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Sophrology for Beginners

by 50MINUTES.Com

Change is only 50 minutes away! Find out everything you need to know about sophrology with this straightforward guide.

Sophrology is a powerful tool for promoting physical and mental health, and can be used for...

The Little Book of Cannabis

by Amanda Siebert

A pragmatic and informative look at better living through cannabis.

Cannabis. Weed. Bud. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s been a health aid, comfort, and life-enhancer for humankind for more than three...

Amazing Essential Oils Make and Takes

by Donna Raskin

  • ”Make and Take” parties are wildly popular events thrown by people selling essential oils out of their home
  • Essential oils home sales is big business--doTerra and Young Living have a combined 5 million independent...

  • Healing with CBD

    by Eileen Konieczny & Lauren Wilson

  • CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant but has almost no THC, offering the medical benefits of marijuana without the high
  • CBD is legally allowed in 44 states, most popular in oil form
  • Studies show it can reduce...

  • Hemp Oil & CBD

    by Joshua Harris

    Hemp and CBD oils, while coming from the same plant, have different areas of origin and different composition. The two oils have different uses and the mechanisms of procuring these oils are also different....

    A Gut Feeling

    by Heather Anne Wise

    We all know sugar is bad for us, so why can’t we stop eating it? A Gut Feeling gives a personal and scientific look into the world of microbes that live within our bodies and how they can explain our relationship...

    Holistic Dental Care

    by Stephen A. Lawrence & David Tabatsky

    Stephen A. Lawrence introduces readers to holistic dental care and its role in overall health.

    Most people America would like to maintain healthy teeth and gums during their lifetime. While conventional dental...

    The Little Book About Self-Hypnosis

    by Chuck Kelly

    Tap into your Inner Power for Greater Self-Worth

    Learn to Hypnotize Yourself

    Lose Weight for Better Health

    Stop Smoking

    When Alcohol is not Your Friend

    Overcome Fears

    Face Pre-and Post Surgeries

    Control Anger


    Rx for Hope

    by M. D. Chen & David Tabatsky

    In our current era of rapidly developing cancer drugs and therapies, we also see improvement of cancer treatment outcomes stagnating when it comes to determining quality of life or long-term survival. This is...

    Living Beyond Lyme

    by Joseph J. Trunzo

    Living Beyond Lyme helps patients side-step the often frustrating controversy surrounding Lyme disease. This book instead focuses on living meaningfully, using mindfulness and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy...

    I Yin, You Yang: Interpreting Relationships the Chinese Way

    by Mike Mandl

    I Yin, You Yang provides an introduction to the psychological aspects of traditional Chinese medicine. The author, in his trademark humorous and easily comprehensible style, mainly refers to the systems of Yin...

    Healing for Body, Soul and Spirit

    by Michael Evans & Iain Rodger

    Conventional medicine focuses on the body's physical symptoms. But more and more patients are questioning the limitations of this approach and are exploring holistic approaches, such as anthroposophic medicine,...


    by Penelope Ody

    Turmeric is a traditional herbal remedy that has been used for centuries and in recent years has been hailed as a “miracle cure” for a range of illnesses from arthritis to auto-immune disease. Penelope Ody,...

    Healing with Information

    by Maria Sagi

    With the discovery of information as the basic ‘software’ of living systems came the realization that malfunction in the living system can be treated by correcting the information that causes the malfunction....

    Honor Your Health

    by Karen Creamer

    Are today’s doctors getting paid to heal us or to harm us?

                    You spend a ton of your hard-earned money to be told what to do by medical professionals who, in many cases, do not support...

    Reiki Insights

    by Frans Stiene

    A meditative journey into the inner depths of the system of Reiki. Reiki Insights is presented as a series of short chapters, each of them a teaching, so that you can pick it up, choose a chapter and read it....

    Cupping Therapy for Muscles and Joints

    by Kenneth Choi

  • Cupping is an ancient technique that has been gaining popularity since the 2016 Summer Olympics
  • Author is a registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner who heads a private clinic in Toronto
  • Includes...

  • The 30-Day Thyroid Reset Plan

    by Dr. Becky Campbell

    Get Your Health Back for Good In 30 Days

    Millions of Americans have thyroid disorders and don’t even know it. Dr. Becky Campbell, who has years of experience in the field, was one of those people but cured...

    The Hormone-Free Solution for Menopause

    by Kalyani Fad

    Why do you need this book?

    Going through menopause is one of the most important times in a woman’s life.  It comes to the decision of taking or not taking hormones. 

    Before making that decision you need to...

    Bless This House

    by Donna Henes

    In this comprehensive guide to crafting your own spiritual intentions, rituals, and blessings, urban shaman Mama Donna draws upon a variety of world cultures to show how to transform your environment into a...