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The Ultimate Guide to Tantric Sex: 19 Lessons to Achieving Ecstasy

by Guillermo Ferrara

Tantra is a vital path toward full interior development through sex, love, and meditation. Its origin dates back to ancestral India, and from there has enlightened many generations of lovers who have penetrated...

The Relate Guide to Sex and Intimacy

by Cate Campbell

Sex and intimacy are what make couple relationships special and different. We may even measure the quality of the relationship by how intimate we feel or how good the sex is. This can be wonderfully reassuring...

Threesomes: Should We Have One? YES!: All Your Questions Answered: If, How, Why, Where & More!

by Stacy Erin

This threesome-fun guide gives you an in depth look into the threesome. This book will help you from the starting point--opening a discussion with your partner about bringing a third into your sex life--to the...

Swinging For Newbies: Discover if This is a Lifestyle Choice For You

by Stacy Erin

Thinking about getting involved in the swinging lifestyle? This highly informative and entertaining book will offer a peek into this ever popular trend of “Swinging,” along with a sensible “how to” approach....

Erotic Chinese Massage: The Sexy Secrets of Taoist Teachers

by Wang-puh Wei & Chris Evans

This book helps to strengthen bonds of affection and to discover the secrets of the sexual massage of the ancient Chinese Taoists. You will discover and better get to know the most erotic places on your partner’s...

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

by Toni Weschler

This new edition for the twentieth anniversary of the groundbreaking national bestseller provides all the information you need to monitor your menstrual cycle—along with updated information on the latest reproductive...

The Divinity of Sex

by Charles Pickstone


In this fascinating new inquiry into contemporary culture, Charles Pickstone, a priest, argues that the pervasiveness of sex in our society mirrors religion's former glory. Indeed, according to Pickstone,...

Hot Pants: Do it Yourself Gynecology

by Lisa Vinebaum & Isabelle Gauthier

Hot Pants, long an underground classic, offers great basic sexual health information along with tried and true herbal treatments for common gynecological problems. "Patriarchy sucks," the authors begin. "It's...

Sex Yourself: The Woman's Guide to Mastering Masturbation and Achieving Powerful Orgasms

by Carlyle Jansen

Practice makes perfect! Everyone knows sex in a long-term relationship can get stale sometimes. But isn't the same true for masturbation? Just like a familiar sexual relationship, where you fall into a pattern...

How to Make Great Love to a Woman

by Anne Hooper & Phillip Hodson

As agony aunts and long-term partners, Anne Hooper and Phillip Hodson are more than aware that men and women see sex differently. In 'How to Make Love to a Woman' they discuss the fundamental differences in...

The Coregasm Workout: The Revolutionary Method for Better Sex Through Exercise

by Debby Herbenick

The Coregasm Workout is a revolutionary new book that provides natural, safe, and effective techniques for enhancing sex through fitness. Developed by leading sex researcher, educator, and columnist Dr. Debby...

Art of the One Night Stand

by Goldmund

A collection of 10 short stories about One Night Stands that required very different types of tight game. Each one is unique in its own right and told in great detail. After each story is a breakdown of the...

75 Ways to tell if your Man is on the Down Low

by Keith Green

How can a woman tell if her man is on "the down low", (i.e., sleeping with both sexes)? It's not always that easy! There are people on "the down low" everywhere. Most of the time you can never tell who is who;...

How to F*ck a Woman

by Ali Adler

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus for a new generation—a profane, wildly funny, and deeply insightful guide to sex and relationships from a woman who loves women too.

Insatiable: A Memoir of Love Addiction

by Shary Hauer

An intimate and illuminating account of corporate executive-and secret love addict-Shary Hauer's migration from destructive to healthy love.

Vitamin O: Why Orgasms are Vital to a Woman's Health and Happiness, and How to Have Them Every Time!

by Natasha Janina Valdez

They’re free, fun, and with this book, easy to achieve. And just look what a woman stands to gain from her orgasmic life:

• Oxytocin—nature’s Ecstasy—in her bloodstream

• Relaxation—less stress and...

Facts About Bondage - Bondage Guide For Beginners: All You Need To Know About Tying, Binding And Other BDSM Sex Activities

by Jiri T. Servant

Get dirty in the bedroom with this little bondage guide. Read the facts! All you need to know about tying, binding and other BDSM sex activities (like Spanking, Sexual roleplay, Shibari, Kinbaku). But beware,...

Aphrodisiacs: An A-Z

by Linda Louisa Dell

Aphrodisiacs is a fun and sexy romp through the world of natural libido enhancers, perfect to keep at your bedside table or even in the kitchen! Throughout centuries, all over the world, men and women have used...

The S Word: A Memoir About Secrets

by Paolina Milana

An insider's account of growing up with a schizophrenic mother, and the disastrous toll the illness-and her Sicilian Catholic family's code of secrecy-takes upon her young life.

Touching the Essentials

by May Shaked & Itai Rossman

A one-of-a-kind, step-by-step guide to the "how-to, when-to and what-to" of sex.