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Astrosex: Sexual Secrets Revealed through the Stars

by Sarah Bartlett

We’re all getting comfortable with the idea that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but how many of us aware how much all of our sex lives are influenced by all of the planets all of the time? Perhaps...

Naked & Indecently Exposed

by Nudels

Nudity was strongly discouraged by all around me and generally regarded as rude, offensive and embarrassing, something to be avoided at all costs. But the forbidden fruit of being naked in public needed to be...

Cuffed, Tied, and Satisfied: A Kinky Guide to the Best Sex Ever

by Jaiya



Are you ready to expand your sexual boundaries?  If you’ve ever fantasized about being taken by your man, dreamed...

My Sociopath

by Naré|| Vardanyan

By a girl who speaks 11 languages, yet couldn't talk to her man. A most sincere reflection of a relationship with a sociopath, exploring highs and lows of being a woman. Styled like a diary, dipped in detox...

Still Sexy

by Susan Crain Bakos

Boomers tell all: sex then, sex now, and the sex secrets that bring erotic satifsaction at any age

Seventy percent of Baby Boomers still listen to rock'n' roll. They still take drugs--only now they're hormones,...

The 100 Foot Erotic Bombshell

by Candy Kross

James' family was very wealthy and the money to support his experiments financed the lab and all his expenses. He had been dreaming of building this lab for years. He wanted to create the perfect woman, but...

Hope At the End of the Tunnel

by Kara Dealle

Infidelity in a marriage leaves a trail of destruction. It shatters the fundamentals of a marriage. You find yourself is shock, dealing with a great loss. You end up surveying the damage: a loss of trust, the...

42 Chambers : The First 3 Chambers

by Socraties Ray

42 Chambers is a story about 2 lovers who decide to test their limits. They turn love making into a game that takes wit, creativity, and a certain disregard for indecent exposure laws. The only question that...

Meeting Ms Chen - She Seemed Innocuous... She Was Anything But!

by Mike Watson

Male slavery in the world's fastest growing economy is the subject of Mike Watson's latest tale of interracial femdom. It turns out that in China, it's not only Westerners who are regarded as "Foreign" and looked...

One Too Many

by A. N. Drew

Theirs was the perfect relationship. They were adventurous and thrived on their spontaneous and healthy bedroom antics. Life was absolute bliss. Until he appointed a new staff member. For three months Pam endured...

Is Your Man Cheating?

by Nicole Marshall

A WOMEN'S GUIDE TO DISCOVERING, OVERCOMING AND ULTIMATELY ENDING INFIDELITY IN HER RELATIONSHIP. Do you need some of the best tips on finding out if your man is cheating? Perhaps you need to know how you can...

On the Wild Side

by A. N. Drew

Steed popped in to visit his Mum at the home as he did every weekend. He spotted a beautiful woman climbing into a flashy red sports car as he climbed out of his van. He had never seen her visiting before. When...

Wish Fulfilment

by Miss Irene Clearmont

Cliches are only cliches because they contain universal truths. So when Miss Irene Clearmont's latest tale, "Wish Fulfillment", poses the warning: "Be careful what you wish for", you can be sure the results...

The Naked Pleasures Of

by Mark Cisper

The Naked Pleasures of... is a collection of twelve erotic short stories and one poem. Originally, they were written in the form of poetry when The Insane Poet and The Procession of Pain was being written (these...

Owned By Madam Aa Ling

by Mike Watson

Mike Watson brings you another tale of exotic femdom, involving a Miami-based IT professional who swallows his pride during the recession and takes work teaching English in China. But it will be something far...

Mister Misogyny's Marriage Manual

by C. Rich

A self-help guide to putting the little lady back in her place. Mister Misogyny's Marriage Manual was written by C. Rich to help couples in marriages and relationships to stay together by putting the little...

Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 1

by Mistress Scarlet

This is volume 1 of my journals which describe my life as a dominant female. I live with my husband, bitch-boy. Bitch-boy is a subjugated, trapped slave and source of amusement. He does all the chores and housework,...

He Said, She Said

by Becca Sinh

Not all the stories about a high school teacher getting banged by her sexy student are urban legend. But a woman's point of view is radically different from a man's. And when both sides tell their story about...


by Becca Sinh

It was supposed to be an easy two-week hike into the mountains with a bunch of teenage foster kids. But disaster was waiting in the wings-and when Father Matthew and Marlie tumbled headfirst into a swollen underground...

Modern-Day Casanova

by Becca Sinh

Manuel was an Eternal, fated to wander endlessly from town to city to country, spreading his potent seed far and wide. He'd searched a thousand years for the one woman who could intrigue him, enchant him, and...