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The First Merry Widow

by Leann Richards

Born near the docks in Geelong, Carrie Moore was destined to become the queen of the Edwardian stage. From the bright lights of London to the vaudeville halls of Hobart, Carrie captivated audiences around the...

Houdini's Tour of Australia

by Leann Richards

When escapologist Harry Houdini toured Australia in 1910 he brought magic, mystique, his wife and an aeroplane. Houdini conquered crowds and nearly caused riots, he escaped straitjackets and shackles and flew...

Donald Trump and the Prospect for American Democracy

by Arthur Paulson

This book goes beyond examining Donald Trump as a unique and controversial President to place his election in a historical and systematic perspective. It offers an analysis of the 2016 presidential nominations...

Stalin's Legacy in Romania

by Stefano Bottoni

This study explores the little-known history of the Hungarian Autonomous Region (HAR), a Soviet-style territorial autonomy that was granted in Romania on Stalin’s personal advice to the Hungarian Székely...

Communication, Digital Media, and Popular Culture in Korea

by Nojin Kwak, Dal Yong Jin, Yeuseung Kim & Ji-Hyun Ahn et al.

In recent decades, Korean communication and media have substantially grown to become some of the most significant segments of Korean society. Since the early 1990s, Korea has experienced several distinctive...

Human Wrongs

by T. J. Coles

A devastating analysis of modern Britain. Britain is a forward-thinking, human-rights protecting beacon of democracy, right? Think again! Written in time for the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration...

Historical Dictionary of Turkey

by Metin Heper, Duygu Öztürk-Tunçel & Nur Bilge Criss

The fourth edition of Historical Dictionary of Turkey covers Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey through a time span of more than six centuries. It presents the basic characteristics of the two periods...

Buying Time

by Thomas F. McDow

In Buying Time, Thomas F. McDow synthesizes Indian Ocean, Middle Eastern, and East African studies as well as economic and social history to explain how, in the nineteenth century, credit, mobility, and kinship...

Beyond the Vanguard

by Marian E. Schlotterbeck

For 1,000 days in the early 1970s, Chileans experienced revolution not as a dream but as daily life. Alongside Salvador Allende’s institutional project for a democratic transition to socialism, a multiplicity...

Black Market Capital

by Andrew Konove

In this extraordinary new book, Andrew Konove traces the history of illicit commerce in Mexico City and how it became central to the economy and politics of the city from the seventeenth century onward. The...

Behind The Rank, Volume 2

by Lila Holley

Innumerable women can relate to having both visible and invisible scars from their life’s journey. Yet, too often they are afraid to share how they got those scars and how they healed. That is why Lila Holley...

AUSTRALIA AT WAR - 20 Illustrations about soldiers lives at the Somme and Ypres

by Will Dyson

Herein are 20 illustrations made during the winters at Ypres and on the Somme by Will Dyson, even though he was wounded in their making. Dyson (1880 – 1938)  the official illustrator for the Australian Imperial...

A Sacred Space Is Never Empty

by Victoria Smolkin

When the Bolsheviks set out to build a new world in the wake of the Russian Revolution, they expected religion to die off. Soviet power used a variety of tools--from education to propaganda to terror—to turn...

A Savage War

by Williamson Murray & Wayne Hsieh

The Civil War represented a momentous change in the character of war. It combined the projection of military might across a continent on a scale never before seen with an unprecedented mass mobilization of peoples....

Warfare, Raiding and Defence in Early Medieval Britain

by Erik Grigg

Warfare, Raiding and Defence in early medieval Britain is an examination of warfare in the period AD400-850, often called the Dark Ages, which is roughly the period between the end of Roman rule and the arrival...

Japanese Folklore Tales of The Little Flute Bilingual Edition English & Spanish

by Muhammad Vandestra & Maya Aminah Sakura

Long since, there lived in Yedo a gentleman of good lineage and very honest conversation. His wife was a gentle and loving lady. To his secret grief, she bore him no sons. But a daughter she did give him, whom...

Postcolonial France

by Paul Silverstein

France is a bellwether for the postcolonial anxieties and populist politics emerging across the world today. This book explores the dynamics and dilemmas of the present moment of crisis and hope in France, through...

Faith and Resistance

by Sarah Marusek

What kind of decolonial possibilities exist in today’s world? Exploring the rise of Shi'i activism in Lebanon and the Middle East, and drawing transnational parallels with other revolutionary religious struggles...

A Mill Behind Every Stump

by Marianne Van Osch

The story of one family's settlement in the Cariboo and the culture of early sawmills that developed around them.

In 1922, the Judson family arrived in the Cariboo by covered wagon. The stories of their life...

Southeast Asia: A Very Short Introduction

by James R. Rush

The eleven countries of Southeast Asia are diverse in every way, from the ethnicities and religions of their residents to their political systems and levels of prosperity. These nations--Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia,...