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Tai Chi - Balance And Functional Autonomy In Old Age

by Hay Arruda & Hélio Coelho Filho

Este Livro Contém Evidências Científicas Que suportam OS Benefícios de Saúde de Tai Chi, espiritual SEJA, físico UO mental. Descubra OS Fatos POR Trás o que Faz this arte milenar AINDA Estar alto Nos...

Liquid Nutrition: The Complete Guide to Juicing for Good Health

by Kristy Jenkins

Juicing is more than a fad—it’s an investment in your health “Be Prepared” might sound a little cheesy, but it’s one of the best pieces of advice you’ll ever hear. You can never go wrong when you...

Mi vida lejos de mí

by Eider Madariaga, Ana Guiu & Ainhoa Berganza

Beth no atraviesa por su mejor momento. Con dos hijos pequeños que absorben la mayor parte de su tiempo libre, un marido que vive volcado en su profesión y un trabajo por el que hace tiempo ha perdido la ilusión,...

Long Distance Relationships: How you can make them work

by Vanessa M. Lopez

Are you in a long distance relationship? Find out how you can make it work! Advanced communication capabilities have given us the power to choose where we can have jobs, but sometimes it just so happens that...

Weight Loss for Women: Tips on Diets, Exercises, Products, and Lifestyle Changes for Better Health and Safe Weight Loss

by Vanessa M. Lopez

Are you looking for information on weight loss for women? What about a concise beauty guide? Well, you came to the right book! This weight loss book contains the following information that you won’t find anywhere...

Baldness - Its Causes, Its Treatment and Its Prevention

by Richard W. Müller

Dedication Many people might be helped or comforted by timely advice and treatment from their family physician before being obliged to consult the hair-specialist, particularly those who lack the time, the opportunity...

Letter on Corpulence - How I lost 46 lbs in 38 weeks

by William Banting

Of all the parasites that affect humanity I do not know of, nor can I imagine, any more distressing than that of Obesity, and, having just emerged from a very long probation in this affliction, I am desirous...

The Everything Guide to the Carb Cycling Diet: An Effective Diet Plan to Lose Weight and Boost Your Metabolism

by Matt Dustin

A unique food plan to drop the weight and fuel your body!

If you've ever struggled to lose weight on traditional low-carb or low-fat diets, you know the frustration that comes with cravings and eventually gaining...

Our Relation to Children

by C.W. Leadbeater

It cannot be denied that from the theosophical standpoint the subject of our relation to children is an exceedingly important and practical one. Realizing, as we must, the purpose for which the ego descends...


by Marco Mandrino

I wrote all that you are about to read because I liked the idea of writing and, to be honest, I really enjoyed the entire process. It has been a pleasant experience but also a sort of catharsis. However, together...

The century of the child

by Ellen Key

Ellen Key was a Swedish difference feminist writer on many subjects in the fields of family life, ethics and education and was an important figure in the Modern Breakthrough movement. She was an early advocate...

The Education of the Child - and Early Lectures on Education

by Rudolf Steiner

One of the keys to Rudolf Steiner’s ability to penetrate and accomplish so much in so many different fields lies in the fact that, in addition to possessing profound philosophical, spiritual, and mystical...

The Cheaper Therapy: Coloring Book Grown Ups

by Jupiter Kids

IMPORTANT - KINDLE & EBOOK edition of this coloring book is an ART BOOK and is NOT intended to be used as an APPLICATION that is capable of coloring on any device. THIS BOOK IS A PREVIEW - The sole purpose of...

Stop Stress

by Dr Marcel Verheyen

Stress, strain, insomnia, tensions of all kinds? Do these sound familiar? If so, you are one among millions of people who struggle with them

No wonder stress and the likes are seen as the most significant threats...

Shut Your Monkey: How to Control Your Inner Critic and Get More Done

by Danny Gregory

Hear that voice inside your head?

The one that nitpicks all your new ideas?

That's your monkey.

This hypercritical little critter loves to make you second-guess yourself. It stirs up doubt. It kills your creativity....

The education of the child

by Ellen Key

Edward Bok, Editor of the "Ladies' Home Journal," writes: "Nothing finer on the wise education of the child has ever been brought into print. To me this chapter is a perfect classic; it points the way straight...

Ancient Wisdom

by Ancoral

Universal and timeless wisdom from ancient Egyptian, Arabic, Chinese, and African proverbs. IF YOU ARE PLANNING FOR A YEAR, SOW RICE. IF YOU ARE PLANNING FOR A DECADE, PLANT TREES. IF YOU ARE PLANNING FOR A...

Preparing for Motherhood - A Guide for the Expectant -

by Bernarr Macfadden


3 Things Successful People Do

by John C. Maxwell

You have the potential to become a success today.

Success is a journey. If you know where you’re going and how to get there, you are going to reach your destination. In fact, you already have.

The single most...

Tango & Nuts

by Dr. Gabriella Nyéki

Dr. Gabriella Nyéki works in an Austrian sanatorium. There she meets the 82 year old Lisa who is very afraid of Alzheimer's disease. They become friends, start going to dance schools together and help people...