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The China Study Cookbook

by LeAnne Campbell, PhD

  • Revised and Expanded Edition with More than 80 New Recipes
  • Will be promoted by TCS website
  • Promotion through BenBella Vegan's network of plant-based contacts and newsletter
  • Official companion to The China Study...

One Body One Life

by Andrew C E Green

Are you always stressed, constantly busy, prioritising others over yourself, and realising that time is slipping by and your health is now not what it was? Do you recognise what is “good” and what is “bad”...


by Bella Mahaya Carter

In an effort to cure chronic stomach problems, Bella Mahaya Carter adopted a 100 percent raw, vegan diet, which eased her symptoms and produced impressive, unexpected perks—but didn’t completely heal her....

Rail-Trails Southern New England

by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

  • Fully updated New England guide now split into two editions
  • New edition in full color
  • Detailed maps for each trail, plus driving directions to trailheads
  • Icons indicating the activities each trail can accommodate...

  • Rail-Trails Northern New England

    by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

    Explore 60 of the best rail-trails and multiuse pathways across three states—Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont—with this official guide.

    All across the country, unused railroad corridors have been converted...

    Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss Cookbook

    by Chef Andrea John & Chef Aj Cookbooks

    Do You Want to Burn Fat Fast?

    Do You Want To Have A Flat Belly & Lose Weight in 2018?

    Are You Looking For A Weight Loss Plan That Works?

    Then This is For You...

    The way we eat--and overeat--can leave us feeling...

    Easy gourmet dishes with Brian Binns

    by Brian Binns

    Brian Binns won the Sunday Times competition for the Best Amateur Cook in Great Britain in 1975, and obviously in the opinion of his judgers who included Caroline Conran, a food writer, chef Michel Bourdin,...

    I'm Sick of Being Fat!

    by Sarah Jane

    You have tried umpteen things trying to lose the weight. You may even have had success, but then it piles back on PLUS more…. You need to get off this insane merry-go around, once and for all.

    But don’t give...


    by Amanda Willemyns

    Is a so-called ‘balanced diet’ based on food groups making you fat and sick?

    In this groundbreaking book, Amanda Willemyns, PhD, smashes the food groups myth and asks us to rethink healthy eating. She tells...

    Rising Star

    by Sarah B Elisabeth

    A journey to “Finding home” – the Zen place of peace, freedom, and fulfillment. Written from the life, experiences and wisdom of Sarah B. ElisabethIn her forty years of life on earth, she has come...

    Loving Healthy Living

    by Joyce Hack & McLeod Linda

    Authors Joyce Hack and Linda McLeod are on a mission to help people just like you live more vibrant lives. This book of 30 life-changing stories, plus some yummy recipes, will inspire you to make better dietary...

    A Healthier You

    by David Vaughn

    Do you want to reverse or avoid the signs and ailments associated with getting older?

    Do you want to keep your body strong and your mind sharp no matter your age?

    Are you ready to live a longer, happier, and more...

    Employee Confidence

    by Karen J Hewitt

    Are your people the change you want to see? Employee Engagement figures are flagging. Employees are disgruntled, stressed or underutilised, or all three. The world is changing faster than ever before, and companies...

    The Vitamin Cure

    by Monte Lai

    Page Title

    Modern medicine has done much in the field of acute conditions such as trauma, infections, burn, and bone fractures, but it has limited success in treating chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer?s, Parkinson?s,...

    Summary: The Clean 20

    by In a jiffy & The Clean 20

    Summary: The Clean 20: 20 Foods, 20 Days, Total Transformation

    Summary of the Clean 20 Food plan By Dr Ian K. Smith

    For your information, this book is not the real Clean 20 but a summary to help you understand...


    by Ellice De Giovanni

    ‘WTF’ is your first step, your starting point! It is your checklist and emotional manual that will help you to answer all of those questions and feelings tumbling around in your head.

    See not everyone is...

    Mitochondria in Health and Disease

    by Ray Griffiths & Lorraine Nicolle

    What are the functions of mitochondria in the human body? Why might they stop working properly and what can happen as a result? How can personalized nutrition help to optimize mitochondrial function and prevent...

    Everybody Has 15 Minutes

    by Dr. Zarinah Hud Do

    When chronic pain becomes a part of your everyday experience, it is hard to believe that food could be the key to pain relief. But for Dr. Zarinah and many of her patients, healthy food became the medicine that...

    The Lectin Avoidance Cookbook

    by Pamela Ellgen

    Avoid the secretly dangerous proteins hiding in your favorite foods!

    The old adage that too much of a good thing can be bad turns out to be true when it comes to many healthy fruits and vegetables. Researcher...

    Clean 20 Recipes

    by Daniel Fisher & The Clean 20

    This is the Last weight loss plan You will Ever think about this Year!

    Discover how easy it is to lose 10 pounds in just 20 days with the Clean 20 food Plan.

    Introducing the All New Clean 20 Food List that will...