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Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success

by James Allen

In Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success James Allen shows us where to begin if we are to find Happiness and Success. This simple guide will help you find the correct mind-set to begin to change your life...

Eight Pillars of Prosperity

by James Allen

James Allen, the author of As a Man Thinketh, guides us to a greater understanding of how to achieve lasting prosperity. Allen helps us understand the eight pillars that are the foundation of true and lasting...

Twenty-Four Hours A Day

by Anonymous

Reprint of 1954 Edition. Richard Walker, the author of this work, is the second most popular Twelve Step recovery author in total sales, after Bill Wilson. Walker has helped untold numbers of alcoholics through...

Diet One Half

by Frank Otto

Eat all your favorite foods and lose weight fast I did ! In this book is all the information you will need, to lose 30 lbs in about 4 months. No special foods or special diets and no exercise !! This is a short,...

I Grow and Learn with My Children: 26 ABCs life lessons from my two sons

by Peter Tao

Life is intriguing indeed as it has never crossed my mind that the journey of fatherhood has made me both a teacher and a humble student. It has dawned upon me that parenting is no longer a one-sided affair...

Love Being Me

by Julie Leoni

Read this book amidst the laundry, the dishes and the school runs, to move from stress to ease, in simple and heart-felt ways. Love Being Me is a warm and personal book which shares one woman's search for meaning...

The Meeting Jotter

by Earl Edgardo Alonzo

M eeting notes are important because it help us remember what was discussed in a meeting. More often than not, we need to submit a report after attending a meeting so our superiors would have an idea how a particular...

It's No Secret ... Spirituality Bites

by R. P. Sharpe

You can STOP SEARCHING for your 'spiritual path' because YOU'RE ON IT! This book offers a very comprehensive array of insights and awareness on how to enjoy the journey of life and the experience of being human....

Roberta Takes the Lead - E Book

by Krystal Covington

Roberta Takes The Lead is a creative short story that explores the fantasy every woman dreams about in her career--shining in the board room. The story of how Roberta steps up to keep a client after a presentation...

How to Be Awesome: How to Live Life to the Fullest and Be Successful In Everything You Do

by Robin Sacredfire

Most people have no idea about what they should be doing in life, what kind of life purpose they should be following and, much less, their inner and undiscovered talents and qualities. The potential to be famous...

How to Magically Make a Lot of Money: How to Apply the Spiritual Laws of Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity to Become Financially Independent and Succes

by Robin Sacredfire

How rich would you like to be? Can you clearly say how much money you would like to see in your bank account? Can you describe what kind of objects you would like to possess? And, more importantly, what would...

Wisdom Bites: 365 Days of Wisdom

by Briana Blair

Wisdom Bites is a simple handbook containing 365 bite-sized pieces of wisdom. These quick bits will give you something to think about each day of the year. While short and sweet, these bites will make you think,...

How Good Manners Affect Our Lives

by Matt Green

How Good Manners Affect Our Lives? This eBook on How Good Manners Affect Our Life, written by the author is certainly worth reading. The author seems to have a good hold on the subject and has thus written is...

Yoga for Beginners: A Complete Guide on Yoga Poses for Beginners

by Stacy Milescu

What's your idea of yoga practice? Do you understand the importance of breathing techniques and proper posture? No worries! Author and healer Stacy Milescu guides you through all of the essential information...

As a Man Does: Morning and Evening Thoughts

by James Allen

This little devotional is filled with wisdom, joy, and inspiration. Each day of the month you are guided by a thought for the morning and then your day is closed out with a thought for the evening. James Allen...

Traveling Souls

by Jennifer Pierre

Is the magic you possess based on your WORD? In "Traveling Souls" artistic creative writer Jennifer Pierre expresses her thoughts through distant letters and quotes to various souls whom she learned mistakes...

Loving My Father: A Remarkable Life

by Charisse Feliberti

There is a message in his story that needs to be heard. It needs to be told. It needs to be put into words. Dad was an inspiration in my life. He taught me right from wrong. He taught me to be myself. He taught...

If God Wants Marriage Why Is It So Difficult: Problems, Difficulties, and Solutions about Marriage

by Yaakov Radonsky

This is a concise common sense approach to marriage and its challenges and joys. It is based on Torah values and is therefore universal in its application and insights. It can be of great value to singles, newlyweds...

No More Career Pity Parties

by Dr. June Hall

No More Career Pity Parties covers four topics in a succinct manner so readers can determine what needs to be done in terms of developing and handling career concerns then and jump right into doing it. The four...

Leg Cramps While You Sleep

by M. C. Johnson

With leg cramps you're unable to move from the paralyzing effects of being held hostage by muscles that are contracted and won't relax. Because it is such an unpleasant experience, make sure that you are prepared...