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Better Sex Through Mindfulness

by Lori A. Brotto, PhD & Emily Nagoski

  • According to a landmark study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association,  43 percent of women experience “sexual dysfunction." at some point in their lives
  • Brotto is a sought after commentator...

Without Jenny

by Mark Gunther

Joy Rosenberg thinks she’s the luckiest person in the world, with satisfying work, a passionate marriage, an excellent bicycle and two great kids. But when ten-year-old Jenny is killed, Joy’s life is destroyed....

Mitochondria in Health and Disease

by Ray Griffiths & Lorraine Nicolle

What are the functions of mitochondria in the human body? Why might they stop working properly and what can happen as a result? How can personalized nutrition help to optimize mitochondrial function and prevent...

The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting

by Sarah Naish

Therapeutic parenting is a deeply nurturing parenting style, and is especially effective for children with attachment difficulties, or who experienced childhood trauma. This book provides everything you need...

Japanese Folklore Tales of The Beautiful Weaving Maiden Bilingual Edition English & Spanish

by Muhammad Vandestra & Maya Aminah Sakura

All you that are true lovers, I beseech you pray the gods for fair weather upon the seventh night of the seventh moon.

For patience’ sake and for dear love’s sake, pray, and be pitiful that upon that night...

The Craft of Creativity

by Matthew A. Cronin & Jeffrey Loewenstein

Creativity has long been thought of as a personal trait, a gift bestowed on some and unachievable by others. While we laud the products of creativity, the stories behind them are often abridged to the elusive...

Herbs and Crystals DIY

by Ally Sands

Heal Your Mind and Body and Enhance Your Everyday Life

Ally Sands—master herbalist and founder of Aquarian Soul—shares her expertise on healing herbal properties, as well as how to effectively use over twenty...

Accidental Brothers

by Dr. Nancy L. Segal & Yesika S. Montoya

"A unique window into human behavior and development." —Steven Pinker

The riveting story of two sets of identical twins separated at birth and improbably reunited as adults, a dream case for exploring nature...

Parental Death

by Michelle Shreeve

According to a recent U.S. census, approximately 2.5 million children under the age of eighteen have experienced the death of a parent. Losing a parent at such a young age can have devastating consequences....

Purpose, Meaning, and Passion (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series)

by Harvard Business Review, Morten T. Hansen, Nick Craig & Teresa M. Amabile

A carefully curated selection of articles about purpose and meaning from Harvard Business Review.

  • Describes the research behind our need for meaning in our work.
  • Lays out a number of different paths for finding...

  • Own the Day, Own Your Life

    by Aubrey Marcus

    The founder and CEO of Onnit, the mega lifestyle brand and one of the fastest growing companies in the country, teaches us how one single day of positive choices leads to a lifetime of concrete strategies for...

    The Protein Pacing Diet

    by Nicole Dvorak

    Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight Using the Revolutionary New Approach of Protein Pacing

    Protein pacing is the proven new technique of eating low-carb, high-protein meals at specifically spaced intervals...

    Cancer Crossings

    by Tim Wendel & Martin Brecher

    When Eric Wendel was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 1966, the survival rate was 10 percent. Today, it is 90 percent. Even as politicians call for a "Cancer Moonshot," this accomplishment remains...

    Awakening the Spine

    Fit at Mid-Life

    by Samantha Brennan & Tracy Isaacs

    A uniquely feminist approach to how women can break free from what society thinks and get active in their forties, fifties, and beyond.

    What if you could be fitter now than you were in your twenties? And what...

    Think and Grow Rich!: The Original Version, Restored and Revised™

    by Napoleon Hill

    This is Napoleon Hill's definitive landmark book (revised and updated for the 21st century) on how to unleash your full potential and achieve guaranteed success in life and work, by following the principles...

    The Science of Stress Management

    by Amitava Dasgupta

    Stress is an inevitable part of everyday life. Sometimes we manage it well. Other times, not so much. But understanding the role of stress in our overall health and wellness is essential to taking it head-on....

    The Clean 20

    by Ian K. Smith, M.D.

    From the New York Times bestselling author of SHRED and Blast the Sugar Out, the ultimate guide to clean eating!

    What is clean eating? In his newest diet book, Dr. Ian K. Smith teaches readers the benefits of...

    Summary & Study Guide - The Plant Paradox

    by Lee Tang

    Prevent and Reverse Autoimmune Disorders, Diabetes, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Heart Disease, and Neurodegenerative Diseases.

    The must-read summary of “The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in ‘Healthy’ Foods...

    You Can Stay Home with Your Kids!

    by Erin Odom

    Investing your life in your family brings you joy, and doing it on a single income doesn’t need to stress you out! Join Erin Odom as she shows you how you can live frugally—and thrive—while you raise your...