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Soviet Military Intelligence in War

by Colonel David M. Glantz

This text is the second of three volumes written by Colonel Glantz on the contribution of intelligence and deception operations to the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany.

The Map of Africa by Treaty

by Sir E. Hertslet

First published in 1895, this is a guide to the stages and bargains by which the present African frontiers have been created.

Myth and the Greatest Generation: A Social History of Americans in World War II

by Kenneth Rose

Myth of the Greatest Generation examines American experiences in the military and on the home front, and delves into both personal and national issues, calling into question the dominant view of the war as 'the...

Towards Nuclear Zero

by Raimo Väyrynen & David Cortright

This book examines practical steps for achieving progress toward disarmament, realistically assessing both challenges and opportunities associated with achieving a world without nuclear weapons.

Transforming Pakistan: Ways Out of Instability

by Hilary Synnott

The book describes the historical and political background to Pakistan's current turmoil, its relevance to international interests in Afghanistan and in combating terrorism, and how best to deal with Pakistan...

Ending Terrorism: Lessons for defeating al-Qaeda

by Audrey Kurth Cronin

This Adelphi Paper comparatively examines the waning days of terrorist groups, to understand crucial points where a critical mass of factors developed and led toward their demise.

Jack Nichols, Gay Pioneer: Have You Heard My Message?

by J. Louis Campbell III

One of the founders of the gay and lesbian liberation movement, Jack Nichols was a warrior for gay equality. Recounting his life and work, Jack Nichols, Gay Pioneer: "Have You Heard My Message?" skillfully weaves...

Gendered Outcasts and Sexual Outlaws: Sexual Oppression and Gender Hierarchies in Queer Men's Lives

by Chris Kendall & Wayne Martino

Gendered Outcasts and Sexual Outlaws: Sexual Oppression and Gender Hierarchies in Queer Men’s Lives explores the impact and effects of sexual oppression and power relationships within the gay male community....

The Battle for L'Vov July 1944: The Soviet General Staff Study

by David Glantz & Harold S. Orenstein

The Red Army's summer offensive of 1944 against Hitler's Wehrmacht was unprecedented in terms of its scale, scope, and strategic intent and impact. This study details how the Red Army accomplished this feat...

Training, Tactics and Leadership in the Confederate Army of Tennessee: Seeds of Failure

by Andrew R.B. Haughton

This assessment of the performance of the southern soldiers in the American Civil War of 1861 deals with every aspect of an army from its senior officer to the lowliest private, following every process as the...

Boys Boyz Bois: The Ethics of Black Masculinity in Film and Popular Media

by Keith Harris

Boys, Boyz, Bois concerns questions of ethics, gender and race in popular American images, national discourse and cultural production by and about black men. The book proposes an ethics of masculinity, as ethnics...

Globalizing Justice for Mass Atrocities: A Revolution in Accountability

by Chandra Lekha Sriram

This major new study examines the developing practice of universal jurisdiction, as well as the broader phenomenon of "globalizing" justice, and its ramifications.

With a detailed overview of the contemporary...

Anglo-Iranian Relations Since 1800

by Vanessa Martin

With contributions from renowned experts in the field, this book provides an excellent background to the history of Anglo-Iranian relations. Focusing on the political and economic relationship of Britain and...

Russian Energy Policy and Military Power: Putin's Quest for Greatness

by Pavel K. Baev

This book examines the interplay between energy policy and security policy under Vladimir Putin, and his drive to re-establish Russia's 'greatness'.

Assessing the internal contradictions of this policy, the...

Despatch on War Operations: 23rd February 1942 to 8th May 1945

by Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Travers Har

This is the first time that Sir Arthur Bomber' Harris's own papers covering his three and a half years at Bomber Command have been published and made available to the general public. The book also contains an...

The Beginnings of Rome: Italy and Rome from the Bronze Age to the Punic Wars (c.1000-264 BC)

by Tim Cornell

Incorporating up-to-date archaeological evidence, and current methodological debates, Tim Cornell provides a lucid and authoritative account of Rome's beginnings and rise in a comprehensive text that will be...

Encyclopedia of Conflicts Since World War II

by James Ciment & Kenneth Hill

This copiously illustrated A-Z reference presents the most in-depth information available about the various conflicts the world has endured, local, regional, and international, since World War II. Some 142 conflicts...

Can Russia Change? (Routledge Revivals): The USSR Confronts Global Interdependence

by Walter Clemens

First published in 1990, this ground-breaking book sought to determine whether contemporary Russia had the capacity to change and if, in so doing, it could alter the complex web of East-West relations from a...

Dimensions of Western Military Intervention

by Colin McInnes & Nicholas J. Wheeler

This book examines the question of how military power has and might be used to help protect those who are in danger.

Managing Korean Business: Organization, Culture, Human Resources and Change

by Johngseok Bae, Chris Rowley & Tae-Won Sohn

During the 1990s the Korean economy was regarded as a possible "role model" to be followed by other newly industrializing economies, but the "Asian Crisis" of 1997 destroyed this image. Past practices, challenges...