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Expecting Sunshine

by Alexis Marie Chute

• 1/4 (25%) pregnancies end in miscarriage. The World Health Organization estimated that there are approximately 211 million pregnancies every year, which, with the above statistic on miscarriage, would equal...

A Is for Advice (The Reassuring Kind)

by Ilana Stanger-Ross

Practical, reassuring, and beautifully written, A is for Advice provides a brief and compelling reflection on pregnancy, birth, and the early postpartum period for expectant mothers of all kinds--whether you...

Through, Not Around

by Allison McDonald Ace, Caroline Starr & Ariel Ng Bourbonnais

Everything doesn't (always) happen for a reason.

Whether or not there's a reason for infertility and pregnancy loss, these personal essays show the way forward is by going through the grief, not around it.


The Gestational Diabetes Cookbook

by Sara Monk Rivera

  • Gestational diabetes (GDM) is on the rise, new estimates show GDM to affect 18% of pregnant women
  • Includes information on GDM as well as over 100 recipes with detailed nutritional breakdowns
  • Only cookbook...

  • Newborn Mothers

    by Julia Jones

    The last thing Newborn Mothers need is another book.

    Endless experts and advice undermine your intuition and confidence. Information overload doesn’t help when you feel isolated, exhausted and overwhelmed.


    Newborn Mothers

    by Julia Jones

    The last thing Newborn Mothers need is another book.

    Endless experts and advice undermine your intuition and confidence. Information overload doesn’t help when you feel isolated, exhausted and overwhelmed.


    Twin to Twin

    by Crystal Duffy & Dr. Kenneth Moise

    Twin-to-Twin is one twenty-nine-year-old mother’s harrowing and heartwarming adventure through a high-risk twin pregnancy. But this isn’t only a book about pregnancy. It’s also an inspirational story to...

    Understanding Pregnancy

    by Jeannine Hill


    Pregnancy: A Beautiful Time  9

    Pregnancy: Things to Expect 11

    Pregnancy: Sleep Soundly 12

    Exercise During Pregnancy: An Overview  13

    Exercise During Pregnancy: Rewards and Risks  14

    Exercise During Pregnancy:...

    Sacred Inception

    by Morag Martin, Marianne Delaporte, Sara MacLennan & Angela N. Castañeda et al.

    This edited volume explores the intersection of spirituality with childbirth from 1800 to the present day from a comparative perspective. It illustrates how over this time period in much of the world, traditional...

    You Don't Know How Lucky You Are

    by Rudy Owens

    Nearly 50 years after he was relinquished for adoption, Rudy Owens finally met his biological half-sister in San Diego. The meeting inspired him to tell his adoption story set against the larger adoption narrative...

    Renaissance of Birth

    by Susan Highsmith

    Dr. Susan Highsmith is an enlightened renaissance grandmother! She is a seeker of truth and spiritual wisdom, a lover of science and knowledge, a caring mother and grandmother, and a qualitative researcher....

    Pregnancy, OMG!

    by Nancy Redd & Nancy Amanda Redd

    New York Times bestselling author Nancy Redd’s visual guide to pregnancy and all the bizarre, hilarious, and often unanticipated changes a woman’s body can go through.


    The First Fairy Tale

    by Susan Highsmith & Mark Sean Wilson

    “The First Fairy Tale Book I: The Adventure Begins by Susan Highsmith combines elegant beauty with magical words that inspire and inform us of the mystery and reality of conception.  The beautiful artwork...

    Too Beautiful for the Earth

    by Cara L Shelton, Jerrica DuBois & Kevin L Shelton

    In this heart-wrenching narrative, Cara shares her story of the tragic loss of her twin daughters and how she and her husband fought to overcome their grief and hold on to their hope. The Sheltons provide a...

    Early Arrival

    by Dr. Terri Major-Kincade

    No parent wants to be in the intensive care nursery. It’s a frightening, often overwhelming place full of alarms, machines, doctors, and nurses—and, most terrifying of all, full of tiny babies fighting to...

    Great Expectations

    by Lisa Moore & Dede Crane

    In this exceptional collection of original essays, twenty-five celebrated writers share one of their most intimate and life-changing experiences: giving birth. Moving, uniquely honest, and transformative, Great...

    Post Natal Depression

    by Robert Duffy

    The Essential Guide to Postnatal Depression includes case studies

    from women who have overcome postnatal depression, partners’

    accounts of the condition and input from health professionals who

    have specialist...

    Mystical Motherhood: Create a Happy and Conscious Family

    by Chelsea Ann Wiley

    Combining Western and Eastern traditions, Mystical Motherhood, is your conscious guide to modern motherhood – from meditation and spirituality to a healthy pregnancy and birth – you will be guided step-by-step...

    Bed Rest Mom

    by Cynthia Lockrey

    'Bed Rest Mom' will appeal to the 20 per cent of pregnant women who are placed on some form of bed rest during their pregnancy. While spending a few days or weeks on the couch or in bed may not seem like a big...

    Complementary Therapies in Maternity Care

    by Denise Tiran

    The complete textbook on complementary therapies in maternity care, this book addresses how midwives and other birth professionals can use or advise on complementary therapies for pregnant, labouring and new...