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Cultures of Diplomacy and Literary Writing in the Early Modern World

by Joanna Craigwood & Tracey A. Sowerby

This interdisciplinary volume explores core emerging themes in the study of early modern literary-diplomatic relations, developing essential methods of analysis and theoretical approaches that will shape future...

Admiral Halsey's Story

by William Frederick Halsey

Fleet Admiral Halsey was attending a reception in 1946 when a woman broke through the crowd around him, grasped his hand, and cried, “I feel as if I were touching the hand of God!”

On the day that Pearl Harbor...

Wah-to-yah, and the Taos Trail

by Lewis Hector Garrard

Wah-to-Yah is the only well-known book written by Garrard. It has won a secure place in the literature of the American


On 1 Sept 1846, Garrard, 17 years old, joined a caravan in Westport Landing, Missouri...


by Paul Arnott

For three decades the Windrush was the maritime Zelig of the twentieth century, playing different roles in the most turbulent years in modern times. Designed in 1930 in the Hamburg boatyard of a Jewish shipbuilder...


by Jennifer J. Carroll

Against the backdrop of a post-Soviet state set aflame by geopolitical conflict and violent revolution, Narkomania considers whether substance use disorders are everywhere the same and whether our responses...

Enlightenment and the Gasping City

by Saskia Abrahms-Kavunenko

With air pollution now intimately affecting every resident of Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, Saskia Abrahms-Kavunenko seeks to understand how, as a physical constant throughout the winter months, the...


by John Gilbert McCurdy

When Americans declared independence in 1776, they cited King George III "for quartering large bodies of armed troops among us." In Quarters, John Gilbert McCurdy explores the social and political history behind...

Gender, War, and World Order

by Richard C. Eichenberg

Motivated by the lack of scholarly understanding of the substantial gender difference in attitudes toward the use of military force, Richard C. Eichenberg has mined a massive data set of public opinion surveys...

The Instrumental University

by Ethan Schrum

In The Instrumental University, Ethan Schrum provides an illuminating genealogy of the educational environment in which administrators, professors, and students live and work today. After World War II, research...

Poppies, Politics, and Power

by James Tharin Bradford

Historians have long neglected Afghanistan's broader history when portraying the opium industry. But in Poppies, Politics, and Power, James Tharin Bradford rebalances the discourse, showing that it is not the...

Voices from the Soviet Edge

by Jeff Sahadeo

Jeff Sahadeo reveals the complex and fascinating stories of migrant populations in Leningrad and Moscow. Voices from the Soviet Edge focuses on the hundreds of thousands of Uzbeks, Tajiks, Georgians, Azerbaijanis,...

To Shape Our World For Good

by C. William Walldorf, Jr.

Why does the United States pursue robust military invasions to change some foreign regimes but not others? Conventional accounts focus on geopolitics or elite ideology. C. William Walldorf, Jr., argues that...

When the Movies Mattered

by Jonathan Kirshner & Jon Lewis

In When the Movies Mattered Jonathan Kirshner and Jon Lewis gather a remarkable collection of authors to revisit the unique era in American cinema that was New Hollywood. Ten eminent contributors, some of whom...

The Racial Politics of Division

by Monika Gosin

The Racial Politics of Division deconstructs antagonistic discourses that circulated in local Miami media between African Americans, "white" Cubans, and "black" Cubans during the 1980 Mariel Boatlift and the...

Victory's Shadow

by Thomas W. Barton

Catalonia a the beginning of the eleventh century was a patchwork of counties, viscounties, and lordships, bordered on the south by Islamic al-Andalus. Over the next two centuries, the region would dramatically...

The Personal Narrative of James O. Pattie Of Kentucky

by James Ohio Pattie

During an expedition from St. Louis, through the vast regions between that place and the pacific ocean, and thence back through the City of Mexico to Vera Cruz, during journeyings of six years; in which he and...

America’s Siberian Adventure 1918-1920 (Illustrated)

by William Graves

America's Siberian Adventure 1918-1920 recounts the covert campaign by the US to stabilize a region plagued by an uprising of multiple conflicts following the end of World War 1. Author General William Graves...

Klee Wyck

by Emily Carr

Klee Wyck is Canadian artist Emily Carr's memoir. Through short sketches, the artist tells of her experiences among First Nations people and cultures on British Columbia's west coast. The book won the...

The Complete History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire

by Edward Gibbon

The great work of Gibbon is indispensable to the student of history. The literature of Europe offers no substitute for "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire." It has obtained undisputed possession, as rightful...

The Widow Washington

by Martha Saxton

An insightful biography of Mary Ball Washington, the mother of our nation's father

The Widow Washington is the first life of Mary Ball Washington, George Washington’s mother, based on archival sources. Her...