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Stating the Obvious

by C60

Stating the Obvious by C60 How are you going to ensure that your life is long and meaningful? What is the purpose of your existence? How are you going to influence the future of humanity and all life on Earth?...

30 Minutes Workout Routine

by Lorraine Paige

30 Minutes Workout Routine is based on 3 days of strength training workouts. Even if you are stuck inside on a treadmill, aerobic activities can be lots of fun. Just remember to stay hydrated and stretch before...

Dry Skin Care Solutions: 21 Completely Natural Remedies for Achieving Healthy and Radiant Skin

by Helen Markham

Are you looking for simple and effective solutions to help you take care of dry skin? Anyone who has dry and sensitive skin issues knows that finding suitable products that won't irritate, or trying to create...

Quotes from a Mentor

by Sahara Rosen

Everyone wishes they could have their very own mentor there during every moment in life providing sound advice that makes sense at any age... "Quotes From a Mentor" is the true life story of a young girl chosen...

Drop Your Pants!

by Ralph Haenel

Discover how success happens outside the comfort zone by immersing yourself into the gripping stories of a German-born Kung-Fu master on his journey through the Cold War, Imprisonment by the East German Secret...

The Simple Bedtime Routine Guide

by Jennie Graham

This is an informative guide that has lots of advice, tips and strategies to help your child get a bedtime routine so that your whole family ends up with a good nights sleep. With techniques right from the start...

Attractive Male Mindset: Open Your Mind, and Upgrade Your Dating.

by Matthew Seagrave

"Women don't like sex, they just trade it for relationships." "The asshole always gets the girl." "Attractive girls are always taken." Sound familiar? If you've ever had problems with attracting women, or would...

Starseed World - Synergy In Action!

by The Abbotts

The Starseeds are made up of the Generations X, Y & Z and they have incarnated to Earth in huge numbers, to change our planet's society to one of Harmony and Unity. Many of these young men and women have forgotten...

Savouring the Moment

by Mary Turner

How to use what science tells us about wellbeing to improve our happiness by savouring our best moments.

Love's Journey

by Elizabeth Meadows

This isn't the entire book. I have began the first 7000 words and I am looking for feedback. The entire book is in the works, so I guess you can say this is Book 1. Shelly will do anything to keep her family...

Imagine the Audience Naked

by R James

The ideal companion to the veritable glut of guides, e-manuals, CD's, seminars and tome-like public speaking books - you name it - out there, only without the hyperbole (and hence the need for a reinforced bedside...

Weight Loss Secrets They Don't Want You to Know About

by Antonio Hall

#1 Weight Loss Guide Steps you need to lose weight. Training exercises and diet plan that will help you burn those calories fast. Ancient secrets of weight that have long been hidden.

How to Get Rich!!! - (Or at Least Avoid Poverty)

by Brian Folle

This book is for anyone who wants to live a financially secure life. Naturally, the sooner that the ideas in the book are implemented the better- because time is money. The sooner you have a better understanding...

Wisdom to Survive: 30 Messages to Help You Get Through the Month

by Julius A. Boatwright

Wisdom to Survive contains 30 messages to help you get through the month.

Spring Leaves: A Little Drop of Quantum Philosophy

by Philippa Lucy Try

Purely a practical perspective for looking at the world based upon evidence readily available everywhere. Inclusive of a Theory of Everything, Cosmological Constant, Unifying Concept...and you. Welcome to a...

Toilet Paper People

by Cherry Tigris

Born on the West Coast and adopted into the East Coast elite, Cherry Tigris wasn't even given a deck of cards to play with in this game of life, let alone parents who genuinely cared about her upbringing. Her...

Believe In You: Choose Yourself First

by Cathy Wilson

Believe in You - Choose Yourself First by author Cathy Wilson is all about opening your mind to get inspired with yourself and life. Upon these magical pages you will learn to... *Gain Confidence *Focus Productively...

Fast Metabolism Diet Book: Eat Heatlhy to Lose Weight

by Cathy Wilson

Fast Metabolism Diet Book - Eat Healthy to Lose Weight by expert nutritionist Cathy Wilson takes the "Metabolism Concept" to lose weight, and makes it BETTER! This introductory guide shows you how to make your...

Beauty Without the Beast-Secrets to Ageless Beauty Book

by Cherie Benjamin & David Moulin

Beauty Without The Beast, is a no fuss book packed with real beauty gems. Forget the surgeon and sheath the scalpel. Get the wow, I thought you were her younger sister, jaw dropping, model skin, trim tummy,...

Making Friends with the Present Moment

by Sylvia Boorstein

Spirit Rock Founder Sylvia Boorstein invites readers to see things exactly the way they are, no matter how difficult. When we see things clearly, we don’t get so mired in them, and remember that they will...