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Nationalism and War

by John Hutchinson

This interdisciplinary book is the first systematic study of the relationship between nationalism and war and, as such, makes an original contribution to theories of nationalism and state formation. It offers...

Babatha's Orchard

by Philip F. Esler

Babatha's Orchard tells a story that has gone untold for nearly two thousand years. It is a story that would have perished with the last person familiar with its details-the Jewish woman Babatha, daughter of...

Following Osiris

by Mark Smith

Osiris, god of the dead, was one of ancient Egypt's most important deities. The earliest secure evidence for belief in him dates back to the fifth dynasty (c.2494-2345BC), but he continued to be worshipped until...

The Jewish War

by Josephus, Martin Hammond & Martin Goodman

'I am Josephus...I myself fought against the Romans' In August of AD 70 the city of Jerusalem was destroyed by Roman forces after a six-month siege. This was the disastrous outcome of a Jewish revolt against...

Humanitarians at War

by Gerald Steinacher

The Geneva-based International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is one of the world's oldest, most prominent, and revered aid organizations. But at the end of World War II things could not have looked more...

The Industrial Revolution: A Very Short Introduction

by Robert C. Allen

The 'Industrial Revolution' was a pivotal point in British history that occurred between the mid-eighteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries and led to far reaching transformations of society. With the advent of...

Sapiens and Homo Deus: The E-book Collection

by Yuval Noah Harari

Discover humanity’s past and its future in this in this special e-book collection featuring Sapiens—a reading pick of President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg—and its acclaimed companion...

Exiles and Expatriates in the History of Knowledge, 1500-2000

Vladimir Putin - A Geostrategic Russian Icon - A Eurasian Continent - A Russian Superpower - A Charismatic World Leader

by Goeran B Johansson

This is the third book in the series , Vladimir Putin. A Geostrategic Russian Icon, which describes in detail the last two years in Russias ongoing strategy to work with China within the Brics and the Sco, to...

Vladimir Putin - A Geostrategic Russian Icon - A Slavic People - A Russian Superpower - A Charismatic World Leader - Trilogy

by Goeran B Johansson

A trilogy about Russian president Vladimir Putin, based upon three previously published books from 2011 until 2016, in his ongoing strategy to make Russia a global power again after the dissolution of the Ussr...

El Dorado Canyon: Reagan's Undeclared War with Qaddafi

by Joseph Stanik

America's war on terrorism did not start on 11 September. Long before the overt war in Afghanistan and the covert war against al-Qaida, U.S. forces struck at one of the hotbeds of terrorism in the world. On...

Allied POWs in German Hands 1914 - 1918

by David Bilton

In this first fully illustrated history of the Kaiser’s unwanted guests, the author looks at the lives of the thousands of Allied men who became PoWs during the Great War.

After making the decision to surrender,...

Beneath the Killing Fields: Exploring the Subterranean Landscapes of the Western Front

by Matthew Leonard

Beneath the Killing Fields of the Western Front still lies a hidden landscape of industrialised conflict virtually untouched since 1918. This subterranean world is an ambiguous environment filled with material...

Victorians and Edwardians Abroad: The Beginning of the Modern Holiday

by Neil Matthews

‘Victorians and Edwardians abroad: the beginning of the modern holiday’ reveals a story never told before: the early years of one of Britain’s leading modern travel agencies, the Polytechnic Touring Association...

Vehicle Art of World War Two

by John Norris

The ‘nose art’ that decorated WW2 aircraft has received considerable attention but the images and slogans that decorated land vehicles has been less widely appreciated. This visually stunning book displays...

Firing Lines

by Debbie Marshall & Anna Maria Tremonti

Read between the front lines: The stories of three Canadian female journalists stationed in England and France during the First World War.

Europe: 1914–1918. Mary MacLeod Moore, a writer for the Vancouver...

Don Mills

by Scott Kennedy

  • A colourful local history that ties Toronto’s pioneer roots to its modern form, including an inside look at numerous historic structures to discover
  • Learn how the Evergreen Brick Works, an internationally...

Shanghai Faithful: Betrayal and Forgiveness in a Chinese Christian Family

by Jennifer Lin

Through the 150-year saga of one family, this book traces the remarkable religious evolution of the world’s most populous nation. Shanghai Faithful is both a touching family memoir and a chronicle of Christianity...

A Concise History of U.S. Foreign Policy

by Joyce P. Kaufman

This fully updated edition offers a historical perspective on the evolution of U.S. foreign policy from the founding through the Obama administration. With its strong narrative and use of compelling case studies,...

Heresy and Dissent in the Carolingian Empire

by Matthew Bryan Gillis

Heresy and Dissent in the Carolingian Empire recounts the history of an exceptional ninth-century religious outlaw, Gottschalk of Orbais. Frankish Christianity required obedience to ecclesiastical superiors,...