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Pagan Light

by Jamie James

"Pagan Light is mesmerizing. Every detail is compelling. I felt I was reading a family history of a family far more interesting than mine." --Edmund White, author of Our Young Man

A rich, intimate embrace of...

The Richest Man in Babylon (Original Classic Edition)

by George S. Clason

Beloved by millions, this timeless classic holds the key to all you desire and everything you wish to accomplish. This is the book that reveals the secret to personal wealth. Countless readers have been helped...

History of Armenia

by Armen Khachikyan

The book is addressed to Armenians in Diaspora and to readers living in various countries who are interested in history and culture of Armenia. The book is a brief review of the history of Armenia beginning...

Monumental Mobility

by Lisa Blee & Jean M. O'Brien

Installed at Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1921 to commemorate the tercentenary of the landing of the Pilgrims, Cyrus Dallin's statue Massasoit was intended to memorialize the Pokanoket Massasoit (leader) as a...

Finding God through Yoga

by David J. Neumann

Paramahansa Yogananda (1893–1952), a Hindu missionary to the United States, wrote one of the world's most highly acclaimed spiritual classics, Autobiography of a Yogi, which was first published in 1946 and...

The Last Battleground

by Philip Gerard

To understand the long march of events in North Carolina from secession to surrender is to understand the entire Civil War--a personal war waged by Confederates and Unionists, free blacks and the enslaved, farm...

Illusions of Emancipation

by Joseph P. Reidy

As students of the Civil War have long known, emancipation was not merely a product of Lincoln's proclamation or of Confederate defeat in April 1865. It was a process that required more than legal or military...

The Armenian Velvet Revolution

by Stepan Grigoryan

The book discusses the political situation in Armenia in recent years and presents a chronology and analysis of the political processes in the country from March 31, 2018, when opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan...

Charles Dickens as an Agent of Change

by Joachim Frenk & Lena Steveker

Sixteen scholars from across the globe come together in Charles Dickens as Agent of Change to show how Dickens was (and still is) the consummate change agent. His works, bursting with restless energy in the...

Statebuilding by Imposition

by Reo Matsuzaki

How do modern states emerge from the turmoil of undergoverned spaces? This is the question Reo Matsuzaki ponders in Statebuilding by Imposition. Comparing Taiwan and the Philippines under the colonial rule of...

This Thing of Darkness

by Joan Neuberger

Sergei Eisenstein's unfinished masterpiece, Ivan the Terrible, was no ordinary movie. Commissioned by Joseph Stalin in 1941 to justify state terror in the sixteenth century and in the twentieth, the film's politics,...

Proxy Wars

by Eli Berman & David A. Lake

The most common image of world politics involves states negotiating, cooperating, or sometimes fighting with one another; billiard balls in motion on a global pool table. Yet working through local proxies or...

Political Survivors

by Emma Kuby

In 1949, as Cold War tensions in Europe mounted, French intellectual and former Buchenwald inmate David Rousset called upon fellow concentration camp survivors to denounce the Soviet Gulag as a "hallucinatory...

The Scholems

by Jay Howard Geller

The evocative and riveting stories of four brothers—Gershom the Zionist, Werner the Communist, Reinhold the nationalist, and Erich the liberal—weave together in The Scholems, a biography of an eminent middle-class...

Scandal and Democracy

by Mary E. McCoy

When a popular uprising topples an authoritarian leader,, the moment of regime change sparks hope for a more open, democratic society. Yet making a successful transition to an enduring democracy has proven to...

The Costs of Conversation

by Oriana Skylar Mastro

After a war breaks out, what factors influence the warring parties' decisions about whether to talk to their enemy, and when may their position on wartime diplomacy change? How do we get from only fighting to...

Fifty Early Medieval Things

by Deborah Mauskopf Deliyannis, Hendrik Dey & Paolo Squatriti

Fifty Early Medieval Things introduces readers to the material culture of late antique and early medieval Europe, north Africa, and western Asia. Ranging from Iran to Ireland and from Sweden to Tunisia, Deborah...

Capitalism is not democratic and democracy not capitalistic

by Jürgen Kocka

The Lecture Capitalism is not democratic and democracy not capitalistic. Tensions and opportunities in historical perspective regards the relationship between capitalism and democracy; to discuss whether and...

The Famous Five

by Barbara Smith

A concise history of the five women who changed the course of history and brought Canadians one step closer to equality.

On August 27, 1927, five women gathered at a house on Edmonton’s Southside to sign a...

My Eighty-One Years of Anarchy

by May Picqueray & Paul Sharkey

May Picqueray (1898–1983) missed none of the major events in history during her lifetime. In 1921, she sent a parcel bomb (it exploded without casualties) to the US ambassador in Paris, to protest against...