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Panzer Crewman 1939-45

by Gordon Williamson & Velimir Vuksic

In World War II (1939-1945), the Panzer crews spearheaded every major campaign or battle from the invasions of Poland and France to the last great counter-offensive in the Ardennes. Germany's Panzer crews fought...

German Seaman 1939-45

by Gordon Williamson & John White

When re-armament came after World War I, the German Navy was forced to build anew, so the Reichsmarine and its successor, the Kriegsmarine, found itself in possession of some of the most modern, powerful and...

Grey Wolf: U-Boat Crewman of World War II

by Gordon Williamson & Darko Pavlovic

The scourge of Allied shipping during World War II, the U-Boot Waffe was one of the most feared components of Hitler's war machine, yet the Kriegsmarine was the least political branch of the Third Reich. The...

The Fortress of Rhodes 1309-1522

by Konstantin Nossov & Brian Delf

First besieged in 305 BC, the island of Rhodes became part of the Roman Empire and was later fortified in the Byzantine style. Due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean, Rhodes was also attacked and...

Kriegsmarine Auxiliary Cruisers

by Gordon Williamson & Ian Palmer

Despite the popularity of the U-boats and larger surface vessels like the Bismarck and the Graf Spree, the vast majority of vessels within the Kriegsmarine served in the coastal forces. Though the public may...

Kriegsmarine Coastal Forces

by Gordon Williamson & Ian Palmer

Despite the popularity of the U-boats and larger surface vessels like the Bismarck and the Graf Spee, the vast majority of vessels within the Kriegsmarine served in the coastal forces. Although less frequently...

German Special Forces of World War II

by Gordon Williamson & Mike Chappell

Osprey's study of the troops that made up Germany's elite special forces of World War II (1939-1945). Such forces included the legenday Skorzeny Commandos who carried out such audacious tasks as the glider-borne...

German Military Police Units 1939-45

by Gordon Williamson & Ronald Volstad

The military policeman must be one of the least appreciated yet most indispensable military figures in modern history. In the mobile warfare of the 20th century no army could keep its vital supply routes open...

Argentine Forces in the Falklands

by Nick Bijl & Paul Hannon

The announcement of the imminent withdrawal of the British Royal Navy's ice patrol ship HMS Endurance in early 1982 prompted the Argentinian Junta in Buenos Aires to plan a military grab of the Falklands --...

Imperial Japanese Navy Submarines 1941-45

by Mark Stille & Tony Bryan

The Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II possessed the most technologically advanced and varied submarine fleet in the world. Ranging from the largest pre-nuclear submarines in the world to manned torpedoes,...

Midway 1942: Turning point in the Pacific

by Mark Stille & Howard Gerrard

In 1993 Osprey Publishing released the 30th volume in its now legendary Campaign series, entitled, Midway 1942: Turning Point in the Pacific. Now, 17 years later, Osprey brings readers up-to-date with the latest...

The Coral Sea 1942: The first carrier battle

by Mark Stille & John White

Osprey's study of the Battle of the Coral Sea of World War II (1939-1945), which is unique in the annals of naval history. It is the first battle in which enemy fleets never came within sight of one another....

Tribes of the Sioux Nation

by Michael Johnson & Jonathan Smith

The horse culture of the tribes of the High Plains of North America lasted only some 170 years; yet in that time the sub-tribes of the Teton or Western Sioux people imprinted a vivid image on the world's imagination...

Modelling the Churchill Tank

by Mark Bannerman

The Churchill saw much action in World War II, from the 1942 raid on Dieppe, through the heat of the battles in North Africa, to the bitter fighting in Normandy 1944 and into the Reich in 1945. Despite criticism...

Modelling the Matilda Infantry Tank

by Mark Bannerman

The Matilda tank saw action in almost all theatres of World War II, from Europe to the Pacific. Born in the interwar years, and developed with numerous modifications following combat testing, the Matilda is...

The US Army in World War II (3): Northwest Europe

by Mark Henry & Mike Chappell

The GIs who struggled ashore through the surf of Omaha and Utah Beaches on 6 June 1944 were members of the best-equipped army ever assembled up to that date. It was in the NW Europe campaign of June 1944-May...

Hittite Fortifications c.1650-700 BC

by Konstantin Nossov & Brian Delf

In the second half of the third millennium BC the Indo-European tribe known as the Hittites migrated and settled in Central Anatolia, at that time a land of small city-states whose rulers lived in fortresses....

Russian Fortresses 1480-1682

by Konstantin Nossov & Peter Dennis

In 1462 the throne of the Principality of Moscow passed to the Ivan III (1462-1505), who succeeded in throwing off the Tatar yoke. For the next 200 years this new state struggled to maintain her borders against...

Jagdflieger: Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot 1939-45

by Robert Stedman & Karl Kopinski

Osprey's survey of German fighter pilots of World War II (1939-1945). Fighter pilots have always been held in the highest regard and the Luftwaffe Fighter pilots or Experten were undoubtedly the best pilots...

Afrikakorps 1941-43

by Gordon Williamson & Ronald Volstad

Osprey's study of the German Afrikakorps of World War II (1939-1945). The campaign in North Africa between September 1940 and May 1943 holds not only an enduring fascination for postwar generations; but also...