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Disasters Underground

by Nick McCamley

The rapid expansion of the RAF during the mid/late 1930s necessitated a massive storage requirement for high explosive bombs and other ordinance. Drawing on the experience of the Great War ammunition factories,...

Fly Navy: The View From the Cockpit 1945-2000

by Charles Manning

This book tells the full story of flight from sea, discussing the dangers that naturally come with this seemingly unnatural mode of airbase, including the unfortunate losses of over 900 men during this period....

Lost Lives, Lost Art: Jewish Collectors, Nazi Art Theft and the Quest for Justice

by Melissa Muller & Monica Tatzkow

From 1933 on Jewish collectors were under extraordinary pressure from German official and unofficial sources to surrender their priceless collections. Collectors reluctantly agreed to one-sided sales of masterpieces...

Battleground Europe: A Guide to Battlefields in France & Flanders

by Nigel Cave

A study of the most important sites, primarily of the two world wars, covering both their history and descriptions of how they are today. For the interested traveller, the author groups key sites together, listing...

Tyneside Scottish

by John Sheen

Although called the Tyneside Scottish, very few of the men who made up this Brigade were of Scottish descent. Many came from local villages or were from the Northumberland pits. They saw action at the Battle...

German S-Boats in Action in the Second World War

by Hans Frank

A detailed narrative of S-boat, or schnellboot, actions during World War II in all the theatres where they were deployed. The author, describes, with the help of a multitude of maps and photographs, all the...

Handbook to Roman Legionary Fortresses

by M.C Bishop

This is a reference guide to Roman legionary fortresses throughout the former Roman Empire, of which approximately eighty-five have been located and identified. With the expansion of the empire and the garrisoning...

A New Excalibur: The Development of the Tank 1909-1939

by A J Smithers

The idea of a mobile strong-point, out of which the tank developed, probably occurred to most minds after our first experience of attacking strongly entrenched positions; I first heard it suggested by an Intelligence...

Gallantry Medals & Decorations of the World

by John Clarke

This book is acknowledged as the only work dealing exclusively with the identification and description of international gallantry awards, past and present. The multitude of illustrations allows the reader to...

Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe in World War II

by Philip Kaplan

This book examines the reality behind the myths of the legendary German fighter aces of World War II. It explains why only a small minority of pilots - those in whom the desire for combat overrode everything...

The German Army on the Western Front 1917-1918

by David Bilton

This highly illustrated book covers the German retreat from the Somme, through the defensive battles of 1917, the Kaiserschlacht (Kaiser's Battle) of early 1918, to the final Allied offensive from August to...

One More River To Cross

by J. H. Joiner

Some of those who suffered at the hands of the Japanese during World War II and have subsequently written of their experiences are at pains to say they bear no grudge. George Wright-Nooth is not cast in that...

Attack and Sink

by Bernard Edwards

Attack and Sink' was the signal that Admiral Donitz sent to the commanders of the 21 U-boats of the Markgraf wolf-pack on the 9th September 1941. Convoy SC42 consisted of sixty three merchant ships, many of...

Bazentin Ridge: Somme

by Edward Hancock

The book covers in detail the attacks of 14-18 July 1916 against the Bazentin Woods and villages and beyond. Walks and tours of the surroundings areas are included with detailed action maps.

Tactical Reconnaissance in the Cold War

by Doug Gordon

This book describes how the United States Air Force tactical reconnaissance units operated from the end of World War II until the 1970s. This was an immensely active period that also included major conflicts...

Blunders & Disasters at Sea

by David Blackmore

As any sailor knows, life at sea is hazardous under even normal circumstances. In times of war with an enemy intent on killing and sinking you it is infinitely more so. David Blackmore has researched 100 extreme...

Big Wings: The Largest Aeroplanes Ever Built

by Philip Kaplan

In the history of aviation there have been many attempts to produce aircraft of extraordinary proportions to expand the limits of technology and create new performance standards. With few exceptions, the early...

Hinge Points of History

by John Hunsuck

Through his over 80 years of observation, John Hunsuck has witnessed how the hinge points of history have occurred without much fanfare. Nevertheless, they are later examined and reported by thoughtful students....

Apartheid and Me

by Monica Clarke & Maureen Bocking

Nangamsa, who is 7 years old, lives with her grandmother in a township in South Africa during Apartheid. Her experience of 'weird Apartheid,' as she calls it, is told in her own words through conversations with...

Nyerere: The Early Years

by Thomas Molony

Julius Kambarage Nyerere (1922-1999), the first President of Tanzania, was a man whose political life was uniquely and inextricably bound into the history of the nation he created. Yet, though 'Baba wa Taifa',...