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Real Life Diaries

by Lynda Cheldelin Fell & Melissa Adams VanHouten

In Living with Gastroparesis, 15 women invite readers inside the misunderstood world of gastroparesis and other motility disorders. Answering candid questions and confessing firsthand emotions, fears, and hopes,...

Prostate Cancer

by Eric Thorne

In 2014, at age 80, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

This story unveils my personal involvements with various members of the medical profession over several months. My narrative is descriptive and reveals...

Gasping for Air

by Kevin Glynn Md

Breathing is a continuous battle between our need for oxygen and forces in nature that attack our lungs. Three hundred thousand Americans will die of respiratory diseases this year. Gasping for Air is the dramatic...

The Mystery Gut

by Prof. Kerryn Phelps, Dr. Claudia Lee & Jaime Rose Chambers

A complete guide to common gut conditions and improving gut health.

Australia's most trusted GP, Professor Kerryn Phelps AM, reveals how a healthy gut is essential for overall wellbeing.

As practitioners, Prof...

Heal Your Leaky Gut

by David Brownstein & Jodie Gould

Dr. David Brownstein, bestselling author of THE GUIDE TO HEALTHY EATING and one of the world's foremost practitioners of holistic medicine, brings his proven and groundbreaking advice sufferers of the Leaky...

The Handy Diabetes Answer Book

by Patricia Barnes-Svarney & Thomas E. Svarney

A primer on the metabolic disease that leads to high blood sugars, its history, and how to prevent, control and treat it. Answers, in plain English, to nearly 950 questions from basic science and medicine behind...

Claim Your Healing

by Krista Anderson

Given a stage 4 cancer diagnosis, with three months to live, Krista Anderson began a desperate search for healing. Refusing to give up, she fought back, determined to win the war. In Claim Your Healing Krista...

A Burst of Light

by Audre Lorde & Sonia Sanchez

"The self-described black feminist lesbian mother poet used a mixture of prose, theory, poetry, and experience to interrogate oppressions and uplift marginalized communities. She was one of the first black feminists...

War of the Wills: What if they don't like the Will?

by Catherine McLeod

Allen and I lived together for nineteen years. I helped Allen run his farms and maintain his investment properties. We enjoyed a happy life until Allen’s health began to fail and he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s...

The Beta-Blocker Story: Getting It Right

by John Malcolm Cruickshank, Md

The idea of using beta-blockers as a treatment for ventricular fibrillation occurred to James Black over 60 years ago. He developed propranolol and cimetidine, among other pharmacologic agents, work for which...

Healing Digestive Disorders: Natural Treatments for Gastrointestinal Conditions

by Andrew Gaeddert  & Linda H. Mehta

Are you controlling your digestion, or is your digestion controlling you?

Conventional medicine, while effective for those in acute crisis, often does little to help the over 60,000,000 people who suffer from...

Saving Charlotte: A Mother and the Power of Intuition

by Pia de Jong

Best-selling author Pia de Jong’s vivid memoir about her newborn daughter’s battle with leukemia and the startling decision that led to her recovery.

On a still summer night in a seventeenth-century canal...

Gut Crisis

by Robert Keith Wallace & Samantha Wallace

Gut Crisis is the ultimate guide to gut health. Poor food quality, the overuse of antibiotics, and other factors are creating an imbalanced state in your gut bacteria and damaging your gut lining. This eventually...

Real Life Diaries

by Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Carmela Pollock & Christa Hall

Endometrial disease is a chronic disorder affecting thousands of women yet remains a challenge to diagnose, treat, and manage. What therapy works best? Can a cure be found? Is sex without pain possible? Will...

Healing From Within

by Okawa Ryuho

None of us wants to become sick, but why is it that we can't avoid illness in life? Is there a meaning behind illness? How can we cure various ailments that often seem to cause us misery and suffering? In this...

Aging Well with Diabetes: 146 Eye-Opening (and Scientifically Proven) Secrets That Prevent and Control Diabetes

by Bottom Line Inc.

Diabetes is epidemic in the United States, especially if you're over the age of 50. Even if you're already being diligent about your health, a diagnosis can feel like an overwhelming extra burden.

The editors...

52 Ways to Beat Diabetes: Simple, Easy Tips to Stay Happy and Healthy

by Bottom Line Inc.

Diabetes is epidemic in the United States, but diagnosis doesn't mean a healthy and vibrant life is unattainable! In 52 Ways to Beat Diabetes, the editors of Bottom Line Inc. give you an entire year of tips,...

Gastroparesis: A Roadmap For Your Journey

by Chelsey M McIntyre

Writer and pharmacist Chelsey McIntyre opens up about her own struggles with gastroparesis and aptly guides the reader to a greater understanding of the condition.  Through personal insight, expert analysis...

Stem Cell Therapy: A Rising Tide

by Neil H Riordan

Stem cells are the repair cells of your body.  When there aren’t enough of them, or they aren’t working properly, chronic diseases can manifest and persist.


From industry leaders, sport stars, and Hollywood...


by Nadia Neumann

Get Your Glow On With Skin-Loving Foods & Homemade Products

Improve your skin the way nature intended—with real, fresh ingredients! Nutritional Therapist Nadia Neumann completely transformed her skin by making...