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Sober Coaching Your Toxic Teen, A Workbook For Dealing With Teens In A Drug Crisis

by Michael J., PhD Marshall & , Shelly Marshall BS

How many times a day does this following scenario play out in families across America? A mother or father finds evidence that their child is using drugs. They're in shock. They weren't expecting it to happen...

The Baby Bump: 100s of Secrets to Surviving Those 9 Long Months

by Carley Roney

Becoming pregnant is hugely exciting, but with so many things to think about, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Ease all worries with The Baby Bump, a comprehensive guide that offers expert and real mom advice...

Travel Health Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before You Leave, While You're Away, After You're Back

by Mark Wise

A clear, concise and comprehensive guide to staying healthy while abroad.

Regardless of why a person is traveling abroad, having up-to-date health information before departing and readily available along the...

Looking Gorgeous: Head-turning, eye-popping, jaw-dropping quick fix beauty secrets

by Infinite Ideas & Elisabeth Wilson

In The Feel Good Factory on Looking Gorgeous, we reveal how every woman can unlock her own 'wow' factor, and feel confident and gorgeous - every day, everywhere, every way. A dash of confidence, a savvy wardrobe...

Life Management: Mind-Clearing, Path-Finding, Change-Making Ideas to Revitalise Your Life

by Infinite Ideas & Elisabeth Wilson

The Feel Good Factory on Life Management contains simple, no-nonsense ideas to help you reduce both mental and physical clutter and get back to what really matters in life. In thirty practical and down-to-earth...

Divorce: Your Route Through the Financial and Emotional Maze

by Infinite Ideas & Victoria Perrett

Getting divorced is never easy but you can help to make the process reasonably civilised and reduce the collateral damage. In Divorce there are 52 practical ideas to do just that, with tips on protecting children,...

Unleash Your Creativity: 52 Brilliant Ideas for Creative Genius

by Infinite Ideas & Rob Bevan

In Unleash your creativity we reveal over 50 inspiring ideas that will help you discover your creative genius. From finding the best surroundings to dealing with thinker's block, Unleash your creativity will...

Health: The Reader's Digest Version: Easy Ways to Feel Better and Live Longer

by Editors of Reader's Digest

It takes 11 years of study to become a doctor-a fact that makes good health sound awfully complicated. But it shouldn't be! You just need someone to help sort through all the conflicting voices and studies to...

Taste of Home: Comfort Food Diet Cookbook: New Quick & Easy Favorites: Slim Down with 427 Satisfying Recipes!

by Taste of Home

Based on the success of the best-selling Comfort Food Diet Cookbook and the Comfort Food Diet Family Classics Collection, Taste of Home is excited to bring you the brand-new time-saving edition, The Comfort...

The Low Carbohydrate Diet Guide For Triathletes: Official Nutritional Guide to Optimum Performance for Endurance Athletes

by Ben Greenfield

It's time to re-invent your body, health and athletic performance. We've been brainwashed into believing that endurance athletes need carbohydrates in order to perform optimally, but nothing could be further...

Second Time Foster Child: How One Family Adopted a Fight Against the State for their Son's Mental Healthcare while Preserving their Family

by Toni Hoy

Second Time Foster Child links parents locked into a custody relinquishment nightmare with other historically oppressed peoples. Child welfare attorneys, judges, and child welfare professionals will gain understanding...

Natural Success Principles: Everything You Need to Succeed Was Inside You Before You Were Born

by Jack Hatfield & John Hatfield

There are self help books littering the shelves of every book store in America. People are searching for a way to improve their quality of life as they digest the pages of every one of them. This book is different.This...


by Anne Salisbury & C Norman Shealy

Intuition...your most powerful asset. It is as old as mankind, as modern as today's headlines and as natural as breathing. Everything you need to know about intuition, but didn't know to ask, is in your hands....

Secrets of the Game: What Superstar Athletes Can Teach You About Health, Peak Performance and Getting Results

by Dr. Spencer Baron

With the economy spiraling out of control - the increases in stress, pressure, and tension are cause for greater disease and injury. People are desperate to take matters into their own hands just to survive....

Imagineering Your Life: 7 Principles for Designing and Building an Extraordinary Life

by Siobhan McKenna

If we can architect and engineer complex intelligent billion dollar computer systems, why can't we apply the same architectural framework for designing and building extraordinary lives. Based on the simple paradigm;...

Working Toward Excellence: 8 Values for Achieving Uncommon Success in Work and Life

by Paul Buyer

Does excellence relentlessly drive you? Does mediocrity constantly bother you? In Working Toward Excellence, Clemson University professor Paul Buyer identifies eight values for achieving excellence in work and...

Woman to Woman: The Truth About Our Intimate Relationships:  How We Love, Hurt and Triumph

by Daniela , Psy.D. Granzotto

Woman to Woman addresses major challenges women inevitably encounter in their pursuit of love. Unlike popular books on intimate relationships, Woman to Woman includes compelling testimonials of women's experiences...

Blessed with Tragedy: A Father's Journey with His PreeMiracle

by Jack Hatfield

She was forced into the world prematurely amidst a sea of turbulence. Given only a minimal chance for survival, Jonna has since made it her job to teach the world what survival really means as she delivers a...

Intuitive Self-Healing: Achieve Balance and Wellness Through the Body's Energy Centers

by Marie Manuchehri

Even doctors and the most sophisticated tests can't always find the source of a health issue, but there is one authority that always knows-your own body. "We intuitively perceive what we need for physical, emotional,...

Mental Health and Emerging Adulthood Among Homeless Young People

by Les B. Whitbeck

What happens to homeless and runaway adolescents when they become adults? This is the first study that follows homeless youth into young adulthood and reviews the mental health consequences of runaway episodes...