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Oral Sex for Every Body: Giving and Receiving for Men and Women

by Tina Robbins

With clear and direct language, Oral Sex for Every Body is a practical, uninhibited guide to making your sexual relations more imaginative and pleasurable.

Oral sex has many variations (as many for her as for...

The Woman Who Wasn't

by Becca Sinh

Charlie was in for a life-shattering shock when he woke from a coma, and discovered that his spirit had somehow moved into another incredibly beautiful teenage girl's body! How on earth was he supposed...

The Blueprint: Designing a Successful Remarriage

by Angela B. Chester

The Blueprint is a couple directed guide for those getting married for the second (plus) time or the mature first time couple. As a counselor, Dr. Chester, sees that too frequently, couples enter remarriage...

How to Talk to Hot Guys: The 9 Secrets to Getting and Keeping the Guy of Your Dreams

by Mehow (Powers)

Tired of being told you have to wait for fate to find you the perfect man? Can’t stand the thought of another loser hitting on you in the bar scene? Then it’s time to learn How to Talk to Hot Guys.


Sex On the Edge

by Becca Sinh

Pretty Marci got a whole lot more than she'd expected when she traveled to the family resort in search of a man she could seduce. First her longtime best friend stunned her by taking her virginity, then he invited...

The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality

by Julie Sondra Decker

What if you weren’t sexually attracted to anyone?

A growing number of people are identifying as asexual. They aren’t sexually attracted to anyone, and they consider it a sexual orientation—like gay, straight,...

Padlocked, Pantied and Pegged: Four Men Frustrated, Feminized and Filled By the Women They Love

by Emily Masters

Is it more emasculating for a man to be prevented from enjoying an erection, to be put in panties, or to be penetrated like a woman? The helpless husbands in these stories about sexual surrender don't get to...

Penance In Panties: Misbehaving Men Finding Forgiveness In Feminine Frillies

by Emily Masters

Being made to wear uncomfortable women's underwear is the perfect punishment for a man who misbehaves, however much he might otherwise love sexy lingerie. Whether it's the physical discomfort of being trapped...

How to Pick Up Women Like an Athlete

by Tony M

Have you ever wondered why the bombshell at the bar is with some scrub in a sports jersey? Have you ever wondered why the athletic guy at the roulette table is getting all the attention from the brunette? It's...

Well Wrapped

by Kuomu

Kuomu is a young writer from Belgium who loves certain things; Jackets, Coats, Suits, Hoods all made from shiny down material. When you mix that in with a good dose of control and forced wearing, you end up...

Acts of Pleasure

by Poppy Phoenix

"Truth is stranger than fiction," an often quoted phrase that readily describes this account from self-confessed sex addict, Poppy Phoenix. Prepare to be amazed, shocked, amused, aroused and above all, entertained....

Deadlier Than the Male

by Rubber Al

Rubber Al, as his name implies, has been a rubber fetishist all his adult life. The material, it's look, smell and feel has been a continued fascination to him. There's rarely a time when a rubber scenario is...

Every Man Deserves a Good Jacket

by Crystal Evans

I was halfway on my journey when a hand grabbed my elbow from the forestry side of the trail, I screamed and he clamped his hand over my mouth. " Eh gyal a wah happen you? You a ediat? You want wake up the whole...

Past Present

by Secret Narrative

Matthew Fletcher and Eleanor Grant meet at a Royal Air Force base dance, where Matthew recognises Eleanor's potential as a willing submissive and as someone who has the passion to match his love of harsh erotic...

Tales of Passion: One Woman's Erotic Journey

by Minou Duvet

Minou Duvet was born in Canada, raised in Europe and lived in the US for 20 years.  Travelling has always been a part of her life, providing her with stages for these stories.  Her career goes from A - Z. ...

The Spanking Group

by Alan Sharpe

Post-school memories, exploits: MANDY'S SCHOOLDAYS misses the group, dresses for punishment, thinks of schooldays, of new girl Janet Reid, paddled on her first day, both beaten from scrapes they get into. A...

After Attraction: Relationships Are Simple, Right?

by Jarray Davis

No one needs another advice book from a relationship "expert" to take up more space in our homes and hearts, in the opinion of author Jarray Davis. If advice is all we need then the market for these books would...

The Dominant Wife Rule Book - Chastity Device Edition

by Mistress Jessica

What you will find that follows this introduction is a set of rules and information that you can adhere to in your Dominant / submissive relationship or not. It can be quite a lot of fun, just sitting down and...

Dearly Beloved

by Princess Hunter

This short story is meant to be an inspiration to love and to help people to Inner/overstand that when love has left it's physical, the love is never lost it only begins to transforms into the spiritual which...


by Violet Karma

If you're good at sex you will agree there's absolutely nothing like it. Sex is ultimate human experience. This book will help you put your sex life in overdrive mode, guiding you step-by-step on how you can...