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The Paris Commune of 1871

by , Frank Jellinek

Originally published in the 1930s this is a fascinating examination, using documents and eye-witness accounts, of the famous Paris Commune. Contents include: The End of An Empire; The Government of National...

Brazil - An Interpretation

by , Gilberto Freyre

A series of lectures on the ethnic and social fusion that makes Brazil the country it is today. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and...

Mexican Empire - The History of Maximilian and Carlota of Mexico

by , H. Hyde

Maximilian I of Mexico and his consort Charlotte of Belgium, known as Carlota were the only rulers of the second Mexican Empire. Installed by Napoleon III and a small group of Mexican Monarchists, the rule was...

The Old Irish World

by , Alice Green

Here is collected a series of lectures collected in to this rich history of Ireland. Chapters included the way of history, the trade routes of Ireland, a great Irish lady and much more. Many of the earliest...

The Horsewoman - A Practical Guide to Side-Saddle Riding

by , Alice Hayes

A guide for women horse riders wishing to learn the art of side saddle. Including chapters on horses for ladies, bridles, side saddles, mounting and dismounting, riding cross country and hacking. Many of the...

Our Humble Helpers - Familiar Talks on the Domestic Animals

by , Jean-Henri Fabre

A wonderful introduction to common farm animals and life in the countryside for young readers. Written as a grandfather talking to his family this book is full of beautiful imagery and information. Many of the...

Secrets of the Racing Ace - Pigeon Racing Secrets

by , Old Hand

The detailed contents include: The Racing Ace - Making Pigeons Fly Faster - Feeding for Breeding - The Breeding Season - Controlling Racing Pigeons - The Mater Gland - Respiratory Problems - Health and Hygiene...

Home Tanning of Leather and Small Fur Skins

by , R. Frey

Learn how people tanned leather and hides at home at the beginning of the last century. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly...

Traditional Quilting - Its Story and Its Practice

by , Mavis Fitzrandolph

The object of this book is to put on record as much of the traditional lore about quilting as I have been able to collect. Many of the old quilters have gone and the thread of knowledge has been broken, it seems...

Ontarian Families - Genealogies of United Empire Loyalists and Other Pioneer Families of Upper Canada

by , Edward Chadwick

Originally published in 1898 this early works is a comprehensive and informative look at the subject. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before, are now extremely scarce...

The Book of the Morris Minor and the Morris Eight - A Complete Guide for Owners and Prospective Purchasers of All Morris Minors and Morris Eights

by , Harold Jelly

This maintenance handbook is in its complete and unabridged original form, extensively illustrated and full of instruction that is as useful and practical today as it was when originally published. A must-have...

Of Men and Mountains

by , William Douglas

William O. Douglas was one of that rare mix of man that helped define America, a judge of the supreme court and also a lifelong outdoorsman. This is his story in his words and conveys the joy he felt for the...

The Strain Makers - The Art of Breeding Long Distance Pigeons

by , Old Hand

The illustrated contents include detailed chapters on: Male and Female Strains - Inbreeding - Starting a Strain - The Male Strain - The Producer Hen - Pedigree Breeding - Egg Perfection - The Female Line - Art...

The Hill Tribes of Fiji

by , A. Brewster

Originally published in 1922, this early works is a record of Forty Years intimate connection with the tribes of the Mountainous Interior of Fiji with a description of their Habits in War & Peace, Methods of...

American Soul: The Contested Legacy of the Declaration of Independence

by Justin B. Dyer & David L. Boren

American Soul brings together a variety of primary source documents related to the contested meaning and legacy of the Declaration of Independence, and the various speeches and writings assembled together demonstrate...

A Handbook for History Teachers

by James A. Duthie

History is not a mere chronicle of facts, but a dialogue between competing interpretations of the past; it should be taught as such. The book includes the rationale for the study of history, the specific thinking...

A Revolutionary Conscience: Theodore Parker and Antebellum America

by Paul E. Teed

Theodore Parker was one of the most controversial theologians and social activists in pre-Civil War America. This book argues that Parker’s radical vision and contemporary appeal stemmed from his abiding faith...

Under the Lash - A History of Corporal Punishment in the British Armed Forces

by , Scott Claver

A history of corporal punishment in the British armed forces. Including chapters on punishment in the Navy, Marines and Army. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before,...

This Is Peggy's Cove - Nova Scotia, Canada

by , William DeGarthe

A history of one of the most picturesque and remote villages in Canada. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive....

A Life of Matthew Fontaine Maury

by , Diana Fontaine Corbin

Matthew Fontaine Maury has been nicknamed the "pathfinder of the seas" and the "father of modern oceanography". This is a detailed biography of the man who created a science. Many of the earliest books, particularly...