is frustrating and annoying capable of causing problem between you and those staying either around you or together with you. If you snore more often, it can...

Easy Method To Stopping Depression Instantly

by Ray Melody

Depression will only eat deep on us when we don’t have the possible solution to get ourselves free. Easy Method to Stopping Depression Instantly is an embodiment of freedom as long as depression is concerned....

How to Have a Sound Sex Life with a Beautiful Breastfeeding Experience

by Victoria Anderson

Breastfeeding is NOT and shouldn’t be a curse in disguise.

Breastfeeding is the hallmark of motherhood, because as you breastfeed your baby, you do not only provide him with nutrition, a very strong bond is...

Reality Transurfing in a nutshell - The best tips from Vadim Zeland

by Fer Rov

The best tips from the teachings of Vadim Zeland.

Nutrition For Dummies

by Carol Ann Rinzler

Updated with the latest available research and the new 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines

It's a scientific fact: You really are what you eat. Good nutrition is your meal-ticket to staying sleek, healthy, and strong?both...

Summary of Fast This Way

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Fast This Way

Dave Asprey is at it again. He has written another bestseller focusing on fasting and its numerous advantages. He comprehensively analyzes fasting not only from research but from what...

Hear! O My Sons

by Zac Poonen

This book contains extracts from emails that I wrote to my four sons when they were single and away from home. They were studying in colleges at first and then working. They were in their late teens and in their...

Children, the War and Us

by Loris Malaguzzi, Jane McCall, Claudia Giudici & Paola Cagliari et al.

The second in the "Fragments" series of digital publishing dedicated to Loris Malaguzzi, and making available to a wider public his writings and talks during professional development, conferences, and conventions....

Commentaries for a code to reading the exhibition

by Loris Malaguzzi, Jane McCall, Claudia Giudici & Paola Cagliari et al.

The first in the "Fragments" series of digital publishing dedicated to Loris Malaguzzi, and making available to a wider public his writings and talks during professional development, conferences, and conventions....

In Praise of Retreat

by Kirsteen MacLeod

For readers of Walden, Wild, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, A Book of Silence, A Gift from the Sea and other celebrations of the inner adventure.

An utterly engaging dive into our modern ways of retreat ? where we...

Make Your Girlfriend Become Addicted to You With These Seduction Secrets

by Glen Davies

Long before now, a lot of guys resorted to the use of love potion in their quest of making a girl fall deeply in love with them.

But surprisingly, there is actually a much easier and more direct way to get the...

Make Him Love You Back

by Alice Ferguson

Has anybody told you that you are too fat and ugly to get the attention of rich and super handsome guys?

Have you been writing yourself off that you don't have what it takes to date that good looking guy you've...

Make Her Fall in Love with You All Over Again

by Glen Davies

Yes, I may not know you personally, but I know you are too precious to be ignored or be taken for granted by that lady you've chosen to love.

HELL NO, you do not, in any way deserve such a treatment from any...

How to Make a Shy Guy Ask You Out

by Felix Chrisantos

It's quite frustrating having a crush on a guy who doesn't have the boldness or courage to step up to you and ask you out, even when you know he is dying inside to have you in his life.

The sad part is that,...

Natural Detox Strategies

by Veronica Fomia

Detoxing your body of harmful chemicals and years of built-up toxins is imperative for a healthy and happy body. The human body has a built-in detoxification process, but today, it is rarely enough. 


Summary of Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution

This book discusses the Diet Evolution, which consists of three phases. What’s great about this diet plan is that it teaches you a new routine and habits along with exercise....