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Push Back

by Amy Tuteur, M.D.

A Harvard-trained obstetrician-gynecologist, prominent blogger, and author of the classic How Your Baby Is Born delivers a timely, important, and sure to be headline-making expose that shines a light on the...

What to Feed Your Baby

by Tanya Altmann, M.D.

As a pediatrician, spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, and mother of three boys, Dr. Tanya Altmann knows that good nutrition is essential for healthy kids. In What to Feed Your Baby, Dr. Tanya...


by Theresa Larson & Alan Eisenstock

In this inspiring memoir, a former female Marine platoon leader recalls the wars she has fought—on the playing field, the battlefield, and inside her own soul—revealing how overcoming the harrowing circumstances...

THe Longevity Book

by Cameron Diaz & Sandra Bark

Cameron Diaz follows up her #1 New York Times bestseller, The Body Book, with a personal, practical, and authoritative guide that examines the art and science of growing older and offers concrete steps women...

Your Best Age Is Now

by Robi Ludwig

Although we’ve been conditioned to think “middle aged” is practically a four-letter word, the realities of women in midlife today are far different than what our mothers experienced. Women in their 40s,...

The End of Heart Disease

by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

The New York Times bestselling author of Eat to Live, Super Immunity, The End of Diabetes, and The End of Dieting presents a scientifically proven, practical program to prevent and reverse heart disease, the...

Faith & Foster Care: How We Impact God's Kingdom

by Dr. John DeGarmo

Filled with personal stories and Scripture, Faith & Foster Care shows how to practically and specifically live out your faith in foster care ministry. Specific foster care issues addressed include advice on...

Travel Guide to Self-Actualization, Ebook

by Hans Beumer

Do you struggle in your daily existence and never have that feeling of excitement that what you are doing is meaningful for yourself and others? You don't know how are you going to find "the meaning of your...

The Definitive Guide to Disc Golf

by Justin Menickelli & Ryan Pickens

For people just starting to play, disc golf can become an exciting and addictive sport to play for a lifetime. Avid disc golfers often find playing a challenging test of both physical skill and mental determination....

Introspection II - Revised

by Reginia (Regana McKinney-McGee

INTROSPECTION II will take readers on a ride they will never forget.  Journey deep into the mind of a woman full of pain and love!

Gina Phillips conducts trainings and seminars that allow her to travel around...

Beat Your Lupus

by Steven A. Baranowitz

Beat Your Lupus was written for Lupus patients and their families. It is the culmination of more than 20 years of scientific research by dedicated physicians and scientists all over the world who have published...

Notes of a Son and Brother (1914)

by Henry James

This early work by Henry James was originally published in 1914 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. Henry James was born in New York City in 1843. One of thirteen children,...

Bib Ballads

by Ring Lardner

This early work by Ring Lardner was originally published in 1915 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introduction. 'Bib Ballads' contains a selection of poetry. Ring Lardner was born in Niles, Michigan...

Map of Desire: Blueprint for Self-Fulfillment

by Fu-Ding Cheng


Map of Desire is an elegant, innovative, and powerful blueprint for self-fulfillment. Through the power of pictures, it reveals inner landscapes. By seeing the topography of our own psyche, we...

Long Distance Relationships: How you can make them work

by Vanessa M. Lopez

Are you in a long distance relationship? Find out how you can make it work! Advanced communication capabilities have given us the power to choose where we can have jobs, but sometimes it just so happens that...

Weight Loss for Women: Tips on Diets, Exercises, Products, and Lifestyle Changes for Better Health and Safe Weight Loss

by Vanessa M. Lopez

Are you looking for information on weight loss for women? What about a concise beauty guide? Well, you came to the right book! This weight loss book contains the following information that you won’t find anywhere...

You Can't Get There From Here: How To Get To A Better Life

by James E Woods

From time to time each of us can get stuck in a place called here.But this was not the plan we had for ourselves.One day we woke up and found ourselves living in a city called "Here".James Woods takes you through...

Enough!: How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the World with Just One Word

by Laurie McCammon

We Are Enough, We Have Enough


Do you, like so many of us, believe that you will never have enough time, money, talent, or love to be truly happy? Do you think you’re not good enough, not rich enough or...

Happy Mama

by Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Yes, you can put yourself first sometimes. No, it won’t make you a bad mum. Definitely, a happy mama makes for a happy family.

Are you struggling to figure out who you are now that you’re a mum? Do you sometimes...

Love's Secret : A Collection of Short Stories about the Power of Love

by Scarlett Diane Valentine

Love's Secret is a diverse collection of three short stories illustrating different types of secrets and the effects they have on romantic relationships. 

Beyond Right and Wrong is set in both England and India....