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Dimensions of Western Military Intervention

by Colin McInnes & Nicholas J. Wheeler

This book examines the question of how military power has and might be used to help protect those who are in danger.

Managing Korean Business: Organization, Culture, Human Resources and Change

by Johngseok Bae, Chris Rowley & Tae-Won Sohn

During the 1990s the Korean economy was regarded as a possible "role model" to be followed by other newly industrializing economies, but the "Asian Crisis" of 1997 destroyed this image. Past practices, challenges...

Church State and Society in Kenya

by Galia Sabar

This volume offers a debate on the role of Christianity in post-colonial Kenya, charting the role of the church, state and society in the transformation of Kenya and the relationship between the three. It shows...

Race for the Reichstag: The 1945 Battle for Berlin

by Tony, Le Tissier MBE

This account of lays the many myths created by Soviet propaganda to rest and details what exactly happened as the Red Army and the Allies raced to be the first at the Reichstag.

Post-War Counterinsurgency and the SAS 1945-1952: A Special Type of Warfare

by Tim Jones

This work covers how the British devised techniques for fighting guerrillas and terrorists.

Intelligence Investigations: How Ultra Changed History

by Ralph Bennett

This work illustrates some of the steps by which information from intercepted messages in the supposedly unbreakable German Enigma cipher was developed, while providing a candid glimpse of the workings of British...

Britain's Strategic Nuclear Deterrent: From Before the V-Bomber to Beyond Trident

by Robert H. Paterson

Having served opposite Warsaw Pact forces in the 1950s and on Embassy duty in the 70s in Europe, the author offers a reasoned assessment of Britain's role in the so-called "nuclear club".

Unfree Labour in the Development of the Atlantic World

by Paul E. Lovejoy & Nicholas Rogers

This collection of essays examines the different forms of unfree labour that contributed to the development of the Atlantic world and, by extension, the debates and protests that emerged concerning labour servitude...

The Washington Conference 1921-22: Naval Rivalry, East Asian Stability and the Road to Pearl Harbor

by Erik Goldstein & John Maurer

This collection of essays deals with many aspects of the Washington Conference; the factors that caused it, the interests of the participating nations both present and future, and the results.

The Stern Gang: Ideology, Politics and Terror, 1940-1949

by Joseph Heller

This study of "The Stern Gang" attempts to demythologize the image of this extremist, Zionist underground group. The book analyzes the party's split from the Irgun Zvai Leumi (National Military Organization)...

Espionage: Past Present and Future?

by Wesley K. Wark

Highlights of the volume include pioneering essays on the methodology of intelligence studies by Michael Fry and Miles Hochstein, and the future perils of the surveillance state by James Der Derian.

Maoist Insurgency Since Vietnam

by Thomas A. Marks

This work analyses the phenomenon of revolutions based on a Maoist model, such as Thailand and Sri Lanka, in order to learn about the Maoist 'people's war' and to identify the factors which contribute to a revolution....

Fighting the Slave Hunters in Central Africa: A Record of Twenty-Six Years of Travel and Adventure Round the Great Lakes

by Alfred J. Swann

This volume deals mainly with Swann's life on and around Lake Tanganyika, a life that brought him knowledge of many African peoples living on the lake's shores. First published in 1910.

Afghanistan: The Soviet Union's Last War

by Mark Galeotti

This volume illustrates the way the war in Afghanistan fed into a wide range of other processes, from the rise of grassroots political activism to the retreat from globalism in foreign policy.

Garenganze or Seven Years Pioneer Mission Work in Central Africa

by Frederick Stanley Arnot

Frederich Stanley Arnot was among the first of the Plymouth Brethren to take the gospel to Africa in the late 19th-century missionary expansion across the Kalahari desert, opening Protestant missions in Barotseland,...

Politics and the Press in Indonesia: Understanding an Evolving Political Culture

by Angela Romano

This book explores the evolving political culture in Indonesia, by discussing the country's dominant political philosophies, then showing how those philosophies affect the working lives of ordinary Indonesian...

Zen War Stories

by Brian Victoria

Following the critically acclaimed Zen at War (1997), Brian Victoria explores the intimate relationship between Japanese institutional Buddhism and militarism during the Second World War.

Victoria reveals for...

Colonial Legacies: The Problem of Persistence in Latin American History

by Jeremy Adelman

More than other Atlantic societies, Latin America is shackled to its past. This collection is an exploration of the binding historical legacies--the making of slavery, patrimonial absolutist states, backward...

Encyclopedia of the Cold War

by Ruud van Dijk, William Glenn Gray & Svetlana Savranskaya

Between 1945 and 1991, tension between the USA, its allies, and a group of nations led by the USSR, dominated world politics. This period was called the Cold War - a conflict that stopped short to a full-blown...

The Homeland Security Dilemma: Fear, Failure and the Future of American Insecurity

by Frank P. Harvey

This book explores the paradox of the 'security dilemma' in International Relations, as applied to the post-9/11 context of homeland security.

The book's central argument can be summed up by the following counterintuitive...